National Research University MIET: faculties and specialties

One of the leading institutions of Russia is MIET. The faculties of this university are educational and scientific departments that annually produce specialists in the field of electronics. The history, structure and conditions of admission and training in the institute is the subject of this article.

myet faculty

It is worth saying that the composition of the training units in the university is regularly updated. Not only representatives of technical specialties are preparing faculties of MIET.

Zelenograd is a satellite of Moscow. But from the capital, it is located in thirty-six kilometers. Many high school students living in this city, strive to get education in this institution. However, applicants from other districts of Moscow submit documents every year to MIET.

Faculty of Design, Foreign Languages ​​and othersnew departments of the university attract graduates of schools in Moscow and the Moscow region. Undoubtedly, wishing to obtain a diploma of an interpreter, one should choose institutions with a longer training practice. That is, universities that specialize in the production of linguists. However, the faculty of foreign languages ​​at MIET gives an opportunity to obtain an additional specialty, which in the future will allow combining professional knowledge and language skills.


In the second half of the 20th century thethe electronic industry has received a new impulse in development. Highly qualified specialists were required. In order to provide them with a rapidly developing industry, MIET was founded and founded.

The faculties trained students withthe application of progressive teaching methods. Fundamental training was combined with production practice, most teachers took part in scientific research. New manuals, textbooks and programs were created in a short time.

Technical University

Already in the seventies one of the prestigious universitiesbecame MIET. The faculties of this particular institute were trained by the best specialists in the field of microelectronics. And since 1992 MIET has received the status of a technical university.

Over the years, the university has produced more than twenty-five thousand specialists. In recent years, six new educational programs have been used in the educational process:

  1. "Nanotechnology in electronics."
  2. "Telecommunications".
  3. "Quality control".
  4. "Design".
  5. Translation and Translation Studies.
  6. "Secure communication systems."

Students of the university have the opportunity to get a prestigious profession, and in the future also a highly paid job. Today MIET offers more than forty educational programs.

faculty of myet zelenograd


Training units in this technicaluniversity thirteen. The largest of them is the MPiTK. More than a thousand students study at the Faculty of Microdevices. To train specialists in the development of the elemental base of microelectronics, the Faculty of E-Commerce (Electronic and Computer Technology) was founded. In 2008, MIET established a training military center. Other areas of the university:

  • electronic technologies, materials and equipment;
  • economy;
  • applied information technologies;
  • foreign languages;
  • design.

In addition, the evening faculty and college operate in MIET (Zelenograd).

Faculties, specialties

Technospheric safetyITS
Radio engineeringMPiTK
Applied MathematicsMPiTK
Microsystem TechnologyPOS
Electronics and microelectronicsPOS
Quality controlPOS
Automation and ControlPOS
Electronics and microelectronicsETEM

The above are subdivisions that train specialists and bachelors of technical directions. But linguists, as already mentioned, also produces MIET.

Faculties and specialties of the humanitarian direction can be seen below.



Translation and Translation StudiesForeign language

It is worth saying a few words about the training programs that not so long ago appeared in MIET

Faculty of Design

Artistic and project disciplines are notthe educational program at this faculty is limited. The work of specialists in the field of design implies the use of various computer technologies. MIET students master almost all software products with which artists, printers and designers work today. An applicant who wants to get a prestigious profession of a designer should consider the conditions of admission to MIET.

Faculty of design, reviews about whichmostly positive, since 2005 provides an opportunity for its students to practice in the most picturesque cities of the country. Among them - Valdai, Suzdal, Vyshny Volochek and others.

In order to enter the design department, it is necessary to pass the exam successfully on the literature and the Russian language.

Specialists in the field of management today are extremely in demand. Of course, the training under the "Project Management" program is also implemented in MIET.

Meiets faculty of design

Faculty of Economics

Many young people today are dreaming of gettingA prestigious job as a marketing manager or an investment economist. What is required for this? First of all, enter the economics department of a state university with a good reputation. One such is MIET.

Faculties and specialties have already been presentedhigher. However, there is no IEEP in the table. About this faculty should provide more detailed information. After all, representatives of the most demanded and prestigious professions are trained here.

The main disciplines that are included in the training program:

  • theory of management;
  • enterprise economy
  • bases of business;
  • macroeconomics;
  • financial management;
  • accounting and analysis;
  • marketing;
  • office technology.

Graduates of the undergraduate have the opportunityfind a job in the role of manager for logistics, sales, advertising and so on. Similar posts not only have sonorous names, but also brings a decent income. Mathematics, the Russian language and social studies are subjects, the results of which are transferred to the USE, are decisive upon admission.

It should be said that with general educationschools MIET (Zelenograd) cooperates quite closely. The faculties, specialties and other information about the university is known to the parents of prospective students several years before the admission. As, however, and the conditions of admission. In thirteen schools in Zelenograd profile classes operate. Preparatory courses work at the university. This is not surprising, since the university, referred to in this article, is the most popular institution in Zelenograd.

MIET, whose faculties train specialistspredominantly of a technical direction, includes a subdivision in which future linguists are trained. This specialty can be obtained at the Faculty of Foreign Languages. It was founded in 1999. More than sixteen years of training specialists in the field of "Linguistics and intercultural communication MIET.

Meiets faculties and specialties

Faculty of Foreign Languages

The structure of the unit includes:

  • Department of Foreign Languages;
  • Department of Translators;
  • foreign language School.

In addition to standard disciplines, according to which studentspass exams and tests in faculties of foreign languages ​​in other universities, the curriculum includes "Information technology in linguistics". On the budget, the entrant has the opportunity to enroll after the successful passing of the USE on the Russian language and social studies.

 Miet faculty of design reviews

Applied Informatics

This specialty can be obtained at the faculty,which exists since 2007. The Faculty of Applied Information Technologies also prepares specialists in the field of "Quality Management". The first graduates of bachelors took place in 2012. At the same time, the Master's program was opened.

What other information can be useful?applicants and their parents who are interested in the condition of admission and training in a well-known university, such as the Zelenograd Institute of MIET? The faculties provide the educational process not only in different directions, but also provide an opportunity to receive a diploma without interruption from work. As you know, employers are not interested in what form the specialist studied. The decisive role in job placement is played by the level of knowledge that the applicant for a vacant position has. The opportunity to combine study with work is another reason why so many applicants submit documents every year to MIET.

Evening Faculty

Training in full-time correspondence is conducted threeOnce a week: on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The university gives the opportunity to each of its graduates not only to get a second higher education, but even to receive a second one in parallel with the first one.

At evening faculty training is conducted in the following directions:

  1. Informatics and computer technology.
  2. Management.

Conditions for admission to MIET

Faculties Passing score
Information Technology218
Biotechnical systems201
Computer science220
Information Security254

In the table above, some MIET faculties and a passing grade of 2016 are indicated.

Faculty of Electronics

This training unit is one of thethe oldest in the university. There are four departments at the faculty. Preparation of students is carried out in such areas as "Biotechnical Systems", "Informatics" "Electronics". Among the faculty members there are three corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences and two academicians. Students are practicing in the leading scientific centers of the country.

Distance learning

In 1996 the faculty was founded, the training programwhich allows higher education for all citizens of Russia. In addition, in some cities, namely Togliatti, Sterlitamak, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, regional MIET centers operate. Graduates of distance learning have the opportunity, after obtaining a diploma, to work in the field of design, software development. Admission is carried out in the following areas:

  1. "Software Engineering".
  2. "Applied Informatics".
  3. "Management".

Documents future students apply for the wholeschool year. The beginning of the semester is the first day of the month. After enrolling the student provide a CD-ROM and other educational materials, including the current semester program. The benefits are supplemented with special tests to prepare for tests and exams.

Distance learning has a number of advantages. These include the ability to create an individual training plan. The session is held every six months. But while studying at the distance department, a student can also apply for a more flexible organization of passing exams and exams. Diploma semester consists of production practice and performance of qualification work.

 faculty of economics


Faculty of MIET (Zelenograd) produceprofessionals in various fields Accordingly, and the cost of training is different. The entrant, who was not able to enroll on a budgetary basis, has the opportunity to make an attempt to become a student of one of the best universities in Russia and next year. Or conclude a contract for paid training. If, of course, when passing the USE, he scored the required number of points.

Specialty Tuition fee per year in rubles
Biotechnical systems


Computer science




Information Security177000

Student feedback

The university is quite activesocial activity. The competition, various conferences, KVN and other components of this student life, are held at MIET regularly. As for the educational process, according to the students' feedback, it allows to develop practically in any direction. This is facilitated by, first of all, a number of laboratories, which are based on the program of the university. Reviews about teachers, except in rare cases, are also positive.

Non-resident students do not like, as a rule, the conditions of living in a hostel.

The campus is located on the squareYouth, that is, in the center of the city. On its territory there is a library, a dining room, guest rooms for parents, gyms. For adherents of a sports way of life in a campus all conditions are created. There are sections of weightlifting, and martial arts, and table tennis. In addition, there are dance studios.

myet GREENGRAD faculty specialty technospheric security

About the hostel students respond, however,unflattering. Premises need repair, are not cleaned very carefully. However, in Russia there are not so many student hostels, the level of residence of which could be called excellent. In addition, positive feedback about the teaching staff and student life in MIET is much more than negative.

Based on the foregoing,total. Pupils of the senior classes living in Zelenograd or Solnechnogorsk district of the Moscow region, and wishing to receive a prestigious technical specialty, it is necessary to pay attention first of all to this high school.

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