What is metagram? History, types, examples of the game

Logical board games, charades - useful fortraining logic, memory, quick thinking means that will be relevant at all times. In this article, we'll talk about one of the popular and accessible such puzzle-tasks - metagram.

What is metagram?

The word "metagram" comes from the Greek. meta - "between", gramma - "letter". This is one of the varieties of the charade - you need to solve the word on the clues in the puzzle. Most often for this purpose, another word is ready or implied, in which one or more letters must be replaced in order to obtain the desired one. Otherwise, by changing the letters, you need to convert one word to another, using only the number of steps specified by the author.

what is a metagraph

In the charade-metagram you can play as one, soand in the company. Each player is given a piece of paper with the same metagrams for all. Who is faster than the others and at the same time correctly transforms one word into another by a verbal chain, he won in this game.

The appearance of a metagraph

What the metagram is, the world has learned 29.03.1879 year. The first such charade was published in an English publication titled "Vanity Fair." Its author was none other than Lewis Carroll, a writer, a logician and a mathematician. And the creator of the legendary "Alice in Wonderland" and "Alice in the Looking Glass".

History of the charade in Russia

It is for certain unknown when the first metagrams appeared to the words in the Russian press. A lot of such puzzles belong to the following domestic creators: E. Efimovsky, R. Verdin, O. Stepanov.

 metaograms of charade

In his work as an artisticreception uses metacrams Elena Katsyuba. "Elemental mutations," as she calls them, can be found in such works as the poem "Dump" (1985), the cycle "Games paradise", published in 2003. It is interesting to observe how the author's pen metamorphoses turning darkness into light, an elephant into a fly, and his face to face.

Having analyzed what a meta-gram is, let's go directly to the types of these fascinating riddles.


Metagrams of this type are riddles inverse form, in its majority - quatrains. Usually two words are suggested, which are different in one letter - the task indicates which one. Such metagrams with answers are usually set.

metagramma mba tar

Let's give some examples:

With the letter "3" the word glitters,
In the bins of the bank sits.
From "B" there will be a rotten place,
Where zemeltsa - well, like a dough!

The answer is here gold and swamp.

The next riddle:

With the letter "T"
Spring is a month,
But with the "C" -
Red Planet.

Here we are talking about March and Mars.

The task is more complicated:

With a deaf consonant
I'm seeing in the field.
But with sonorous -
The link is in the open.

Here the answer will be the words "ear" and "voice".

Finally, we will present a metagram, where not two, but three words were asked:

With "G" I will become part of the word,
With "I" I will be similar to the layer,
With "N" - not a bull and not a cow,
Let the legs and tail.

The answer is: syllable, layer, elephant.

What is a mystery metagram, you and I are now more than understandable. Let's move on to the charades of another, no less interesting, type - it was they who were first introduced to the public by Lewis Carroll.

Metagram games

What is a metagram-game? In other words, this charade can be called a chain of words. The player is given a sheet with two words - usually these are antagonistic concepts, consisting of an equal number of letters. The participant of the game should take several steps, changing only one letter, get the final word from the initial word.

In this case, intermediate words should differbetween each other by just one letter and be equal in number of characters to the data. And, of course, they must exist in Russian. The metagram "ж м мба тар" will not be counted in the right way. The winner is the player who is faster than the rest, using the very minimum of transformations, forms the final word from the initial word.

metagrams with answers

We also give examples of such problems. For example, we were asked to turn a whale into a catfish. The correct chain will be: the whale - cat - com.

A popular, but more complex option is the conversion of a goat into a wolf and vice versa. Transformation can be done in just four steps. See: wolf - regiment - floor - pose - goat.

Now a fairly complex meta-gramme-the conversion of speech into toast. We go the following way: speech - flow - shadow - awning - test - a toast.

Record on the conversion of a fly into an elephant

A very interesting meta-gramme is the question "How to make"It is understood that this should be obtained by the same replacement of one symbol in four-letter words.The record for unraveling this charade was established in 1992 by Sergei Melnikov.This person without the help of computer technology in 11 stages made an extraordinary transformation:

  • fly;
  • mura;
  • tour;
  • container;
  • couple;
  • a park;
  • paut;
  • a rogue;
  • raft;
  • slot;
  • elephant.

However, Sergei lost to the artificial mind - the computer was able to go this way in just 9 steps. The following algorithm was used:

  • elephant;
  • clone;
  • clan;
  • koan;
  • corn;
  • bark;
  • handicap;
  • wagon;
  • mura;
  • fly.

metagram to word

In 2011, a new record was set for the already livingman - the record-holder needed only eight steps to turn a power elephant into an importunate insect. However, the author does not deny that when solving a puzzle he resorted to the help of search engines to find suitable words. His chain of transformations came out this way:

  • elephant;
  • clone;
  • clot;
  • kiot;
  • kilt;
  • keel;
  • kula;
  • the mule;
  • fly.

What is metagram? A great way to train your wit, the ability to build logical chains. In addition, with their help, you can significantly expand your vocabulary. Such a game will be interesting not only to children, but also to adults - some tasks can hardly be solved even by a fully erudite person.

Of course, in our age of search engines to pick up a word that does not come to mind can easily be done with the help of a gadget, but it is much more pleasant to solve such charades on its own.

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