Reviews: shampoo sulsenovy from dandruff

Dandruff is not a cosmetic defect at all, butfungal disease. To get rid of this disease, there are many means. Reviews shampoo sulsenovy can have both positive and negative. Therefore, not to lose with the choice of the best means, you should consider the most effective shampoos, deservedly received the respect and recognition of consumers.

shampoo sulsenovy against dandruff reviews

Why does dandruff appear?

This disease is caused by a fungal infection. Such a harmful microorganism lives on the skin of absolutely every person and manifests itself only under the influence of certain factors.

Fungus feeds on fat, which producessebaceous glands, and reproduces rather quickly. This process disrupts the renewal of skin cells and leads to their exfoliation. Consequently, still not completely dead cells of the epidermis are turned into flakes, called dandruff.

Activation of fungal infection is provoked by the following factors:

  • violation of the functioning of internal organs;
  • strong nervous tension;
  • hormonal failures;
  • malnutrition;
  • substandard hair care products.

All of these factors contribute to the development of dandruff in both men and women. If such a problem is found, it is necessary to contact the hospital as soon as possible and undergo a complete examination.

In case the internal organs are in order, and itselfthe problem lies in the epidermis, then you should buy a special hair care product that will help you choose the right reviews. Shampoo sulsenovy now produced under different brands, and they all attract the attention of consumers.

mirrolla sulsen shampoo reviews

The best tools

To date, there are many manufacturers of hair care products, but not all of them are respected by buyers. The most popular shampoos are:

  1. "Sulsena" from "Amalgam Lux".
  2. "Solsen Forte" from "Mirola".

Both of these funds are well known not only on the territory of Russia, but also beyond its borders. Shampoos quickly and effectively cope with the most difficult tasks, for which they are getting more and more fans.

Shampoo "Sulsen"

Shampoo sulsenovy against dandruff reviewsgood due to the ideal ratio of quality and cost. In a pharmacy or a specialized store, this drug can be purchased for 270-300 rubles.

shampoo sulsen p.

Its producer is the Ukrainian company"Amalgam Lux". For 10 years of existence, the brand has proved to consumers that its products are effective and worthy of respect. A lot of people in different countries could get rid of annoying dandruff, hair loss, and also seborrhea. And one of the significant advantages is the ability to use this shampoo absolutely for all people, regardless of age, sex and hair type.

The main component of the agent is selenium disulphide. This substance has useful qualities, which can not boast of not every modern expensive tool. These useful qualities are:

  1. Fungicidal. The agent is able to destroy the fungal colonies, as well as to eliminate the environment favorable for reproduction of harmful microorganisms.
  2. Cytostatic. Shampoo normalizes the active work of the sebaceous glands, due to which the cells restore the habitual cycle of life and no longer form white flakes on the human hair.
  3. Keratolytic. The component helps to peel off the skin cells and prevents the formation of dandruff.

All these properties are determined by the influence ofdisulphide selenium on the fungus. When this substance contacts the microorganism, it quickly joins the walls of the fungus, thus creating an obstacle to its reproduction.

Like any medicine, shampoo has certain contraindications. It is forbidden to apply:

  • children under 14 years;
  • pregnant and lactating women;
  • people with increased sensitivity to components.

Means perfectly copes with its task. But there are cases when the actions of shampoo alone are not enough. Then additional funds will help to strengthen the effect:

  1. Pasta "Sulsen" (about 100 rubles). The product helps to eliminate itching, dandruff, irritation, and cope with excessive sebum secretion.
  2. Shampoo-peeling (about 300 rubles). The remedy with selenium disulphide fights with dandruff and deeply cleanses the skin.

Effect on hair

Sulzene shampoo for dandruff, reviews about whichthere are different, different useful components, positively affecting the hair. The tool has gained popularity due to the following properties:

  1. Locks acquire a more animated appearance and lose a greasy shine.
  2. The protective functions of the epidermis are strengthened, a favorable environment for reproduction of the fungal infection disappears.
  3. The components of the shampoo take part in the work of the sebaceous glands, and also normalize the production of the substance sebum.
  4. The life cycle of skin cells is normalized.

Reviews about the tool

Positive feedback shampoo is sulsenicboth from women and men. First of all, consumers note the ability of the means to actively combat dandruff and heal hair. After the first application, a healthy appearance and shine of the head of hear is already noticeable.

Sulsen shampoo with ketoconazole

Negative reviews shampoo sulsenovy in his address did not receive. It has already been tried not only by residents of Russia, but also by neighboring states, and all of them were satisfied.

In addition, buyers argue that thisShampoo can not replace any of its analogues. Despite the fact that there are a lot of funds similar to "Sulsenoy" in terms of component composition and properties, they only mask the problem, but do not treat it in any way. Therefore, this tool is recommended to buy every person suffering from dandruff, because its cost is acceptable to all.

Sulsen shampoo from "Mirola"

Means for washing your head from Mirrolla -sulsenic shampoo (reviews are given below), the cost of which varies between 200-250 rubles per 250 mililiters. It is intended for people who do not know how to deal with the itch of the head and hateful dandruff.

reviews shampoo sulsen

Many people have heard about the existence of such ameans, but not everyone knows what the shampoo "Sulsen Forte" can surprise. Reviews about it can not be bad, since it does not cause allergic reactions and adequately copes with the task. A wonderful means for washing your head solves any problems for quite a short time.

Shampoo differs from other similar productsits packaging. It goes on sale in a low flat bottle made of dark transparent plastic. The front of the label says the name of the product, and behind - all the necessary information about it (composition, method of application, storage conditions and so on).

The "Forte" mark means that the shampoo is concentrated, and its effect on dandruff and the causes of its occurrence is enhanced.

The composition contains vegetable extracts, as well as conditioning additives. These components contribute to the restoration and strengthening of hair.


Shampoo "Sulsen Forte" against dandruff, which is described below, is able to perform the following tasks:

  1. Improve hair growth.
  2. Elimination of seborrheic dermatitis, as well as dandruff.
  3. Normalization of the microflora of the scalp.
  4. Active fight against skin peeling.
  5. Decreased itching.

sulphure shampoo for dandruff reviews


Famous to all sulcene shampoo withketoconazole reviews is only good. Customers note a nice-looking package, the color and smell of the product itself. A gentle yellow color with a pearl shade and small impregnations attracts both women and men. A herbal smell with notes of spring flowers, which is felt only when opening the bottle, lingers on the hair for a while.

The main features of shampoo are also claimsno. He perfectly copes with dandruff and accelerates the growth of hair. Immediately after the first use, the hair becomes softer and more elastic, without excess fluffiness.

shampoo sulsen forte against dandruff reviews

As a preventive measure, it is sufficient to use it only once a month. This is quite enough to eliminate dandruff and itchy scalp.

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