Conspiracy is ... What kind of art? His rules, principles, examples

Let's reflect on the topic: "Conspiracy is .."Asking such a question, serious and covered with all sorts of secrets, the first thing you remember is the stories of Arthur Conan Doyle about the famous London detective, all this, of course, is far from what you want to write and tell, but somewhere and it echoes.

Conspiracy as it is

Different dictionaries treat this concept in its own way, butin general, the meaning is reduced to one. Conspiracy is a kind of a small adventure, a secret design, which is aimed at encrypting traces, actions, thoughts, tasks in achieving the set goal.

This concept can be regarded asnegative, and from a positive point of view. In the first variant, such terms as perfidy, conspiracy, deception, and trick become synonymous with it. In the second - a scheme, game, intrigue, practice. In any case, conspiracy is any concealment, secret, secret.

conspiracy is

The very word "conspiracy" has become known to us yetin the time of Peter I. And in translation from Latin means "secret agreement, conspiracy." In those days it was used quite often for the purpose of secretly combining against something, someone.

Complete secrecy is more likely to bestate level and internationally, as it requires a special kind of security. In this regard, it is necessary to take care indeed of the complete concealment of their tracks. The main task is not to be discovered under any circumstances. This concept is connected, of course, with tremendous responsibility, as well as irreproachable preparation and excellent human abilities.

Conspiracy lessons

The rules have not been canceled yet, and in terms of conspiracy they exist in every word, in every gesture. The professional of his business will never allow himself to violate several postulates:

1. Before he does something, he will think well. There are no mistakes in his sphere, therefore the real professional of his business will follow the saying "measure seven times, cut once", but at the same time it will act clearly and without delay.

2. To keep track of everything that is happening around, not to lose sight of anything, including the slightest details, even to pay special attention to them.

3. No alcohol. He must constantly be aware of what he is doing, be in a sober mind and bright memory. And only in exceptional cases, if the situation so requires, can sip, but not more.

4. Clearly observe what is happening in close people. Unfortunately, they can become those who instantly surrender or substitute themselves without realizing it. Therefore, everyone needs an eye and an eye.

5. Hide your weaknesses. As a rule, such are children, relatives and relatives. Therefore, all personal data is best closed, and more correctly - to change and not to be confused. Access to personal information should not be ruled out altogether, this leads to suspicion, but it should be minimal.

total conspiracy

The rules of conspiracy on this are not limited, of course. Here are listed the most basic, but not unimportant.

Principles of conspiracy

As in any field of activity, this one alsothere are principles of work. But the very concept of conspiracy can be considered as an independent principle of action. For example, the activity of any special service is directly connected with the secret. This is a fundamental postulate in their practice.

At the same time, the actions of such serious systemsare impossible without strict rules, therefore in their work they are guided by some rigid norms on which the entire system of interaction is built from the very moment of its origin. One of these principles - to change in your appearance you need as little as possible, but with the mind, so as not to pay attention to yourself. For example, a person strongly clumsy. In this case, he changes his gait by pounding pebbles in his shoes. Or, for the purpose of distracting the appearance of a specialist, some special features can be given that attract attention to themselves: a scar, an ugly wart, etc. That is, an ordinary passer-by will first notice this aspect of appearance, which will distract him. And the goal is achieved.

Despite the seriousness of the topic under discussion,conspirators are not deprived of a sense of humor, and it often saves them in different situations, and also allows to remain professionals. The most famous of the statements of such specialists are the following: "The chatterbox is a find for a spy"; "Two will always be able to keep a secret if one of them is dead."

rules of conspiracy

Conspiracy and personal life

It would seem that completely disparate things, andif you think about it? Exactly. Conspiracy is a multifaceted concept. It can be attributed to both state affairs and intelligence of the highest rank, and to the notorious household level.

Are you sure that at least one of youthe concept of secrecy in their daily lives, and more than once. Even a trifling lie, when it is necessary to hide some fact in order to present a surprise later, requires a bit of conspiracy.

Of course, not everything is so cloudless. Sometimes people resort to this method in order to cover their sins. It's sad, but the fact takes place, and this should not be forgotten.

Conspiratively and in the matter

About art works that come to mind, when you reflect on the topic of conspiracy, still you want to mention.

So, the children's animation story"The investigation is led by koloboks." Surely the generation of the 80's with a sweet smile will remember every series of this wonderful cartoon. How interesting it was to watch the funny, chubby heroes, debugged by incredible crimes!

Or you can remember the classics of all times andpeoples, instructive stories about the famous Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. These well-known trackers still amaze us today with their ingenuity, ingenuity and the ability to think outside the box. The incomparable logic of the respected Holmes evokes only a feeling of boundless respect and admiration. It's interesting not only to watch the detectives, but also to participate with them in solving each task, because you want or you do not want to, and the plot of fascinating stories draws, and not in jest.

principles of conspiracy

Without a share of humor in this topic, too, was not done. The beauties of Daphne and Josephine (Joe and Jerry) in the American film "In Jazz Only Girls" or the popular Dustin Hoffman in "Tootsie", as well as the delightful actor Alexander Kalyagin in the eccentric comedy "Hello, I'm Your Aunt!" - than you are not examples conspiracy? The female image, perhaps, gives an opportunity to realize the most sophisticated kind of adventure game-intrigue.

And how could we forget about the famous Stirlitz? A Scout of all times and peoples, a person unique and unrivaled! The film "Seventeen Moments of Spring" is perhaps the best example, showing how a person can excellently cope with his duties in the most extreme circumstances and conditions, professionally and skilfully using all the skills of conspiracy. Vyacheslav Tikhonov, the actor who played the main role, flawlessly played the Russian intelligence officer and showed how the concept of conspiracy can work for the good of the motherland.

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