The famous Brezhnev kiss, which entered the history of the USSR

Lenin and Stalin did not like kissing, at least in public. There was, however, a case when the legendary Chkalov embraced Joseph Vissarionovich from an excess of feelings, but that does not count.

kiss Brezhnev included in the history of the USSR

The emergence of party fashion for kissing

Fashion for government kisses introduced NS. Khrushchev. His coming to power marked a certain warming of the domestic political situation. Obviously, like every spring phenomenon, it caused a surge of positive emotions, expressed in this gesture, signifying the manifestation of love for one's neighbor, including in the Christian sense of the word. After the asceticism of Stalin's years, the kisses of the leaders of the party and government looked sincere and quite natural. They were willingly accepted as a norm of conduct on a par with the words "our dear", which came into use at the turn of the sixties.

To the Easter kisses, however, the manifestation of affectionThe first secretary can not be attributed, he did not like the church, and in all ways tried to limit its activities. Last his official kiss Nikita Sergeevich got at the gangplank in October 1964 from Klim Voroshilov, whom his bias participants did not inform in advance about their serious intentions. More with him from the members of the Central Committee, no one wanted to embrace, although it used to happen before. Khrushchev's kinsmen during his reign were all: Brezhnev, Semichastny, Mikoyan, and Kosygin. For the sake of justice, it should be noted that he showed his feelings timidly, somehow in a pioneer way, and did not abuse this gesture, deeply intimate, by showing voluntarism in other matters.

leonid Brezhnev's Kiss

«Triple Brezhnev»

After the embarrassment at the airport, a plenum took place,which Leonid Brezhnev was elected secretary general. The kiss quickly became part of the party ritual, demonstrating to the Soviet people and the world community the deeply human essence of the native power. It was impossible to suspect the head of state in any perverted inclinations, and not because someone was afraid of the all-powerful KGB. Behind him, dear, the glory was firmly entrenched, not that of a "walker", but a well-known lover of beautiful women, and he could afford to behave as he saw fit and express his feelings as he pleased.

The first kiss of Brezhnev, which entered the history of the USSR,made a great impression on the citizens of Czechoslovakia. Gustav Husak was kissed three times, absolutely Orthodox, on the cheeks and lips. Perhaps representatives of the fraternal Slavic peoples who inhabited the Czechoslovakia at that time would have reacted more tolerant to this act, had it not been for the events of 1968 that preceded them, after which sarcasm and sarcasm formed overabundance. Showing the reactivity of thinking, they called this kiss "triple Brezhnev," hinting, apparently, that it is possible to define a numerator with a larger value.

famous breasts kisses


Less tolerant was RomanianCommunist leader Nicolae Ceausescu. He suffered bacteriophobia, was terribly afraid of infection with pathogens, and therefore avoided contact with all possible sources of bacilli. Brezhnev's kiss, he believed, could have caused infection, because the Soviet leader did not rub alcohol with anyone, and he was not sterile. History is silent about which words the head of the CRC expressed his disagreement, but he managed to avoid kisses.

The famous kisses of Brezhnev caused seriousconcern of the British Foreign Ministry on the eve of the forthcoming government visit in 1971. "Iron Lady", which took place in the political struggle of a severe school, faced a situation, the analogies of which the parliament of the foggy Albion did not know. Thatcher, like the intractable Romanian, managed to avoid friendly embraces, which she at that time, perhaps, was more afraid than all the Soviet ballistic missiles combined.

Fidel Castro cleverly winced, he was just onThe trape was lit, and so, with a cigarette in my mouth, went to greet me. The case was a hands-on handshake and a hug, which is quite acceptable on the island of Freedom. But to kiss the Cuban men is not accepted.

Brezhnev's kiss

Each kiss Brezhnev fixed lenses

But the young American woman who came to thedelegation to Moscow in 1973, got a Brezhnev kiss, which entered the history of the USSR and the US simultaneously. Expensive Leonid Ilyich will understand every normal man: a pretty girl gives flowers, how can one restrain himself? Annie Hallman, a dance teacher, immediately became a celebrity, which she apparently did not object to. Few Americans could boast of such an event in their lives, except that Jimmy Carter, the president. He got it, too.

Not sparing the suffering lips

Indira Gandhi, Yasser Arafat, many other leadersthe rulers and dictators of the developing countries, the Latin American liberators fighting the struggle against neocolonialism, the African leaders and other representatives of progressive humanity were received in Moscow as dear guests. And the magnificent receptions invariably supplemented the legendary kiss of Brezhnev. Perhaps not all guests liked this, but for political and economic reasons they tolerated it. Joseph Broz Tito, according to unconfirmed rumors, got more than others, he even damaged his lip.

the legendary kiss of Brezhnev

The most famous kiss of Brezhnev, which entered the history of the USSR and the world

But the most famous and replicatedBrezhnev's kiss, which entered the history of the USSR, the GDR and the whole of Europe, happened in 1971. Artist Dmitry Vrubel redrawn it with a photo graffiti on the Berlin Wall shortly before its fall, perpetuating the epoch-making moment of the unprecedented unity of the leaders of the countries of the socialist community. Eric Honnekera is almost invisible, you can only recognize him by points and hair. Why it is this moment that is so famous for the events of Soviet history that it is difficult to explain. The meeting of the leaders of the USSR and the GDR in the early seventies was a common thing, its protocol also did not differ in originality. The kiss of Leonid Brezhnev expressed only sincere respect for the elderly communist and anti-fascist. There was no hypocrisy in it, such was the party ethic that had been formed for decades. In general, nothing special.

That's when MS Gorbachev tried to do the same thing, it looked quite different ...

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