Beer For Hair - three in one: mask, shampoo, conditioner

Since ancient times, women have taken care of their appearance, andsince previously there was no ready-made professional cosmetics, they had to excel and use various improvised means. Everyone knows that, for example, Cleopatra took milk baths, but not all were queens, and not every woman could afford such a luxury. Our ancestors rubbed their cheeks with beet juice, instead of blush, they used a variety of natural dyes, and they also used beer for hair - they made masks from it, miraculously reviving the hair.

Many women even now givepreference to natural cosmetics, but, unfortunately, far from each of them can get really high-quality cosmetics from natural ingredients because of its rather high cost. And just like in the old days, products that are more affordable and one of them - beer come to the rescue. For hair, it is used both in masks and as a conditioner, and some even instead of shampoo.

And you did not have to see the curls thatare obtained after pre-wetting the hair with beer and then rolling them on curlers? It is unlikely that such an effect will be achieved after applying the most modern styling means! Hair shining, curls are alive, when you touch them - they are pleasant to the touch, silky and surprisingly beautiful. In addition, beer for hair has only a beneficial effect, due to the content of hops in it - the plant source of the youth hormone and brewer's yeast, which are rich in Group B vitamins, which significantly improve hair and skin.

To strengthen, stimulate hair growth andget rid of dandruff, and to give them shine, use beer for hair. The oldest and most common recipe for a home mask that improves hair growth suggests - first, wash your head with your usual shampoo, then rub your scalp and moisten your hair with pre-warmed up to comfortable temperature beer in the amount of half liter, which is simply poured over your head. Wear a special cap on your head, wrap it with a towel and leave it for 10-15 minutes, after which the hair is rinsed with water. The smell will quickly disappear, but the impression of the mask will be delicious.

Have you ever tried to wash your hair with beer? It's never too late to make up for lost time - suddenly you will like it, in case of failure, if you do not get this self-prepared shampoo, it's easy to fix it, just washing your hair again, it's not such a big problem.

Recipe. Egg yolk thoroughly beat in half a glass of beer. The resulting mixture is spread over the hair, applied to the scalp, held on the hair for 5-10 minutes and rinsed. Many people like this recipe, and they gladly use it, completely eliminating balms, shampoos and conditioners. Everyone has the right to choose what will suit him personally, so it's up to you to decide whether to wash your hair or not to wash with beer shampoo, just how good it is for your hair.

There is a mass of all sorts of recipes based on beer, with the inclusion of certain natural ingredients. Here is one of them:

Beer Elixir for faster growth and strengthening of hair

Take birch leaves, marigold flowers and coneshops, carefully triturate the ingredients until a powder is obtained. Next, 3 tablespoons of the mixture is poured with one glass of light beer and insist for two hours in a warm place. Then filtered through cheesecloth and rubbed into the scalp strained liquid.

Use the healing elixir 2-3 times a week.

Beer is becoming more and more popularfor hair - testimonials to that testimony. How can I not share with my friend a stunningly effective and inexpensive means that gives such excellent results! Although, at the present time, even without friends, much can be learned from blogs, on social networks, where many users share their impressions of the use of various drugs, drugs, etc.

So let's not forget about such available products and start using them exclusively for good.

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