Calcium chloride peeling: reviews and recommendations

In any way, the girls are ready to seekelastic and healthy skin without all kinds of inflammations and irregularities. Modern cosmetology offers a lot of procedures and preparations for skin care. But salon procedures are not always short of time and money, as a consequence, they are conducted irregularly, respectively, and the effect is not observed. It is for this reason that modern girls should have in their arsenal a home remedy recipe that will help to look perfect at any time. Very effective is the peeling calcium chloride. Reviews about this tool confirms its popularity.

peeling with calcium chloride reviews

Many girls are wondering about what ispeeling for the face. The answer is simple: it is a procedure that is a series of techniques by which the dead cells of the upper layer of the skin are removed. Thanks to peeling, the skin is cleansed, toned, acquires a beautiful color and even rejuvenates.

More and more popular among modern girls is calcium chloride peeling, reviews of which are dazzling in almost every women's forum. And they all testify to the effectiveness of the procedure.

In order to make the face peeling with chloridecalcium will need: 1 ampoule 10% calcium chloride solution, simple baby soap and disks made of cotton wool. The cost of such a procedure will cost a penny, while the effect will amaze.

How to prepare and apply peeling at home?

1. First of all, you need to make a test for an allergic reaction to the remedy. To do this, it is necessary to apply a droplet of it to the back of the hand. If the skin does not show redness and other reactions, the remedy can be used for the face.

2. It is important to cleanse your face very carefully.

exfoliation for face with calcium chloride

3. Solution of the ampoule on a few drops should be applied to the cotton pad and repeatedly wipe the face. Such manipulations must be repeated until the entire ampoule is complete, and then wait until the liquid dries.

4. Slightly soaping your hands with baby soap, you need to rub your face with circular soap. As a result of the chemical reaction, small grains are formed under the fingers, which will exfoliate the cornified cells.

5. Then the face should be rinsed well with warm water. It is advisable to avoid contact with the solution in the eyes.

A similar procedure should be carried out once in twoweeks, preferably at night. The first time you need to carefully evaluate the reaction of the skin to calcium chloride peeling. The testimonies indicate that the owners of sensitive skin may experience burning and small redness.

what is peeling for the face

It is very important to thoroughly moisturize the skin after eachprocedure, because you can very dry it with a solution, which is peeling with calcium chloride. Reviews of girls who regularly use this procedure, say that it should be accompanied by a nutritious moisturizing mask that can be easily prepared at home. After a few weeks, the skin will be significantly cleansed and tightened. Regular application of the product will ensure a long youthfulness of the skin.

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