Haircut bob on long hair - actual and fashionable

Haircut bob on long hair is one of themost fashionable in 2013, it has a lot of different variations. Do you want to stay in a trend? Then choose a variant that will ideally be combined with the shape of your face and emphasize the beauty of its lines. Haircut bean is a combination of two elements - the traditional square and bean, an elongated version is added bangs.

haircut on long hair

Quite often, looking through fashion magazines andseeing on the pages of photos of haircuts for long hair with bangs and without, I want to take a picture and contact the hairdresser with a request to cut it the same way. However, few people think about the technology of hairstyle. So, for example, a haircut of a bob on long hair is formed depending on their length, structure and presence of a bang.

Bean-bob is quite comfortable to wear, this hairstyle does not have special requirements. You can choose the option of haircuts taking into account the shape of the face and hair structure, and not just relying on fashion trends.

For the owners of a thin head of hair, a variant without a bangs is suitable, but if you can boast of a thick braid, it is better to combine a bean with a straight bang that will emphasize the strength of the hair.

In order for the hairdresser to understand what you are waiting for the result, it is worthwhile to choose in advance appropriate magazines in magazines, so it will be easier for a professional to fulfill your desire.

If we talk about a haircut bob, then it is suitablepractically to all, regardless of the age and shape of the face. So, for example, the classic version is ideal for young people with the right face and an exquisite figure. Thanks to the open neck, the image turns out seductive and gentle. Such a hairstyle will be an excellent idea for a bold and cardinal reincarnation in a bright beauty.

photo hairstyles for long hair with bangs

Haircut a bob on long hair will make thethe woman is more feminine and elegant. There are two main ways of performing it: a sharp transition from the occipital zone to the front strands or the creation of smooth lines. The long version visually softens facial features and perfectly combines with almost any of its types.

For courageous and daring,an asymmetric haircut on a long hair. This is quite an original variation of the hairstyle for sophisticated women of fashion who are ready for global experiments with appearance.

The technology of cutting a bob is diverse, andeach master has his own secrets, but the basic rules are always respected. Hairstyle is performed on damp hair, starting from the back of the head. The strands of the central part are pulled and cut to the required length, then all the rest are equal in these locks. The process of cutting this way continues to the macula zone, then the turn of the temples comes. The strands of the temporal region are also delayed and sheared. Then, at will, a bang is formed.

photo hairstyles for long hair

Bob on long hair requires special stylinghairdryer. Variants of hairstyles based on this haircut are numerous, you can create a new image every day. The main thing to remember is that this haircut requires a healthy kind of hair, so you need to monitor their condition and regularly trim the tips.

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