Do you need a marketing department?

It's no secret that the cost of any service depends onHow much resources are spent to provide it. This can include the price of raw materials and materials, and the wages of workers, and the costs associated with the payment of taxes, duties and commissions. So, each company seeks to reduce the performance of these articles in order to obtain maximum profit or to offer its goods or services at a more attractive price to the consumer.

Marketing department
If we talk about employees, then each of themrequires additional costs, which are expressed in the organization of jobs, insurance, payment of leave and sick leave, as well as additional payments, which are provided by law. All this is very costly for the company. For this reason, it has become very popular to use the services of employees working remotely.

Marketing department: quantitative and qualitative composition

The number of marketers in the company is determinedspecificity of its activity, breadth of territorial coverage and the number of social groups of the target audience. When the number of such employees is large enough, there is a need for reorganization, a marketing department is being created. The functions of such a structural unit of the company are described in a separate document. Of course, the established marketing department commits to the organization of a certain hierarchy, which leads to an increase in the number of jobs for middle and senior managers. This all significantly increases the company's expenses for personnel, which it tries to compensate for by the increased efficiency of teamwork of specialists.

Marketing Department functions
Outsourcing in marketing

The form of hiring professionals, in which the employeeperforms its duties, using its equipment and being in its own room, is called outsourcing. At the same time, a provision on the marketing department is not required because each employee of this type of device is subject to his supervisor directly. Previously, outsourcing was a very dubious way of working. The level of trust has increased with the development of business on the Internet. Now almost every company has several employees in its staff, working on this principle. In addition, there are many companies that conduct certain areas of activity in the mode of providing outsourcing services.

Regulations on the marketing department
The marketing department, despite its specificfunction can also be set to remote operation mode. Of course, it is worth considering the specifics of the company's activities. For example, if the marketing department itself consists of two or three people, it is quite possible that they will be more efficient in coping with their duties than remote workers. Moreover, the economic component of the issue can be in a winning position, because the cost of good professionals working in the mode of outsourcing is quite high.

Management of the company implies a dutytake complex decisions that can both improve performance and harm. Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully consider all the world trends, as well as the opportunities that are provided by the environment surrounding the firm. In any case, hiring an employee is always a risk, so try different options.

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