Elos facial rejuvenation: reviews about the procedure

No matter how you looked after yourskin, what kind of cream was purchased to preserve its beauty and youth, there comes a time when the question of its rejuvenation arises. In our time, medicine offers a huge number of methods that are used to obtain a lifting effect. One of such procedures is the elos-rejuvenation of a person whose feedback has recently gained more and more enthusiasm. After all, this method has not only an excellent effect on the skin, but also gently affects it, despite the use of light and electric radiation. Therefore, we will devote our article to this procedure, namely, what are the elos procedures, in which situations they should be applied, and whether there are any contraindications.

elos rejuvenation face reviews

The essence of the method

This technology was usedrelatively recently, but in a short time has become quite popular among the female half of the population. And did you know that elos procedures are also used to get rid of unwanted hair? Exactly. Let's see what the essence of this method is.

Elo-rejuvenation is a simultaneous impacton pigmented spots, wrinkles, vascular formations, acne of high-frequency electric current and light. It is this combination that helps to eliminate skin defects. Thus, with the help of light pulses, a temperature difference is created between the treated area and the surrounding tissues. As a result, light energy is converted into heat, as a result of which the temperature in the changed tissues rises sharply, and along with this their electrical conductivity also improves.

elos procedure

Electric current destroys unnecessary cells,selectively affecting them. Along with this, healthy tissues practically do not touch. Also, heating helps to strengthen the formation of elastin and collagen, because they are responsible for the elasticity and elasticity of the skin.

For each patient, individualparameters of the impact pulse depending on the problem and condition of the skin. Elos rejuvenation is absolutely safe procedure, in addition, the running processes have been functioning for a long time. After applying this technique, there are no burns or any damage, despite the rather intense effect of current on the skin.


  1. Deep wrinkles on the face.
  2. Folds on the skin.
  3. Mimic wrinkles.
  4. Vascular formations (asterisks), couperose.
  5. Stretching.
  6. Edemas.
  7. Anomaly in any part of the body.
  8. Acne rash, acne, post acne.
  9. Dark spots.
  10. Freckles.
  11. Scars and scars.
  12. Expanded pores.


elos rejuvenation

And did you know that to use anesthesia orDo you need to use painkillers in this situation? So you can not be afraid and safely carry out elos-rejuvenation. The device contains an applicator that gently affects the skin, thanks to its gentle temperature regime, resulting in the outbreaks are less bright, so there is only a slight tingling sensation. Painful sensations can be felt only when processing areas on the wings of the nose, in other cases everything happens painlessly.

The first positive changes will be noticeable alreadyafter the first procedure. Specialists who perform elos treatment, argue that the skin will not be burned, edema and redness. The latter indicator can only occur when the patient sunbathed in the sun in the last days before carrying out this procedure.

Elos-facial rejuvenation, reviews of which in 97%cases are positive, conducted in 5-6 procedures. The intervals between them are about one month, or even more. Duration depends on the size of the treated area, the average duration is about 45 minutes. The number of procedures most often depends on the neglect of the problem, so the doctor decides on this. The session can be repeated after a while for the purpose of prevention, but only after consulting a competent doctor.

The procedure itself

Elos-facial rejuvenation, reviews of whichnegative in case of non-compliance by patients and cosmetologists with certain requirements, - rather sparing procedure. Before its application the necessary site of a skin is cleared of cosmetics and spirits, degreased. Then a gel-conductor is applied to the skin. Special protective glasses are put on the eyes, the skin is freed from unnecessary hairs.

The temperature of the apparatus varies within 5-10ͦ C. It feels warm and tingling. If the patient experiences unpleasant sensations or pain, although this happens only in rare cases, the cosmetologist should choose a more sparing program for him.

What is not worth doing before the procedure Elos?

Patient's feedback has shown that in someThere are reddenings, but, we repeat, this happens when the patient sunbathed in the sun before the session, so do not go to the solarium or take a sun bath 2 weeks before the elos procedures.

elos reviews

For two weeks you do not need to do any injections in the field of treatment.

Do not bathe in the sauna and visit the sauna.

Mandatory mechanical and chemical stimulation should be avoided several days before and after the Elos procedure.

Elos procedures from acne, is it effective?

To date, acne is one of the mostwidespread problems among young people, which often occurs during puberty. The zones of defeat in most cases are the face, neck, back. The cause of this disease is the excessive functioning of the sebaceous glands, as a result of which the pores become clogged and become an excellent source for the spread of bacteria. As a result, there are pimples with black heads (acne). That's how acne manifests itself.

To date, there is a hugethe number of different drugs and drugs that help fight this disease, but one of the most effective ways is elos. Treatment of acne in this way is able to eliminate not only the consequences of the disease, but also to get rid of some of the causes that caused it.

Elos is used in both the acute stage of the disease and chronic (scars, scars, stagnant spots).

elos rejuvenation apparatus

It is the combination of short-wave pulse energy and radio-frequency pulses that achieves the expected effect.

Combination of radio-frequency influence onThe skin with blue light energy eliminates bacteria and inflammation. Skin covers are quickly cleared, and the epidermis is not damaged, and the functioning of the sebaceous glands is normalized. In this case, we can say with certainty that the effect will be quite long.

The course is conducted in 6-8 procedures 2 times a week, depending on the neglect of the problem. To achieve an additional effect, the doctor assigns follow-up support procedures.

When the treatment of acne is performed, thenthere are slight painful sensations. But you can still suffer, because the result will meet all expectations. After the procedure in the treated area, there may appear slight burning, redness, small swelling, which will take place in a few days.

Couperose and Elos-treatment

Kuperoz - a violation of blood circulation in the dermalcover, which is manifested by the expansion of small vessels. Another name for the disease is the "red mesh". Kuperoz occurs because of the stagnation of blood in small dermal vessels. It looks like a small red mesh, which is formed by capillaries and vessels.

Elos-treatment of couperose is a light andradiowave radiation, clearly acting on every single pigment or capillary. Under the influence of light energy, the capillaries or vessels are heated to the desired temperature, as a result of which they become invisible. Further the pigment is destroyed, then the pigmented skin peels off.

Elios Acne Treatment

Advantages of Elos procedures in the treatment of couperose

  1. Eliminate the skin from pigmentation spots after the first procedure.
  2. Expand the vessels.
  3. Eliminate vascular sprouts, produce a rejuvenating effect.
  4. After the session the patient can lead a habitual way of life.

For each patient, individualoptions. When carrying out elos-treatment of couperose, there is a slight tingling. The effect can be noticed after the first procedure, the skin becomes lighter and looks healthier and well-groomed.

Contraindications to elos procedures

  1. Pregnancy.
  2. Diseases of the skin.
  3. Diseases of connective tissue.
  4. Acute infectious diseases.
  5. Endocrine diseases.
  6. Allergies to light.
  7. Strong tan.

Adverse Events

  1. Swelling, redness that go away after a while.
  2. Peeling, bruises, blisters.
  3. A little pain, tingling during the procedure.
  4. Darkening of the skin in the field of treatment.
  5. After removing the vasculature, a few days will be edema, which will soon pass.

To eliminate cosmetic and dermatologicalDefects of the Elos procedure can be performed from the age of 18, but only on the recommendation of the doctor. And from 35-40 they are contraindicated, since it is at this age that the initial signs of aging are observed. Patients over 40 are given Elos procedures along with other rejuvenation drugs.

Complications after the procedure of Elos

Bruises and burns occur when the doctor breaks the technology of the procedure, as well as improperly chooses the parameters of the impact and poorly handles the hardware attachments.

If before the procedure the patient was sunbathingin the sun, then the hardware effect can cause significant burns. It is allowed only to go out in sunny weather outside, using sunscreen.

Elos treatment of couperose

The attachments of the Elos apparatus should be changed immediately afterThe expiration of their life. So, if you use overdue items, the patient can have serious complications. Also, the intensity of the exposure should be controlled, for example, the treatment of the hands needs more intensity, and the eyelid - in considerably less.

For patients who want to remove pigmentedspots, you should know that the Elos procedures get rid of them, but do not protect them from the appearance of new ones. Therefore, to achieve efficiency, you should find the cause of the pigmentation and eliminate it as soon as possible.

Some unscrupulous beauticians saveon a gel-conductor. Remember that you are paying money for this, and have the right to insist that there is enough gel on the face, otherwise the consequences can be irreversible.

There have been cases when the skin in the field of treatmentbecame more flabby, and the contour of the face remained the same, so this questioned the elos-rejuvenation of the face. Reviews in this case were negative. But everything is understandable. This occurs when the interval between procedures is less than 3 weeks. After a frequent exercise of elo-rejuvenation can produce the opposite effect, since for the formation of collagen fibers should pass at least 28 days.

Undoubtedly, Elos-immovable can not guarantee100% safety, and this should be taken into account when referring to a cosmetologist. But the majority of positive reviews indicate the effectiveness of the procedure, despite the fact that the appearance may not be attractive enough for a few days after carrying out the elos procedures. Remember that before you contact a particular clinic, you should collect as much feedback as possible about it.

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