"Without the Tsar in my head": the meaning of phraseology, antonyms and examples

You can talk about the recklessness of another person in different ways, including saying that he is "without a king in his head". The meaning of phraseology will be at the center of our today's narrative.

There was a saying: "Your mind is a king in your head"

without a king in his head the meaning of phraseology

Quite often, stable expressions are echoes orremnants of proverbs and sayings. And as it often happens, the source is forgotten, but the people's wisdom remains. So it happened this time. "Without the Tsar in my head": the meaning of phraseology goes back to the proverb, placed in the subtitle. Starting from this, it is not difficult to decipher the meaning. The one who does not have a king in his head is reckless, stupid and generally not a good person.

Phraseology and personal scale of values

All this is true, but such reasoning ison certain assumptions. Sometimes a king is remembered when one person does not meet the expectations of the other. For example, there is a music teacher or a teacher at a conservatory. He brought up a very worthy and masterful student, and instead of composing music according to classical patterns, he moved into rockers. Of course, the mentor will assume that the student is mad, and he does not have all the houses. In other words, he is without a king in his head. The meaning of phraseology, as can be seen, can vary depending on the situation.

The expression "mind ward" as an antonym

without a king in his head the meaning of phraseology antonym

If we stay in the monarchical spacesubject, then in the mind there is such an antonym to the phraseology "without a king in my head". Imagine, in what apartments lived Russian and foreign kings, and you immediately everything will become clear. So they say about a very clever person.

Also do not forget that the author of the majoritystable expressions - this is the people (his oral creativity). Of course, there was originally a hero who experienced a sudden insight and composed such a thing, but his name was forgotten and worn out. Yes, craftsmen go to eternity, and their creations remain, for example the expression "without a king in my head" (the meaning of phraseology was considered a little earlier).

Should I take offense at such a characteristic?

Be upset about the words spoken by someone,generally not very clever. Well, think, someone does not value a person too highly. Now it is very often. Answering the question, let's say: you should not take offense, for you never know why a person says something. Let's consider an example.

without a king in the head the meaning of phraseology in one word

There is a boy. He grows, develops, and suddenly he decided to become a philologist. And all his relatives do not really like books and do not understand why they are needed at all. From their point of view, reading dusty or not dusty folios is a waste of time, that's the way to make money - that's right.

In other words, there is a conflict of interest,values, ways of life. How will the relatives characterize the behavior of the boy? Of course, for them he will be "without a king in his head." The meaning of phraseology in one word - "stupid", "stupid".

But since the opinion of man is almost alwayssubjectively, for such a formulation, anything can be hidden. Often this is a simple human misunderstanding of another way of life, other values ​​and interests.

It is easy to resist this, the best thing is not paying attention. Go your own way and do not look around.

By the way, it is necessary, perhaps, another story. When a person who has a penchant for rough physical labor or sport gets out of the "scribes" environment, moreover, he receives unseemly pleasure from the loads. The recipe for relatives in both cases is one - let go.

We examined the expression "without a king in my head"the meaning of phraseology, antonym and origin, as well as some features of human evaluations and relationships expressed verbally. We hope that the reader is not disappointed with our work.

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