Network marketing, "Vic Holding" company: negative reviews

Have a lot of money and at the same time attach a minimumeffort is the golden dream of everyone. That is why the promise of a beautiful life and "dust in the eyes" in the form of successful people working in large network companies make many amateurs of quick profit ponder. And, of course, their naivety and brilliance in the eyes of actively using a variety of scammers and organizers of the financial pyramids. It is such an organization with an openly dubious reputation is "Vic Holding". Reviews can tell a lot about the company itself. Let's talk about this in more detail.

Four firms in a "single vial"

WICHolding, or "Vic Holding" is a uniquean organization that has been so much talked about in the press lately. And these reviews are far from being positive. What kind of association is this? And what is remarkable about it? To begin with, the holding company is a kind of merger of four large companies, the principle of which is directly related to a far from new idea of ​​network marketing. A little later we will review the feedback about the company "Vic Holding", as well as find out what the participants of the project, distributors and ordinary users say about this organization.

vik holding reviews

So, officially in "Vic Holding" includes the following organizations:

  • World InterContinental;
  • Top Quality;
  • WIC Beauty;
  • Easy Life.

The first of the organizations (as evidenced by numerous reviews), "Vic Holding", arose a couple of years ago. Its specialization is the sale of so-called intelligent products.

That is, the company implements ideasteach everyone who wants to build their own business. In addition, it implements oatmeal with a variety of tastes under the promising name WIC-Life.

The second company is engaged in phyto-tea. The third one is responsible for the perfume and cosmetic line of the holding. And the fourth offers products for everyday use from the series for home, auto, health and beauty. Many are familiar with the network company Vic Holding. Comments, negative comments and complaints are repeatedly received from deceived customers. Initially, many easy bribes such an easy opportunity to earn, because "Vic Holding" reminds a number of other organizations: "Amway", "Oriflame", "Avon", etc. But, as it turned out, not everything is so simple.

Beautiful wrapper for perspective organization

Any company, even with a very "muddy"always takes care of their reputation. But only each of the organizations does this in a variety of ways. For example, he invests money in numerous commercials on television, attracts the media, organizes PR campaigns with free distribution of products, drawings and lotteries, presents gifts to winners, etc. What attracts the attention of the company "Vic Holding", the reviews of which you will find in our article?

First, many means and energy of the organizersgive visual effects. They attract the attention of successful and wealthy people who allegedly noticed in the marketing plan of the holding a "gold mine" and immediately decided to make money on it.

reviews vik holding

To such businessmen with loud names and a tenaciousRudam Avezov, Salvatore Calogero, Ilshat Khairullin, Philippe Rebiyyar and others can be included as a bulldog. With such a kind of gesture, the company representatives give their acting and future employees a frenzied motivation, as if to say: "You see what these people have achieved and you can do so!" At least the feedback from "Vic Holding" is a direct proof of this message.

Also, the company has its own pages in socialnetworks and its own official resource, where news, bright photos and video materials on the theme of corporate leisure are often put out: then the leaders of the holding, starting their career growth from the bottom step of the pyramid, flew to Cyprus, then to Turkey, then to the UAE. In general, as they say, it is not forbidden to live beautifully. And many people believe that this is how it will be with him, only it is necessary to make a little effort, master the technique of convincing customers and be patient. But is it really so?

Official site - a business card of any company

The official resource and pages in social networks area great opportunity to present the company in the best possible light. This is usually done using the work of experienced web designers, programmers, optimizers, content providers and other experts. It would seem that such a site should carry a maximum of useful information and transparently tell users about the activities and products of the organization. What is wrong with the resources of this company?

vik holding reviews negative

In order to answer this question, you need tocarefully study the policy of "Vic Holding". Feedback from disgruntled customers speaks for themselves, but it's best to visit the organization's website yourself. What do we see? A very good website with an attractive design and beautiful advertising. Note that the information about the holding company is presented very briefly and, as they say, "written by forks on the water."

Interesting information about the holding

It turns out that the company is not at allofficial, and offshore. It is registered in Cyprus, where, in fact, the residence of the founder of the project is located - Arkady Sharov (note which is his last name).

Next, go to the company's products. About her information is almost no, and there is also no full price with prices. But any normal company, interested in the speedy sale of its own product, it should be presented in the best way.

Hence it can be concluded that it is not at all importantfor "Vic Holding" products. Reviews about its use by other users and laudatory odes about miraculous teas, porridges and cosmetics you also will not find. Everything is superficial and ambiguous.

Does the price of products correspond to quality?

We return to the variety of products, itsquality and price. If you look at the types of goods of the company, they are not noticeable and differ little from competitive brands. Their number is not full of variety.

vik holding products reviews

So, for example, in the cosmetic product lineThere is only one name for each part of the body. In addition, if you touch the price, it is very high. For example, if you compare the retail value of similar porridges from another company-manufacturer "Artlife" to 350 rubles, then the price for "Vic Holding" porridge is approximately 3-4 times higher. What do the users themselves say about this?

"Vic Holding": products (responses)

Many, who were lucky enough to tryproducts of this company, talk about the complete lack of quality and price ratio. Some say that they are very disappointed and would like to receive something special for such a price.

For example, most reviews refer topastes for washing, which is made by order of the company at the Tula factory OBH. At the same time, the price of the product, which the factory produces for retail trade, but without the holding's logo, is 80 rubles. With the company's brand, the price is much higher, although the components are the same.

Other users who have everbought products "Vic Holding", reviews write about the organization's teas. By the way, they are manufactured in the Zavolzhye trading company, which is also very difficult to find information in the public domain. That is, their quality is under a huge question. In addition, there is no corresponding document, for example, quality certificates, on one product sold by the holding company.

What do they say about the information products of the firm?

As for information products,which allegedly can get rich, then, according to many users, they also leave much to be desired. Judging by the reviews, training videos do not carry anything new even for people financially savvy.

reviews about vic holding company

According to many listeners of lectures, if desiredyou can find much more useful information and listen to webinars on a free basis. Quality also does not correspond to the price of the information product of the company "Vik Holding". Feedback - negative. The cost of $ 30-60 per lesson is overestimated. But if the products and goods of the firm are not so important, then on what can you earn the promised money?

What is the work of the company based on?

With a detailed examination of the essence of earnings inThe company boils down to the following - to invite as many of its relatives and acquaintances as possible. They, in turn, will not only be clients of the firm, but will also be involved in attracting other people.

This is a typical network marketing "Vic Holding". Reviews of this company completely dispel the myth of easy earnings. You are invited to bring people into the team, which, in turn, will do the same. Suppose you have invited a friend, he has two more, those two are two, and so your team is increasing. You, as the creator of the network, kill two birds with one stone: go on the career ladder, prepare to put on the crown of the leader who will be rich and famous (as the company promises), and receive dividends from attracting people and their direct earnings. It's good that you attracted a bunch of people, but after all, the entrance to the company is paid. It is necessary to make from 300 y. e. for a person for registration in "Vic Holding". Staff feedback is a direct proof of this.

What do employees and investors say about the company?

Admiration and positive comments about the companyexpress and write mostly "seduced beginners." They have a certain motivation and are regularly encouraged by beautiful stories about a bright and rich future.

The same ones who managed to figure out the whole essence of the pyramid,prefer to leave the company, retaining their reputation, and most importantly, good-neighborly relations with people, whom they brought to the company "Vic Holding." Feedback about tickets is a great confirmation. For example, some of the deceived investors say that to buy mystical tickets they not only dragged all members of their family, acquaintances and friends, but also had to get into debt on loans. As a result, they did not manage to make money.

vik holding ticketing

Others argue that no investmentfunds is not confirmed (it is documented). It turns out that you voluntarily invest money in useless candy wrappers, which will not bring you any profit in a month or two.

In short, the game is not worth the candle, nerves and problems with collectors and creditors. And there, think for yourself!

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