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Estelle paint

All women, without exception, want to always lookyoung and beautiful, well-groomed and irresistible. And in everything that concerns hair, cosmetics can help. Simply painting the curls in a new shade or unexpected color will help a lady look and feel in a new way, will give strength and mood. But which paint is better to choose in order to get the desired result and not hurt yourself?

Estel paint

One of the most famous lines of professionalCosmetics for hair "Estel" is created by the forces of the Russian company "Unicosmetics" and the best specialists of the Technological Institute of St. Petersburg. It is thanks to this union that Estel Professional has a serious scientific and production base and there are opportunities to use the most advanced of scientific and technical technologies and techniques, the best raw materials and, of course, equipment. The result is products that meet the world's leading quality standards and are loved by customers.

What attracts this paint

Estelle paint for hair reviews

"Estelle" - hair dye, reviews about whichare mostly positive. It provides a very persistent coloring and toning of the curls, gives bright, rich color and healthy shine, it is easy to use - it has a delicate texture and is therefore easy to apply. Gentle composition protects the hair during the dyeing procedure, moisturizes, makes it more elastic, silky and soft. In addition, the paint "Estelle" (the photo shows a wide palette of tones) holds for a long time, ideally paints the gray hair and mixes perfectly (if you want to take different tones). By the way, it is worth noting and quite democratic for professional cosmetics price.

Pros of composition

"Estelle" - hair dye (reviews thisconfirm), which does not harm locks, but works on them beneficially, not only coloring, but also making healthier. This effect is achieved thanks to peach oil, an extensive complex of mineral substances, green tea extract, vitamins of the PP group. They nourish the bulbs, protect against the harmful effects of both the paint and the environment, accelerate growth, impart shine and silkiness. This paint perfectly copes with the gray hair, frustrating so many women, thanks to the extract of ylang-ylang and fruit acids.

estel professional palette

How to use paint

Manufacturer's palette of colorsso diverse that even the most capricious beauties can find exactly what they want. "Estelle" is a hair dye (reviews are also mentioned), which will suit everyone without exception and will satisfy the most refined taste. In addition, when dyeing her hair, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity receive exactly the color that they see on the package.

Estelle professional

Well, it's very easy to use paint. First you need to choose the optimal shade for yourself, but do not buy lighter shades than the natural hair color. Now all the components of the paint should be mixed, having previously read the instructions in the box. The mixture should be applied over the entire length of the hair and hold for no more than half an hour. Rinse off with warm water. In the interval between staining, experts recommend using a variety of products that care for the curls, preferably the same firm as the paint. Thus, it can be stated with certainty that "Estelle" is a hair dye (reviews confirm all customer expectations), which will ensure persistent coloring and gentle leaving.

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