Depilation with wax. Female beauty requires victims

In today's world, many women tend to havesmooth skin, and often the main method of combating unwanted hairs is depilation with wax. Women's beauty - that's what excites the ingenious minds of mankind, perhaps, ever since it - this very humanity - has appeared at all. What did not the ladies of all time and people, and also blood and estates, do to capture the male gaze!

depilation wax for women

A bit of history

One of the main problems was the undesirablevegetation on the female body. For a long time, women, experiencing the most real suffering, got rid of hair in the most barbarous ways - they shaved dangerous blades (and others then did not exist), etched with poisonous substances and even ... set fire! Then, at last, it occurred to someone to think of something less dangerous. So there was depilation with wax. The female half of humanity rejoiced! Still would! It was not difficult to melt the wax, it's even easier, well, and put it on your skin, squeeze it and pull it - and it's not terrible at all, considering that somebody else yesterday practiced more unpleasant methods.

However, as time went by, womenthe procedure is even more comfortable. And, many insisted on creating beauty could be at home. In a word, the cosmetic industry had to take up the innovation seriously and for many years improve and improve the procedure called "wax depilation". Women's exactingness was satisfied: on the shelves of shops, there is always a large selection of waxes for home hair removal, and each customer will be able to pick a product based on their personal requirements.

the best wax for depilation

What is better to choose?

Is there any such thing as the best wax fordepilation? Most likely, no, because every woman must find "her" means, and what will be best for her, it is likely, will not be at all for her friend. Therefore, we suggest that you simply consider two types of wax intended for this purpose. And then, after weighing the pros and cons of both (and ideally - having tried both, and the other), choose the most suitable option for you.

Warm wax for depilation. Reviews about him, as usual, are divided into 2 groups - enthusiastic and critical. The authors of the first performed the procedure quite successfully and were able to evaluate its result: the hair disappears for a long time, and the new "shoots" look weaker and thinner each time. Those who remained unhappy with the procedure, most likely, either acquired a low-quality wax, or misused it. The most frequent mistake is too much heated wax (if it is in the cartridge, its true temperature can be underestimated, so it's better to squeeze a drop on the finger), which is fraught with burns. Another possible option for oversight is insufficient preparation of the skin for the procedure. The area to be treated must be well washed and degreased (but not by alcohol!), And there should be no cuts, scratches, irritations or other damage on it.

warm wax for depilation reviews

Those who are still afraid to contact themselves with warm wax should pay attention to beauty salons, where an experienced master will do everything quickly, efficiently and fairly painlessly.

Cold wax depilation. Women's skin, as a rule, is very delicate and delicate (especially compared to men's), and some young ladies even in a terrible dream do not want to see themselves alone with warm wax (incidentally, in vain - the temperature of the wax with proper use for the body is quite comfortable) . It was for such "cowards", and even for happy owners of thin and thin vegetation in the wrong places, wax strips were invented. They are much easier to use, but the result is more modest. However, we will repeat: it all depends on the strength of the hairs. For someone, this option is really suitable for all parameters.

In general - try and choose: to have a smooth and clean skin today is quite possible. And how to achieve this - every lady decides for herself.

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