Manicure pink with gray: design options. Gray-pink manicure

A well-groomed woman is beautiful to the tips of her nails, andbecause manicure for her - this is a mandatory line in the list of cases of the highest importance. Someone economically processes marigolds at home, someone goes to the neighbor-umelitse, and someone goes to the salon. But it is not enough to decide with the master. We have to make a choice among a variety of design options. To be a sweet doll or a languid cat? Nails will help to supplement this image! Or maybe combine the two extremes and make a manicure pink with gray ?! This is a fresh trend that a business lady can afford and a simple student. Delicacy of this manicure in a harmonious combination of colors, and its riskiness - in excessive flirtatiousness.

manicure pink with gray

What does the pink color say?

Men, and women, too, have a lotassociations with this color, although it would be truly criminal not to divide the color into shades. Perhaps fuchsia and looks vulgar in some cases, but that's about a dusty rose so you will not say. The color of the pink chewing gum is suitable only for young girls, and the mature ladies are simply not old. Pink color is lightness, tenderness, purity. Almost always he is associated with innocence and femininity. These are the shades for the bedroom, pajama kits and walls in the children's room. It is a pink envelope that is bought for a girl, and perfumers all over the world have long realized that such a bottle will attract attention. But, alas, with all this extravaganza of beautiful associations pink color begins to seem boring. Can a modern lady be satisfied that she is only the ornament of her man ?! She wants to prove herself a breadwinner, a hunter, sometimes even a bitch. But is this behavior normal from a person with tender nails? That's the reason to try the manicure pink with gray.

gray pink manicure

Gray solid

This color remained in the shadows for a long time and was not consideredfashionable. With him associated dirt, dust, desolation. He was diligently cleaned, but then this wall of misunderstanding collapsed, and the gray became a member of the base wardrobe. It fits all without exception. It is a very multi-faceted color with many shades. And yet the manicure only in these tones can seem unnecessarily grim. He focuses on the shape of the nails, their length and possible imperfections. If the gray lacquer is peeling off, then the manicure can not be saved, but boldly remade, since the whole picture is blurry. But this color miraculously harmonizes with many bright tones. In particular, a pink and gray manicure can be suitable for any event and will not appear either unnecessarily gloomy or flirtatious. It remains only to choose the design and combination of these tones.

manicure in gray pink tones

Carry out the selection

It was said that the manicure is pink with graycan be relevant everywhere. After all, when you create it, you can choose among a variety of shades. A girl with pale skin should not dwell on contrasting tones of pink. Thus, it is better for cold blondes to look at a paler palette. Softness hands gives a gentle tone, and bright neon colors show an internal fire. Accordingly, the club does a manicure with neon, and for the exam - with "rose petals." Beige is suitable for girls with matt skin, and for swarty ladies, an option with a peach color is of interest.

With gray, the situation is almost the same. The shade should not contrast with your color. Too risky for blondes is the color of mud, wet asphalt, coal. Brunettes need to choose a deeper tone. And, of course, the depth should match the selected colors. Then the gray-pink manicure will be spectacular, but will not cut your eyes. With a competent combination, you will get an elegant and gentle result. If you believe the statistics, the gray-pink manicure is chosen by the girls romantic, but practical, able to pick up the ensemble on the way out in the mind, even before they open the cupboard.

manicure with gray and pink varnish

Fresh trends

Never goes out of style the ability to play oncontrast. No, the advice to combine harmoniously tone is not canceled, but manicure in gray-pink tones already assumes that polar colors will be involved, and therefore there is no need to be tricky. Paint each nail with another varnish. You can stick to the chess order or use the combination "2 through 2".

Does not require special fudge and a two-tone jacket. This technique is popular at all times. If the background is pink, then the gray tops should be kept tiny. Then the marigolds look neat and exquisite. If the background is gray, then the top of the nail plate can be made and more.

If the dress code allows a little liberties, then you can combine gray with a pale pinkish-silvery glitter. It must be applied from half the nail to the end.

At home, this is difficult to do, but inThe salon can easily order a horizontal manicure. Here the whole trick is to smoothly and accurately glue the nail pieces with sticky tape and alternate the colors of the varnish. On all nails this pattern is not necessary - the effect of originality will be lost. It is better to decorate a pair of fingers of one hand.

manicure pink with gray and silver

To enter the world

If there is a party in the plans, then you can tryslightly stronger and make a manicure pink with gray and silver. Here the gray color can well "defend" the streaks that go near the cuticle. Silver accent is better to do only on one nail. Then the rest will play the role of "retinue" and complement the luxury of varnish. For a variant with a pink-gray jacket, you can walk through silvery strazikami on the nail plate of ring fingers. It's a stylish and interesting accent.

Lacy figure on nails looks solemn. One color is the background, and the second is a weightless lace veil across the whole plate. Very delicate and beautiful look matte nails with volumetric drawings, images of flowers and patterns.

manicure pink with gray

For a Date

Finally, it is worth dwelling on the most importantgoing out into the light - on a date with a man of dreams. What manicure will help to defeat it, while remaining a gentle and airy nymph with natural beauty? Try a manicure with gray and pink lacquer - the original one due to a slight touch of playfulness. Each nail in this case, paint in a delicate pink color, but paint a couple of gray. And now, with droplets of contrasting pink varnish, walk along the gray nail plate. Nails do not have to be very large, otherwise the effect will be blurred.

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