Zina Portnova: a feat that went down in history

Zina Portnovoy's feat, a summarywhich will be described in this article, is not very widely covered on the Internet. There is little information and it repeats itself all the time. There are no sources that would reveal the multifaceted picture of her heroic deed. Basically, only dry facts are cited: she was born in Leningrad in 1926 in the family of a worker, she was in the youth underground group "Young Avengers", during the execution of the next task she was captured by the fascists and executed in January 1944.

To understand who this girl was, and to imagine what she was thinking during the severe trials, let's turn to the content of the eponymous story of V.I. Smirnova.

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In this story the author very brightly describes the fateZina, a young Komsomol member and a pioneer who fought against the fascist invaders and duly passed the path of life, despite numerous difficulties. She never retreated and faced the challenges with challenge. Even in the most difficult times, the girl never cared about herself, but worried about others more. Recognition of one's duty, perseverance, sense of responsibility and passionate love for the motherland - these are the qualities that determine the feat of Zina Portnova.

Joining the Young Avengers

In June 1941, the parents sent the girl tovillage Zuy (Vitebsk region) for school holidays. Just at this time the Hitlerites invaded the USSR, and Portnova was in the occupied territory. She was not going to put up with the current state of affairs and decided to fight the enemy. In 1942, Zina Portnova, whose feat will never be forgotten, joined the Young Avengers.

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Difficult task

The story of Smirnov filled life with dry factsbiography of the girl and gave the reader the opportunity to stay with the pioneer in moments of hard trials. When Zina got a job in the dining room for the Wehrmacht cadets, she received one of the most difficult tasks from the Young Avengers. Portnova had to pour poison into the food. After the girl did it, about 100 fascists died. Among them were the pilots, who on this day were supposed to fly to the bombing of Moscow and Leningrad. Thus, the feat of Zina Portnova saved thousands of lives of her compatriots.

Care of the partisans

The Germans immediately began to search for the perpetrator andgathered together all the staff of the dining room. Everyone was offered a plate of poisoned soup. Portnova ate it without any discussion. The girl was not afraid to be caught, but was very worried about the fate of the youngest sister Galya and her cousins ​​who were left by her dependents after Ira's aunt's arrest. The fear that they will be taken away by the Germans proved to be stronger than the fear of death. Weakening and feeling a strong pain in her stomach, the girl thought only of how to lead Galya to a safe place - to the partisans in the forest.

Zina Portnova, whose feat is known throughoutworld, took her sister by the hand and went to the forest through the marshland. The pain intensified, but she did not stop. Zina knew that she would die, and the bill was on her watch. The main thing for the future Komsomol member was to take her sister to the partisans. They found the girls only at dawn. Portnov was lying unconscious on the ground, and Galya was sitting next to her. Doctors stated acute food poisoning and pneumonia. The fact that the young pioneer survived was a real miracle. In 1943 she was accepted into the Komsomol.

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New assignment

After the Nazis shot most of thegroup "Young Avengers", Zina Portnova, whose exploit motivated the fighters of the Soviet army, went with her brother Ilya and Masha Dementieva to reconnoitre to the village Mostyschi. There the girl had to meet with a liaison officer and find out how many Komsomol members were alive, what help they needed. Zina went to a meeting alone, and Ilya and Masha had to cover her and wait at the appointed place.


Portnova learned from the communication necessary informationand went back. On the way she met two women, one of whom knew Zina. And the one that Portnova was unfamiliar with, asked the name of the girl. The woman answered that it was Zina, the granddaughter of Yablokov. Passing by the policemen knew this name well and detained Portnov, deciding to take her to the village of Obol. Just on the way there the girl should have been waiting for Masha and Ilya. But when the fascists conducted the pioneer next to the agreed place, the comrades did not come to her aid. Only a few years later, when the feat of the pioneer Zina Portnova became public, it turned out that the guys left the observation post for only a few minutes because of the booming sound in the forest. Just at that moment the fascists had a girl.

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Try to escape

Zina Portnova, whose feat is known to allresidents of the USSR, was brought in for questioning to the Gestapo officer. He looked at the Komsomol with glassy eyes. Then the Gestapo pulled out his pistol and laid it on the table. Outside the window roared the engine of the car, and the fascist turned away from the girl. Zina reacted instantly - grabbed the gun and shot the enemy in the chest. There was another Gestapo in the room, frantically trying to get a gun. He was also shot. Running out of the building, Portnova at point-blank killed the sentry. Shooting from the chase, the girl went down to the river.

Torture and shooting

Soon she was overtaken by a machine-gun fire, a girlwas badly injured in the leg. But she did not stop and continued to shoot back. Zina left the last bullet for herself. When the Germans almost overtook it, the Komsomol directed the muzzle of the pistol to her chest and pulled the trigger. But there was a misfire. The fascist who ran up knocked out a pistol and grabbed a brave Komsomol member.

After the incident Portnov was taken to Polotsk. Torture continued for a month. The fascists shredded Zina's joints, gouged out her eyes and twisted her hands. They also cauterized the girl with hot iron and pounded her needles under her fingernails. The Young Communist League did not utter a word and was shot. The steadfast firmness of the girl became another reason that the feat of Zina Portnova, interesting facts about which are given in this article, will always be an example for the youth.

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The Soviet people learned about the "Young Avengers" only15 years after the end of the war. In 1958, the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the country issued a decree on awarding all the members of the underground group "Young Avengers" with USSR orders.

Time inexorably runs forward, but the feat of Zina Portnova, the brief content of which is described above, will live forever in the hearts of people.

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