Is it painful to pierce the ear? Recommendations and advice

Is it painful to pierce the ear? Such a question is asked by those who have never experienced anything like this. About how the piercing procedure is going on, let's talk in more detail.


Before deciding on piercing, you need to learn a few simple rules.

Does it hurt to pierce the ear?

First, you need to carefully choose a clinic. A qualified doctor will tell you if it's painful to pierce your ear. Also, you will be told what procedures to perform before and after such an operation.

Do not dare to pierce at home. Even if the service is offered by a practicing physician, his apartment may simply not have the necessary tools or medicines.

Next, you should ask whether the clinic has the appropriate license to perform such works.

If you agree to useEarrings from medical steel, which you will offer a clinic, you need to make sure of their safety. To do this, you have the right to ask for documents for these products.

Also before the procedure, consulttherapist. Ask if it's painful to pierce your ear, whether you can take any pain medication after. Find out also if you have any allergic reactions.

After such a thorough preparation, you can safely go to the procedure.

Is it painful to pierce cartilage in the ear?

Some extravagant people make piercings not only in the lobe. Of course, the question arises: is it painful to pierce ears in cartilage? We will try to understand.

Does it hurt to pierce cartilage in the ear?

It is known that the cartilaginous tissue is more dense,rather than the lobe. As practice shows, when it pierces, it usually swells and heals much longer. But what can not you endure for the sake of beauty! Recall that this procedure should not be trusted to inexperienced friends. In a specialized salon, you will treat the puncture site with an antiseptic to avoid infection. This process is almost painless, since the doctor will use a special gun. He will pierce the cartilage in a split second and insert the earring. Thus, you will hardly have to endure the pain.

After the procedure

After you find out if it's painful to pierce your ears in the cartilage, you can go to the action - sign up for the procedure in the salon.

It's painful to pierce ears in the cartilage

Do not do piercing, if you are sick, it can affect the healing process of the wound.

Having received the desired puncture and a beautiful earring, notforget that now you must be especially careful, because only the first stage is completed. Next, you need to process the wound with the remedy that the doctor will prescribe. It will be either hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine, which is disinfected.

Be careful not to take anyindependent actions, if in a few days the puncture site swells and turns red. In this case, immediately contact a specialist who conducted this procedure for you. But there is no need to panic when a slight burning sensation begins in the wound. Do not forget that the punctured tissue, whether it's lobe or cartilage, should heal. This takes time.

So you need to know not only about whether it's painful to pierce the ear, but also about how much the wound heals and how to take care of it.

Owners of long hair should be especially careful: the earrings will touch your curls.

Do not immediately put on your ears massive jewelry, because the pain will be much more palpable.

Earrings for a child - is it worth it?

Many young mothers hurry to decorate their little princesses. Of course, they are interested in whether it is painful to pierce your ears with a pistol. After all, I do not want the baby crying during the procedure.

it's painful to pierce your ears with a gun

It is believed that the least problems with healinghave children from one and a half to three years. They do not experience such feelings of fear as adults, so they quickly forget about short-term pain after a puncture.

But nevertheless doctors recommend to pass or take place full inspection before such procedure. Some children may be allergic to metal. On this issue, it is absolutely necessary to consult a pediatrician.

Caring for a child's wound is necessary,as well as for an adult. It is imperative to rinse and not to allow strong redness at the puncture site. As a rule, in children, ears heal much faster and painlessly.

Now you know if it's painful to pierce the cartilage inear or lobe. And only you decide whether you are ready to make sacrifices for the sake of beauty. Usually everything goes pretty positively, and healing does not bring much trouble. It is only necessary to carefully approach this issue.

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