Heroes of Belarus and their services

Every country should know its heroes. Such people have always met and, most likely, will continue to be found among the population of each state. Belarus is a big country with a difficult past. During the Great Patriotic War, this power gained 448 Heroes of the Soviet Union.

In addition, there are 7 people who werewere twice awarded this honorary title. All of them are Belarusians by nationality. Four received a medal during the Great Patriotic War. Two more - during the exploration of space. And one was twice awarded for the Civil War in Spain and the battles at Khalkhin-Gol.

But Heroes of Belarus of the Great Patriotic War are not the only ones who received an award from the state. There were also those who in peacetime contributed to this or that sphere of activity.


It is a great honor for every Belarusianthe higher rank which is appropriated for merits and feats before the country. Heroes of Belarus began to receive awards since 1996. Although a year earlier this title was introduced. It is worth saying that it was possible to distinguish the state medal from the star of the "Hero of the USSR" according to the corresponding actions.

heroes of belarus

The title "Hero of Belarus" was appropriated not only forfeats during the Second World War. But also for success in various fields: social, economic, cultural, etc. Although it was the military man who became the first to win the title of Hero of the War of Belarus.

Recognized, but not awarded

For all time of existence of this gratitude alreadywas awarded 11 titles. But there is another person who was likened to the Heroes of Belarus, but was not awarded. They were Vassily Vasily Alexandrovich. He was a colonel of the Soviet Army. He was born in Ukraine, but in 1995 he received the title of "Hero of the Russian Federation".

In 1986 he was the leader of the task force inChernobyl area. The maximum number of days that pilots could fly in this territory was 15. But Vodolazhsky spent three months here. Of course, this affected his health.

 hero of the war of belarus

Vasily Alexandrovich for a long time was treated inMoscow. But in 1992 he died. He was buried in the Minsk region in Korolev Stan. Thanks to his courage and strength, he was awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation, and was permanently included in the lists of the personnel of the Belarusian military unit.


First Hero of Belarus - Karvat VladimirNikolayevich. He died six months before the state introduced this title. The military pilot in 1994 was in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus. In two years he had to take part in the training flight. The conditions of this operation were to be extreme.

12 minutes after the start of the flight in the cockpitthere were warning signals. He was ordered to return to the base. Literally in half a minute the message disappeared, but new ones appeared. Later it became clear that the management system failed. The leadership ordered Carvata to catapult. But the pilot noticed that in front of him is a village.

He independently decided to stay inplane, to maximally successfully take him away from residential buildings. All these events lasted only 10 minutes. The plane fell flat at a tremendous speed near the village of Maloe Gatishche. Residents tried to save the pilot on their own, but he died while falling.

 heroes of belarus

Later it turned out that the cause of this tragedy wasa fire in one of the compartments, which was not equipped with sensors. The ignition was damaged first by the signaling, and afterwards by the control system. Karvat gave his life for the sake of saving people and was awarded the title of "Hero of Belarus". Also in honor of him were named streets in the capital of the state and the city of Brest. There is a nominal square, a museum, and also a school in the pilot's hometown.


The second who got on the heroic list becamePavel Lukyanovich Mariev. At the moment he is 78 years old. He is the director of the scientific and technical center. In the past, he started as a technologist at the Belarusian Automobile Plant. Career growth led him to the post of general director.

Hero of Belarus

Pavel Lukyanovich is also a doctortechnical sciences. He worked not only in practice, but also wrote a large number of scientific articles. The title was awarded in 2001 for the successes in the automotive industry of the country.


In this sphere Heroes of Belarus meet the mostoften. In 2001, 3 people were awarded, another was awarded in 2006. Dubko Alexander Josifovich became the first who achieved success in this field. He only after death received the title of the hero of the country.

Karchmit Mikhail Alexandrovich also becamean outstanding personality in the agriculture of Belarus, for which he was marked in 2001. He is also a well-deserved worker. For almost 30 years he has been the head of the board of the Agrocombinery "Snov".

 hero of belarus

The list of "Heroes of Belarus" in the agriculturalVitaliy Ilyich Kremko got to the sphere. Also considered a well-deserved worker in this field. He was the head of the collective farm "October". It was under his rule that the SEC "October-Grodno" reached a high level in the agro-industry.

In 2006, anotherdeserved worker - Revyako Vasily Afanasevich. He is a candidate of agricultural sciences. I gave this case over 35 years. Has joined the list of Heroes of Belarus due to active work in the social and economic development of the country.

Teaching - light

Mikhail Stepanovich Vysotsky also became one of theawarded. He is not just a public figure and the founder of the truck industry in Belarus, as well as scientists. He created a school for the design and research of trucks.

Heroes of Belarus

He was born in 1928 and immediately after the warclimbing the career ladder. First he worked at the Minsk Automobile Plant as a fitter. After he proposed the conveyor in his thesis, he became a designer. From 50 years of work at MAZ, 35 worked as the chief designer. The title was awarded not only due to the "contribution" to the development of the automobile industry, but also for the establishment of a scientific school, research and training of scientific personnel.

From the foreman to the assistant to the president

The names of Heroes of Belarus did not end there. Petr Petrovich Prokopovich became the next outstanding figure. He graduated from Tomaszów High School. In the Lugansk region he worked as a bricklayer, later he graduated from Dnepropetrovsk Civil Engineering Institute. In Kazakhstan he began his career first with a master builder and later became the head of the department.

heroes of the Great Patriotic War of Belarus

Returning to his homeland, he was also deputyleader, and chief engineer, and deputy of the Supreme Council. In 1998 he became chairman of the board of the National Bank. In 2011, he underwent heart surgery, after which he was sent first to retirement, and then retired. In 2012, he was an assistant to the president, and from 2014 he is chairman of the supervisory board of Sberbank.

He received the title for reforming the banking system.


In 2006 Mikhail Andreevich was awardedSavitsky. He became the first cultural figure who was awarded the title and added to the list of "Heroes of Belarus" thanks to the active development of painting in the state. Also posthumously received the order of Francis Skaryna.

list of heroes of belarus

Spiritual development

Kirill Varfalomeevich Vakhromeev, who is also MetropolitanFilaret, born in Kiev, is currently the head of the Belarusian Orthodox Church. From childhood it was clear who the future Hero of Belarus will become. He led political and social activities. Looking at all the merits of Metropolitan Philaret, it is not surprising that he received the title from the state for his many years of contribution to the spiritual development of the people.

the first hero of Belarus


Of course, we must not forget the contribution that has been madeheroes of the Great Patriotic War of Belarus. But time goes on, and people appear in the country who have given a lot of time and energy to other spheres of life in peacetime. In 2014, finally, it was the turn to sports. Daria Vladimirovna Domracheva was awarded the title Hero of Belarus as the first female athlete.

To her 30th birthday, the biathlete has a hugenumber of awards and titles. At the moment, it is considered one of the best in its kind of sport. The title from the state Daria received after the Olympic Games in 2014 earned a third gold medal.

names of heroes of belarus

Each country must have such heroes. And not always these people should be connected with military affairs. It is very important for the state to develop in all directions. Therefore, the government should encourage people who contribute to science, art, sports, the social sphere. It is thanks to the recognition of such heroes that society can find its idols and stream to improve not only their lives, but also the life of the state as a whole.

In addition, such people are an example for other states. Looking at their achievements, you can see the face of the country, as well as the level of development of society.

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