False eyelashes how to use this fashionable gadget

To have beautiful long eyelashes is a dream of everymodern girl. Some have eyelashes that are luxurious by nature, and others do not think their life without using carcasses. Only now, even the most expensive mascara can not always give the desired effect. If you want to make your view enigmatic and unique, try false eyelashes how to use them, you will now find out. It should be noted that already in the 80-90s such eyelashes found popularity among women of different ages. Since that time nothing has changed much, except that the false eyelashes themselves were made more qualitatively, and distinguishing them from natural ones is sometimes not so easy.

To begin with, you need to buy false eyelashes likeYou will learn to use them quickly if their application for you becomes something like a habit. Choosing false eyelashes, pay attention to the fact that they are in the form of tape, bundles and individual cilia. The most natural will look as individual false eyelashes or in the form of bundles, the ribbons are more noticeable, since they are superimposed on the upper eyelid by a solid line. Also, when making a purchase, pay attention to the color, shape, texture and length of the eyelashes. You should choose not what you like, but what will ideally be combined with your own eyelashes and facial features. The price of good false eyelashes is substantially higher than inexpensive analogues. But since you are just starting to get acquainted with them, do not try to pursue expensive products, practice better on something cheaper.

If you have already chosen false eyelashes asWe will continue to use them further. By the way, in order to glue them, you will need special glue. Usually it comes complete with eyelashes, or is bought separately. Do not replace it with any other kinds, for example, quick-acting glue "Moment" here will be inappropriate. The quality of the glue depends on how long the eyelashes will last. That's why it's better not to save, but buy a good and high-quality glue, especially since one tube is enough for you several times.

Now let's look at how to properly pastefalse eyelashes. The technique will be slightly different, depending on which type of eyelashes you have chosen. First of all, you must do makeup: before gluing the eyes should already be painted. Beforehand, make sure that the false eyelashes are not too long, for this, attach them to your own. If necessary, you can trim them neatly, but in order not to do so, choose the eyelashes correctly during the purchase. Apply a small amount of glue on the outside of the hand, take the eyelashes, dab them and start gluing. Use the minimum amount of glue, it will be enough to ensure that your cilia are tightly adhered to the eyelid. False eyelashes how to use them so that everything looks natural. To achieve this effect, try to glue them as close as possible to the edge of the century, so that they would merge with your natural eyelashes. The hardest part is to deal with the tape eyelashes, but in time you will be able to master. In order for everything to adhere well, use tweezers: fix them false eyelashes and attach to the eyelid. Hold it a little, so that the glue takes it well. Now take a wooden wand and gently check at the bottom, whether all is well pasted.

Now you know what to buy invoiceseyelashes how to use them and how to properly glue. But do not forget that eyelashes should always be taken at night. To sleep with them is extremely undesirable, since, falling off, they can get into the eye and injure them. By the way, if you carefully remove, then you will be able to use false eyelashes more than once. With skillful handling, they are sufficient for 20-30 applications.

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