Hollywood beard: what is it like to do

Brett or a Hollywood beard became a "visitingcard "of many famous American actors, stars. Hollywood has always been a trendsetter, so today Brett is very popular among men who want to always be in a trend.

Hollywood beard is a classic thatis always modern. She looks dignified both on young faces, and perfectly emphasizes the masculinity of the representatives of a respectable age. It does not matter who wears it - blond, brown-haired or brunette - this decoration distinguishes a person from the crowd, creates a memorable image for a long time.

Brett does not leave indifferent women, attracts their views and produces a favorable first impression for a pleasant acquaintance.

Hollywood beard

What is Brett?

This model gives a special, brutal charm to the person,creates the appearance of a "heavy" jaw. It consists of a rather wide mustache and thickly frames the chin. The lines of the mustache and beard are elegantly connected and neatly grasping the entire lower jaw.

The upper border of the beard should be slightly lowerthe middle of the cheek. However, depending on the wishes of the owner and his style, you can vary the width of the grip of the lower jaw. It also depends on the type of hair and the density of the beard itself.

The lower border of the beard passes at a distance of 2-2.5 cm above the Adam's apple.

If you shave the lower border too high, thenthe expression of a person's face will look too tense. If you lower the lower border or leave it all "as it is", and the beard will naturally move into the chest zone, we get a "hairy macho". This does not always look correct and leaves an impression of lack of rest.

It should be specially noted that often a Hollywood beard without whiskers is performed, cheeks and areas to the temples are necessarily shaved smoothly.

Hollywood beard photo

History of the model "Hollywood Beard"

The Brett model has its own long history. If you look at the ancient photographs of the XIX century, you can see a lot of elegant gentlemen with a beard, quite reminiscent of Hollywood.

And the Hollywood stars themselves prefer it alreadyvery long time, since the 30-ies of the XX century. Brett was carried to the movies by classic villains - bandits and mafiosi in action movies and detectives of that time. It became a symbol, an attribute of the hero-rebel, even among the well-off movie millionaires.

The image of a tough guy, capable of everything, with whichyou need to keep your ears open - that's what psychological overtones brings with it this fashionable attribute of a modern man. Perhaps that's why Brett is so attractive, as for men who want to look like real heroes, and for women who want to be with them.

Hollywood actors with a beard

The image stepped from the movie screens into real life. And Hollywood stars, who really want to be like their heroes in reality even in the eyes of the audience, choose this particular model, exuding the same "star" charm, fascinating everyone around with their masculinity and eccentricity.

Hollywood beard or brett sets the tone in Hollywood. A brilliant cohort of tough guys on the screen and in life who are its followers are George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr.

A particularly good Hollywood beard on the faceJake Gyllenhaal. This actor has a rather harmonious form of several oblong skulls. The beard helped in this case to increase the chin somewhat, making the face a little wider.

Ryan Gosling, although he likes to experiment,but still the classic Hollywood beard without sideburns looks on his face just superb. The oval shape of the actor's face is just right for the most daring beard variations, despite the fact that it is much harder for the blond to give the beard a clear border.

Ryan Reynolds - the owner of sharpenedchin. This feature of his face softens the beard easily. The face visually lengthens, thus eyes are well accented. Beard for this actor was a profitable decision, emphasizing his uncommonness.

Beard Justin Timberlake somewhat "balanced" the major features of his face, hiding from the views of the audience a heavy chin. Gave the features some softness and sincerity.

Hollywood actors with a beard

Who is Brett for?

Fashionable male Hollywood beard, unfortunately,not for every man. The main thing here is the shape of the skull and the features of the hair structure. The most suitable option for this model is when the face shape is rectangular or triangular. Much less often, Brett looks good on the oval face contour. But chubby-faced this form of beard should be avoided, since this model even more visually "rounds" the shape of the lower jaw. Therefore, a round face will look a bit comical with a Hollywood beard.

With the help of a Brett or a Hollywood beard, you canhide the flaws in the shape of the chin, give visually solidity to this part of the face, if the chin is too small, hide too long and widen too narrow chin.

It should be noted here that the length of the beard itself also matters. If a man does not come out tall, a lush and longish beard will make him look like a gnome.

Any length of a beard will fit any tall and slender.

The most interesting is that using the Brett modelit is possible to adjust facial features, working directly with the mustache. You can make a mustache a little thinner and accent your lips. If you make a mustache more powerful, then visually the upper part of the face is highlighted, the accent passes to the eyes. At the same time, the eyes look larger than they actually are. Especially this technique is good for those men who wear glasses from myopia.

Thin sideburns are permissible in combination withHollywood beard, but not always. If the stylist faces the task of hiding a small chin, then the whiskers are shaved in that case. Otherwise, the visual effect of expanding the face of the lower jaw will be lost.

Hollywood beard how to draw

How to grow a beautiful beard?

How to make a Hollywood beard? First you need to check if it suits you. You can, of course, find a computer program that will help you choose the model that corresponds to your type of person. However, in the photo, due to incorrect lighting or the position of the body in front of the lens, some distortion may occur. Therefore, the result of such a "fitting" of the beard is unlikely to be reliable. However, to make the first step is right.

Much depends also on the structure of the hair. If you have never grown a beard before, you can not imagine how dense, lush and beautiful your beard will be. You should be patient and try not to shave for a while.

Hollywood beard, photo of the variants of which are givenin this article, grows naturally, cut and somehow it does not need to be edged. After all, it is necessary to understand first what will be the "material" with which to work. This preparatory period, on average, can last three to four weeks. Of course, if you prefer a very short beard, then you can make out the model a bit earlier.

The main thing is not to lose patience, patiently survive the moment when the growth of hairs provokes itching on the skin. It will not last long.

Hair growth speed is individualfeature. Some people believe that after intense shaving the beard will grow faster. This is not true. In fact, the best remedy is vitamins. Perfectly support the growth of hair on the human body vitamins of group B. Magnesium is a good influence on this process. Advise you can take multivitamins, biotin, fish oil.

Testosterone is also an important factor forintensive growth of the beard. Therefore, to increase the level of this hormone, you can include in your diet more spinach, nuts, broccoli, olive oil.

The skin will be well influenced by regularcombing of the growing hair. Stimulation of blood circulation to cause hair follicles to work more intensely, just do not overdo it, microtrauma is not needed at all.

In a month you can trust a hairdresser-stylist or try to create a masterpiece for your own taste.

Brett or Hollywood beard

Hollywood beard: how to shave?

For cutting your beard you need the following tools:

  1. Razor.
  2. Trimmer.
  3. Scissors.
  4. The shaving brush.
  5. Shaving foam.
  6. After Shave Cream.
  7. Towel, including hot for compress.

Preparatory stage

First you need to carefully examine your face andunderstand where the lines of the upper and lower border of your beautiful beard will pass. Then go to the bathroom and moisten the face with water. It is necessary that the hair is moist, so they will be more obedient and it will be easier to cut them.

Next, you need to get wet with a towel around your skinthe future beard, and hair to comb so that they lay all in one direction in the course of their growth. If the skin and hair are dry, naughty, it is better to soften them with a fat cream. Hard hair can be cleaned with a hot compress, which will additionally cause blood flow to the hair follicles.

Making Borders

Then you need to put on your face a soapy foam withusing a putty. This will allow the razor blade to slip easily over the skin. Now you should carefully arrange the borders of the beard first on the cheeks, then on the neck. On the cheeks, the border is shaved at a distance of 2-3 cm under the cheekbones. Here it is necessary to be more attentive, and to make sure that the boundary lines are smooth and symmetrical, both on the left and on the right. It is best when using the trimmer to use the trimmer.

After this, it is necessary to wash off the soap foam from the face, apply the after shave cream on the shaved areas of the skin and apply a hot compress. It will soothe the skin and prepare hair for a haircut.

fashionable male Hollywood beard

We give a beautiful shape

Now you can proceed to the most important -the formation of the beard itself. It is necessary to determine in advance its length and shape. Hollywood beard, too, can have different versions. It all depends on the shape of your skull and chin. Nevertheless, in the classical version, the hair length in the Brett model is 3-5 mm.

The density of hair can be slightly adjusted,specially thinning them with scissors. The edges are trimmed neatly and symmetrically. Then the general form is given. In this process, you can use not only scissors, but also a trimmer.

Hollywood beard how to shave

How to care for a beard?

Blondes can not worry much, becauseUsually in fair-haired people the beard grows soft. She easily keeps the form, it is easy to take care of. At the same time, blond hair does not stand out so clearly against the background of white skin, so blondes can afford a thicker and broader beard.

Brunettes will have to constantly monitor the shape of the beard, more often it is edged and trimmed with a trimmer, as the growth of the hair will be very noticeable and look careless.

Daily wash your beard with soap is not recommended. It's enough to rinse it with water when washing. However, once a week, you need to wash your beard with a suitable shampoo, use the appropriate conditioner.

Every day should be combed beard,form the right direction of hair growth. If your beard is not very thick, but you want to give it more volume, then after water procedures you need to immediately comb it in reverse hair growth direction. Do not use a towel to dry hair. It is better to wait until the beard has dried naturally, and then comb it in the direction of hair growth and slightly to give the desired shape with your fingers. It is better to use a scallop with a large distance between the teeth.

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