Vyacheslav Zaitsev: biography of a connoisseur of fashion

Do you know who Vyacheslav Zaitsev is? Biography of this man was recently known to a limited circle of people - those who are interested in fashion. The couturier liked the general public after the show "Fashionable sentence" appeared on the TV screens. His lead was Vyacheslav Zaitsev. The biography of the fashion specialist informs that he is not only a couturier, but also a poet, artist, honored art worker of the Russian Federation, president of the Moscow Fashion House. The regalia and merits of this man can be listed for a long time. But let's find out better who Zaitsev Vyacheslav is.

Vyacheslav Biography
His biography reports that the future was bornfashion trendsetter in 1938. It happened on March 2 in the city of Ivanovo. Vyacheslav appeared in the working family. His bright memories of childhood are marred by war. But in 1956 the young man successfully, with distinction, graduated from the local chemistry and technology college. He gets a qualification and becomes a painter by painting the tissues. But Vyacheslav Zaitsev is not going to stop at this. His biography continues with the fact that the guy graduates from the Textile Institute in Moscow 6 years after the previous school. Then he starts working at a sewing factory, which was experimental.

Already in 1965 there is an acquaintance with the famous fashion designers - Mark Boan and Pierre Cardin, who left in the soul of Vyacheslav a sea of ​​bright impressions.

At the peak of success in the late 70's, Zaitsev left the world of official fashion. He wants to start over and opens a small atelier, which was destined to turn into the Moscow Fashion House.

hare vyacheslav biography
What else does Vyacheslav Zaitsev do? His biography tells that in 1980 the world saw two of his books: the first was called "This many-sided world of fashion", the second - "Such a changeable fashion." A talented person covers a lot of different spheres of activity. Costumes of participants in the Olympics in Moscow - also the work of Zaitsev. Since 1988, Vyacheslav is the president (and elected) of the Fashion House.

But domestic couturier spaces are notis limited. He becomes the first Russian artist, honored to participate in the collection show in Paris. He is recognized as an Honorary Citizen of the French capital.

1991 was marked in Zaitsev's life by the fact that he was entrusted with creating a uniform for police officers. And it was during this period that he became the bearer of the title "Honored Artist".

Do you know cosmetics L'Oreal? Certainly. But do you know that in 1992 a branch of this well-known company launched Zaitsev's perfume called "Marusya". This initiative has become a line of cosmetics. Deodorants, creams, soaps, lotions "Marusya" were produced.

biography of Vyacheslav Hrycev
Vyacheslav is engaged in the creation of an experimentala party of chairs, which was later released in Belgium according to his sketches. He consults artists, speaks at seminars. His life is rich and multifaceted. Zaitsev is a very busy man. But this does not prevent him from dealing with young fashion designers, artists, helping them and teaching them.

What is it, Vyacheslav Zaitsev? His biography shows that he is a man with a thin wounded soul, faithfully loving his native land, extraordinary and deeply moral. He shows all his creativity that people can not only create beauty, but also they are examples of a wonderful world. It was thanks to the efforts of this amazing person that the Russian fashion was recognized throughout the world. Biography of Vyacheslav Zaitsev is an example for imitation.

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