We choose boots with stilettos

high-heeled boots
Stiletto heels have a lot of advantages,mostly visual: they make their proprietress taller and slimmer, give the gait a seductive elasticity, perfectly combined with dresses and skirts - one can not but admit that for autumn and winter footwear it is a rarity.

But do not forget that shoes should not beonly beautiful, but also comfortable. Remember how many times beautiful boots had to languish in the closet for years, because you could not step in them and step. A narrow shoe, excessively high heels, creaky skin ... If you want boots with stilettos to be worn for a long time and with pleasure, their choice should be approached with all responsibility.

What to look for when buying?

So, you passed by the shoe store and inThe shop saw the boots on the heels of your dreams. They look very nice, and the price is not sky-high. So, it is necessary to take? Not so fast. First, carry out a thorough visual inspection of the goods. Pay attention to all the details: the lines must be straight and straight, the material of the top - smooth and homogeneous. The zipper should slip without any effort. Zalomy, traces of glue, spots of unknown origin, scratches - all this is unacceptable for high-quality women's shoes. To try boots with stilettos follows in pairs: when the seller brings you both copies, make sure that their color and dimensions match (the half-pair standing on the display can be more light due to exposure to sunlight). Be sure to ask what the outsole is made of.

women's boots with a hairpin

Today in the production of footwear are widely usedsynthetic materials, and there is nothing terrible in this: they are highly wear-resistant, long not erased or deformed. On the other hand, women's boots with a luxury hairpin are likely to have a sole made of genuine leather. It looks chic, but wears out pretty quickly. To prevent this, immediately after the purchase, take the shoes to the workshop and ask the master to make a special sticker. If you choose boots for the winter, pay attention to the thermoplastic elastomer. The sole made of this material will protect you from falls on icy asphalt.

boots stockings with a hairpin
Helpful Tips

Looked at the boots on the stud, but you doubt thetheir quality? There are a few simple ways to test it. Put the pair on the counter and look at which direction the heel is leaning. If to a sock, then you can wear them for a very long time. Heels "look" back? Shoes will not last for a couple of months. In addition, the heel must touch the floor with the entire surface. Do not get carried away with accessories: the less on shoes of all "decorations", the longer it will retain its presentation.

With what to wear?

You brought the box home and thought: and with what to wear a new thing? Yes, with anything! A classic winter variant are the boots, in which narrow skinny jeans are tucked. The top at the same time can be anything: a fur coat, a sheepskin coat, a coat, a down jacket. The only thing to refrain from is shortened sports jackets. Also boots-stockings on a hairpin can be worn in the office - in combination with a pencil skirt or dress-case.

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