The main causes of the Great Patriotic War

The causes of the Great Patriotic War makethink about modern politicians. Since the threat of a possible world war is a global problem of mankind, it is necessary to analyze all signs of increasing international tension (in order to prevent new bloody events in a timely manner).

causes of the Great Patriotic War

Causes of the Great Patriotic War

Stably the main aggressor of this world warconsider the Third Reich, that is - Germany. And this opinion is not without reason. It was in the 1930s / 40s that the flowering of fascist Germany was flourishing. Thus, the desire of this country (more precisely, of its government) to world domination played a decisive role in the beginning of world "lawlessness". In addition, of course, the impossibility of world powers - the United States, Britain and France - to maintain their influence through the adoption of the Treaty of Versailles, while the humiliated countries gradually increased their power and restored their position, influenced, of course. It is worth noting that Soviet Russia and Germany, two countries not participating in the actions of the Versailles system, concluded an agreement on which relations in the military-industrial sphere were established. The causes of the Great Patriotic War also included the nationalist policy of Germany. The desire to exterminate all "non-Aryans" also had its impact. The reasons for this behavior of Hitler, many psychologists attribute to the psychological trauma of the future fuhrer's childhood. But, by and large, this is not so important.

Great Domestic War causes

How did the war develop? Surprisingly, Stalin was repeatedly told that the Führer wants to attack and prepares a plan, however, the leader was convinced of the non-aggression pact. This helped the Germans gain an advantage in the first phase of the war. But this prevalence was short-lived. Already in November 1942, the Army of the Land of Soviets began a counter-offensive, and even earlier, in December 1941, an attack on Moscow was heroically repulsed. All this contributed to the growth of national consciousness among the Soviet people. After the breakthrough in the war, the victories of the Red Army fell one after another: here and the defense of Stalingrad, and the operations of Bagration and Kutuzov, and the Kursk Bulge together with the lifting of the siege of Leningrad and the liberation of Eastern Europe.

The reasons for the victory of the Soviet Union in the GreatPatriotic war is, first of all, patriotism and courage of the people, strict discipline, a powerful (created in the years of industrialization) military-industrial complex of the country, the skill of commanders and, of course, intelligence and partisan movement. This comprehensive set helped win the Soviet Union an important victory, which became part of world history.

reasons for the victory of the Soviet Union in the Great Patriotic War

The causes of the Great Patriotic War, the premisesits emergence, the current situation of social tension in the world arena - all this should never happen again. All countries that participated in the Second World War suffered huge losses (both economic and social). A huge number of dead people says that everything must be solved peacefully, without involving ordinary people in politics. So we must take into account a phenomenon like the Great Patriotic War, the causes of which are now clear, as a warning!

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