Do you want to know which country is the capital of Dubai?

Which country is the capital of Dubai? Now we will deal with this issue in detail, but first let's talk about what the city itself is. So which country is the capital of Dubai?


Dubai is a huge metropolis with a developedinfrastructure, one of the richest and most famous cities of our time. He is certainly worthy of being told about and studied. After all, the city is really unique. Which country is the capital of Dubai, you will learn a little later from this article.

what country is the capital of dubai

A bit of history

Before disclosing the mystery, I would like totalk a little about his story. Even before the 1920s, Dubai was a very small city in which a large part of the population was engaged in fishing - mining and trade in pearls. With the development of technology and more favorable prices for pearls, proposed by Japan on artificially grown minerals, the economy of Dubai came almost in decline. If it were not for the literate policy of the sheikh of the Al Maktoum dynasty, perhaps the city would not have been so grandiose.

During the general economic recession the Sheikh decidedto attract as much investment as possible and not lost. He significantly reduced taxation, thus attracting investors and businessmen, including British ones, to the territory of Dubai. In 1922, oil deposits were found in the city. Dubai has become the most promising for investment. Already in 1950 the city, thanks to revenues from oil production, was provided with electricity, roads, infrastructure developed rapidly. And this despite the fact that in 1922 the war for independence was fought, and until 1971 there were British troops on the territory of the state, and all oil production was carried out under the strict supervision of the British.

dubai is the capital of a country map

Dubai - the capital of which country?

The map of the Emirates - that's what will help us to understand this issue. It shows the location of states with capitals. So, finally it's time to open the veil of secrecy about Dubai's metropolis.

Which country's capital is this rich city? Dubai is the capital of the emirate, which is part of the states of the UAE. This is the abbreviated name of the United Arab Emirates. The country's territory is located on the part of the coast of the Arabian Peninsula, the length of which is 72 kilometers and is washed by the Persian Gulf.


The UAE is a federal state,which, in turn, consists of individual countries with an absolute monarchy. Seven emirates are part of the UAE, namely Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm al-Kayvayn, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai itself with the eponymous capital.

The UAE would not be now so prosperous ifwould not have met in 1968 with Sheikh of Dubai and Sheikh Abu Dhabi. It took place in the desert, in a special camp, where certain agreements and basic agreements were reached on the creation of the United Emirates (Union Accord). Later, other emirates joined the OE. Only the rulers of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as well as the capitals of the other states mentioned above, have the right to impose a ban on decisions on the most important issues of state importance and to amend the draft laws of the country.

Dubai is the capital of which country

Now Dubai and OJSC as a whole are a major indestructiblewealth, and literally 100 years ago it was practically a bare desert. Modern skyscrapers, gulfs, race tracks built on investment gave another powerful impetus to the development of the economies of these countries. The climate of the UAE is favorable for the creation of resort areas. As for temperature, the average maximum is 33.4 degrees, the average minimum is 22.3 degrees. And modern Dubai with these resort tourist areas is famous. Nowhere else are there such luxurious palaces, ennobled streets and well-established infrastructure, as in the Emirates.


Now you know which country the capital is Dubai. If you are asked, you can immediately answer.

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