What battles glorified the Russian army: from the 12th to the 20th centuries

The strength and valor of the Russian army is frighteningopponents for already centuries. This is not surprising, considering how brave and self-sacrificing the Slavs are to defend their homeland. But what battles glorified the Russian army and became the most significant? Of course, there were a lot of them, but below is a story about the most noteworthy of them.

Battle of Borodino

The Battle of Borodino is the biggest battleWar of 1812, which glorified the Russian army. The resolution of the confrontation between Russian troops under the command of General Kutuzov and the French army of Napoleon I was a key historical moment.

what battles glorified the Russian army

The battle began on August 26, 1812 near the villageBorodino, which is located 125 km west of Moscow. The Battle of Borodino, which Napoleon called the "Battle of the Giants", was one of the most bloody confrontations of the XIX century. During the 12-hour battle, the French military succeeded in squeezing Russia a little, but as a result, the successful command of Kutuzov decided the outcome of the battle and brought victory to the famous general.

The Battle of Kulikovo

If we talk about what battles glorified the Russian army, then this

glorified the Russian army
will occupy one of the first places on the list. This battle was a turning point in the struggle of the Russian people with the yoke of the Golden Horde.

The battle took place on September 16, 1380 onKulikovo field near the Don and Nepryadvy rivers. It all started with the battle of the Peresvet warrior and the Mongolian hero Chelubey, who developed into a hot and protracted confrontation.

The Kulikovo battle was a significant event in the struggle of the Russian people against the Tatar-Mongolian oppression and, in spite of the great losses, led to a weakening of the influence of the Golden Horde.

The Battle of Stalingrad

The battle began on July 17, 1942 in the city of Stalingrad, now called Volgograd.

the battle glorified the Russian army
Subsequently, he became a symbol of perseverance andincredible heroism of the Soviet military. Taking the city by German adversaries would mean the loss of one of the industrial centers and the loss of an important transport artery that connected the central part of the country with the southern regions.

For two months the German troops committed more than 700attacks. But brave Soviet soldiers, despite the huge losses, did not allow the fascists to take control of the city. This battle glorified the Russian army and showed the strength of the spirit of the Soviet man.

Battle on the Ice

This battle, also known as the "battleon Lake Peipsi, "brought glory to the crusaders.The battle of Novgorod and Vladimir under the command of Alexander Nevsky and the Knights of the Livonian Order took place on April 12, 1242.

what battles glorified the Russian army

The place of action is Lake Peipsi, which wascovered with ice, from where the name of the battle comes. If we talk about what battles glorified the Russian army, the Battle of the Ice was just such an event.

In the outcome of all the above battles, an importantrole played not only valorous commanders and generals, but also simple soldiers who fought for the honor of the people. About the kind of battles that glorified the Russian army, we can say a lot, but one fact will remain unchanged: it was the desire for victory that made it possible to conquer so many lines.

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