Useful tips: how to restore eyelashes after building

Despite the considerable number of negativereviews of eyelash extensions, yet many women decide on this procedure without thinking about the consequences. When you come to the salon for a procedure, you risk "getting hold of" a master novice, who, due to his inexperience, can incorrectly paste eyelashes, applying one artificial cilium to several of your natural ones. This technique is also used to save material. The fact is that if one cilium falls out, it will entail the rest of them, joined to it. As a result, along with fallen artificial ones, you will lose some of your natural eyelashes, which will make you think about: how to restore eyelashes after building up?

how to restore eyelashes after building

Professional means: for or against?

In addition to essential oils, there is a professionalcosmetics for the restoration of eyelashes. Such drugs are likely to suit those who have an allergic reaction to these or other oils. Some moments require a quick solution to such a problem as to quickly restore eyelashes. Here you can use a professional tool, but you should be careful when choosing a restorative drug - modern cosmetic counters are full of products, the composition of which actually leaves much to be desired. Therefore, if possible, the choice will most likely be in favor of natural oils. And do not forget to take multivitamins - they are good for the health of the whole body, and eyelashes as well.

How to restore eyelashes after building up with essential oils?

The only thing you should forget about duringtreatment, this mascara for the eyelashes, useful in it a little, it will only weight the already weak cilia. In fact, curing weakened eyelashes is not so difficult, just need a little time and patience, then everything will turn out.

how to quickly restore eyelashes

How to restore eyelashes after building, and most importantly, what? A good effect is given by peach and almond oils, they perfectly nourish and strengthen the eyelashes, you can also add castor oil to them.

During therapy it is desirable to use a mixture of oils with the addition of vitamins

These include:

  • burdock;
  • castor;
  • olive oil;
  • burdock ether;
  • indispensable in all senses vitamin E.

The recipe for their application is very simple - we mixthe aforementioned oils or some of them are slightly heated to enhance their action and apply in the evening, before going to bed with a brush or sponge on the eyelashes. It is very important not to overheat the oil, otherwise it will lose its properties - its temperature can be checked on the back of the hand.

During the day, you can also doexpress mask, combining the oil of burdock and olives in equal parts of three drops, add to them half-ampules of vitamin B12. Stir the ingredients and apply minutes to forty, then rinse off with warm water.

how to restore eyelashes
How to restore eyelashes with a tonic?

Excellent, and most importantly, a natural remedy forrestoration of eyelashes. In a small amount of warm water, dilute 3 tablespoons of castor oil and 5 drops of vitamin A. A ready solution to wash your eyes daily. Shelf life of this tonic is 5 days, after this time should be prepared a new one.

How to restore eyelashes after building with herbal decoctions?

  • As a lotion, you can prepare a decoction of the leaves of cornflowers and calendula, then douse the prepared solution with a cotton disc and apply for a short while to the eyes.
  • In a similar way, apply a collection of decoction of chamomile sage and thyme.

Herbal infusions should be applied with courses lasting a month with interruptions of several days.

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