The feat of the people in the Great Patriotic War. Pioneers heroes of the Great Patriotic War

The feat of the people in the Great Patriotic War is difficult to overestimate. There is no such mass sacrifice as the Soviet people showed in the well-known world of history.

Losses of the Soviet people

At the present time, it has already been thoroughly studiedthe question of how many people from the Soviet Union perished in the confrontation with Germany and its many allies during the Second World War. Now we are talking about about 26.6 million people.

The feat of the people in the Great Patriotic War

It should be noted that not all these people weresoldiers. Most of them are civilians, who had to be in the occupied territory. The same figure included also those losses that arose as a result of increased mortality in the rest of the USSR during the war.

Combat feat of the Soviet people

The successes of the USSR are paid for by the blood of the soldiers of the Red Army. The number of dead servicemen during the Great Patriotic War is approximately 7 million people. This figure includes those losses that have arisen as a result of diseases, as well as various kinds of incidents. This included and shot soldiers (for desertion and stuff).

Fighting feat of the people in the Great Patriotic Warwar can also be estimated by the number of people who received the title of Heroes of the Soviet Union. Most of them are Russians and Ukrainians. In this case, there are both men and women - heroes of war. This list consists of as many as 11506 names. Many have received this title posthumously, having fulfilled their duty. Among them there are also pioneers - heroes of the Great Patriotic War, there were only 4 people:

  • Leonid Golikov;
  • Marat Kazey;
  • Valentine Kotik;
  • Zinaida Portnova.

All these pioneers, heroes of the Great Patriotic Warwars, except for Leonid Golikov, received this high rank after the victory, when it became possible to sum up the activities of not only paramilitary units, but also the underground.

pioneers heroes of the Great Patriotic War

Civil Losses

The Great Patriotic War is different fromthe vast majority of other major conflicts in that the bulk of the victims were civil. That is, civilians died more than soldiers. If the number of military losses is about 7,000,000, and the total loss is 26,600,000, the number of civilians killed is almost 20 million.

The feat of the people in the Great Patriotic War is also characterized by the fact that the civilian population took part in it directly. In doing so, it consisted of:

  • guerrilla activities in the occupied territory;
  • Fortification works on the approaching front line during the offensive of the Wehrmacht army;
  • continuous shock work in the interior of the country.

Significance of the victory of the Soviet people

Now the feat of the people in the GreatPatriotic war is trying to belittle. Such a process is largely inhibited due to the abundance of documents that have survived, confirming its grandiose scale. Now the feat of the people in the Great Patriotic War has an important social, ideological and educational significance.

The feat of the Soviet people

As for the social sphere, everything here is veryjust. If there was no victory over fascism, then the world for billions of people would be completely different. Wehrmacht had grandiose plans to destroy the unworthy, in their opinion, peoples and the settlement of the liberated territory by "true Aryans".

The ideological significance of victory lies in theThe fact that it for many decades rallied the peoples that were part of the Soviet Union, making the country strong and capable of realizing almost any project.

The upbringing moment is determined by the fact that up toToday the younger generation with interest perceives information about the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers. Today every schoolboy learns from the textbooks how significant the feat of the people was. The participants of the Great Patriotic War are still invited to the educational institutions in order to inform the representatives of the younger generation from the very first mouths how exactly the real sons and daughters of the Fatherland should come in difficult situations for them.

Labor feat

The feat of the people of the Great Patriotic War

Consider that victory in the most bloody warwas extracted exclusively on the battle fronts, incorrectly. The fact is that without the heroic efforts of those who worked for the war machine of the Soviet Union deep in the rear of the country, there could not be any talk of a triumph of the Red Army. Men, women, old people and children, working on wear and tear, by the end of 1942 were able to establish the production of military equipment in quantities of 2 times that of the industry in Germany. And this is despite the fact that we yielded 3-4 times in steelmaking.

Labor feat of the people in the Great Patriotic Warwar is placed on a par with the military successes of the Red Army, also for the reason that the main military production was initially located on the western territory, which was captured in the first months of the conflict. Of course, something could be evacuated to the east, but not all, and before releasing equipment that could resist the German military vehicle, it was necessary to properly train the workers.

Contribution of partisan underground

Especially the massive partisan movementreceived on the territory of modern Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. By the end of 1941, the number of detachments operating in the rear of the occupiers was about 2,000. With this initially the backbone of the partisan movement was the Red Army soldiers who were able to escape from the numerous "boilers" that formed in the first months of the confrontation. Later, local residents joined the ranks of the partisans, including women and children.

Heroes of War List

The contribution of the partisan underground to the common victoryit is difficult to overestimate. The fact is that thanks to him the Wehrmacht lost to a million of its soldiers (in all, about 4.7 million servicemen were lost by Germany). In addition, it was disabled:

  • about 4,000 armored vehicles;
  • 65,000 vehicles;
  • 58 armored trains;
  • 110000 wagons and platforms.

As a result, a huge amount of equipment and soldiers, the army of the Wehrmacht simply did not have time to transfer to the front. They were destroyed in the occupied territory.

Indirectly, the fact that in 1943 by the Soviet authorities its participants were equated with the soldiers of the Red Army indirectly speaks of the mass nature of the partisan movement.

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