The most expensive perfume, or Unique fragrance in a luxurious bottle

Is it worth anyone to convince that the realquality perfume is not cheap. The main share of the cost of perfume is the price of synthetic and, of course, natural ingredients that make up its composition. A truly exquisite fragrance makes a buyer without a murmur to lay out a dozen dollars for the pleasure of "wearing" him.

The most expensive perfume
The smell of the most valuableexpensive perfume, but if the fragrance is encased in an amazing crystal shell, encrusted with gold or diamonds, then it becomes a work of art. True connoisseurs and connoisseurs do not doubt that perfume costs exactly as much as buyers are willing to give it.

The most expensive perfume

The creator of the unique fragrance Jar Parfums Boltof Lightning, which costs 765 dollars, is the jeweler Joel Rosenthal. He invented not only perfume, but also the original bottle for him. These extremely resistant spirits are recommended for use in special cases.

The Most Expensive Men's Perfume
The top ten most expensive are the perfume Joy from JeanPatou, which appeared in the 30s of the last century. Their author is perfumer Jean Pato, who is revered by specialists from all over the world. There is a legend that creating the most expensive perfume (the first bottle), he used exactly 10,000 flowers of fragrant jasmine and 336 roses. 30 ml of perfume in the original bottle of baccarat crystal will cost the fans of this fragrance 800 dollars.

Extremely sensual fragrance possessShalini. They fit a modern woman and a bold woman. Unusual perfume contains the aromas of coriander and vanilla, ylang-ylang, tuberose, sandalwood and musk. At a high cost, the most expensive perfumes often owe their own uniqueness - they are produced in strictly limited quantities. Shalini is a fragrance for women not only independent, but also wealthy. The cost of the bottle is $ 900.

The price of about 1500 dollars has the famous perfume from the perfumer and pianist Annik Gutal, which went on sale in 1996.

Baccarats Les Larmes Sacress de Thebe - amazingly harmoniously combine myrrh and incense. Spirits cost 1700 dollars, it is almost impossible to meet them on sale.

Surprising with its popularity is the perfume fromunique Coco Chanel. The high price ($ 1,850) is not an obstacle for every half a minute in the world to sell at least one bottle of flavor, which is so adored by women (both famous and ordinary).

Spirits belonging to the category "unisex", vol.e used by both men and women, having a spicy name Poivre (translated from French - "pepper"). Are issued literally units. Their cost reaches 2000 dollars.

The most expensive perfumes in the world
And now it's time to name the most expensivespirits in the world. It is commonly believed that this fragrance from Clive Christian, called it Imperial Majesty, belongs to the category of elite. The development of the enchanting perfume was spent about 6 years, but the manufacturers released only 10 bottles of Imperial Majesty.

This is the most expensive male perfume, their cost is 215 thousand dollars. In the fragrance more than two hundred components, most of which can be attributed to very rare or expensive.

Decoration of a bottle with priceless liquid -a 5-carat diamond and a high-purity gold rim. The fragrance is intended for both men and women. So the most expensive perfume for women is all the same Imperial Majesty.

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