What is a birch bark?

Most of the population of Russia in the nineteenthcentury lived in the villages. People themselves were engaged in the manufacture of tools and household items. What they could not fabricate themselves, acquired or exchanged at fairs. Birch products, including tueski, were very popular. Read about them in the article.

Historical reference

Man always strives for originality. And folk craftsmen who found attractive material for themselves - birch bark. From it they did before, they do it even now. What is tuesok? It is a cylindrical vessel for storing food and drink. Fishing successfully developed, the secrets of mastery were passed from mouth to mouth.

What is Tuesok

But here began the migration of people to the cities. Many peasants are forcibly relocated to larger villages. This leads to a change in many aspects of human life, and it is not just a worldview. Changed habitual habitat, life.

What happens to birch bark utensils? What is tuesok, for example? Products from the once popular material began to be made much less. The matter is that for employment by craft certain conditions which in a city were not necessary are necessary. Another reason is the availability and cheapness of household items from more modern materials. But centuries-old traditions on the manufacture of birch bark products people inherited, preserving them to our days.

Birch bark processing

This process becomes known in the eighteenthcentury. Although it can be assumed that this refers to the time when a man made an ax and began to use it. So what is a tuesok and what is needed for this? A stone tool of labor could be cut down the right tree, then cut it into pieces and remove the workpiece, which is called a tues or a scotch - a birch bark cylinder. Remove it from the birch it should be carefully, so as not to tear and damage the bark of the tree itself.

What is the Toxian Definition

The birch bark begins to billet from the end of May. At this time, the birch is oversaturated with juice, as a result of which the birch bark easily lags behind the bark, and the tree will not suffer. Processing is best done immediately after harvesting. This is necessary in order to remove moisture in a timely manner, otherwise the birch bark may become moldy.

Then the collected raw materials are prepared for storage. With every layer removed all the excess, the surface should be perfectly flat, otherwise deformation may occur. For storage, the sheets are stacked in pairs, with a white side to each other. Above is put a load. A few days later the stack is shifted again. If there is no mold, then birch bark can be stored for years.

What is tuesok?

The definition is given in the dictionary: this is a birch bark box, usually of a circular shape. In appearance, the tongue resembles a cylindrical container with a lid made without glue with a birch bark or wooden handle. Donets are inserted very tightly so that the liquid does not leak.

In the manufacture of a turkey, an inoculum turns outOutwards, therefore, belts are formed on the bottom and top. Under them a pine root is inserted to give strength to the tuja. Locks from birch bark or pine root are used to fasten the outer layer. When the tuesok is fully assembled, a pattern is applied. This is done manually using special tools - stamps.

The proportions of the turkey are unchanged for centuries. This can be explained as follows: in fact, at all times, every master for his work chooses a birch with a certain thickness, strength of birch bark, height, diameter of the vessel.

What is Tuesok Photo

So, if the chop is thin, its diameter is large,but the height of a small, durable, high-quality turkey is not made. Conversely, if the coffin is thick, strong, but its diameter is small, and the height is large, nothing will work either. Apparently, the standards of nature can not escape.


What is Tuesok, the photo of which you see,known to all. But for what it is needed, it is not clear to everyone. Let's figure it out. Since the inside of the tongue is one-piece, without seams and locks, it does not leak liquid. It can store honey, mors or some other drink.

What is a berry tuesok

What is tuesok? It is a small box in which salt, sugar, cereals, dried herbs, tea, bay leaf and many others have been stored for a long time. So, for example, milk, sour cream, cottage cheese were stored for a long time, did not sour and did not bitter. Our contemporaries, if they have tueski in the household, do the same. Products made of birch bark are easy to process, it is sufficient to rinse well inside the water.

What is tuesok? Berries in it can be collected a lot and not one to knead on the way home. If the overripe berry leaves juice, it's okay, it will not leak out. With a fire go to the forest for mushrooms, and then in it they are also salted.

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