Branch of USTU in October: faculties, specialties

More than sixty years ago, history beganthis branch of UGNTU. Oktyabrsky at that time was just beginning to grow and flourish thanks to the discovery and development of Tuymazinskoye oil, a unique deposit that served the entire Republic of Bashkortostan as a powerful impetus to social and economic development. Then in October was opened only evening department of the oil institute of Ufa.

the corner of October

Branch UGNTU in October. History

Then on Devonian oil all theVolga-Urals region, and the epicenter of this whole movement was the town of Oktyabrsky. UGNTU at that time was an institution of success. But too intensive development of the oil industry in this region required much more highly skilled specialists. Engineers were needed immediately and directly on the spot, that is, preferably - without disruption of production needs.

That is why in 1956, and formedevening department, which in time became prosperous, and one of the strongest branches of the UGNTU. Oktyabrsky apprehended the emergence of a new university on its territory with great enthusiasm, and already in 1962 the strongest issue of the oil institute appeared here, as the voluminous theory was backed up by practical work. Such an alloy made the first graduates the most prominent people in the industry, and their official growth was rapid.

A separate faculty

In 1965, one evening department was notbut the way was long and gradual: before the Oktyabrsky branch appeared in the UGNTU, a lot of various small units were created. At first it was an evening department, where engineers-mechanics were preparing. A year later - already full-time, and after the second year students were trained in Ufa, and not in their native city October.

The UGNTU was still an institute, that is, it did not receivethe status of the university, but the oil industry specialists have always been excellent. In 1970, the October Department became a general technical faculty, and students no longer left their native city. Only in 1983 the Oktyabrsky branch was formed. UGNTU still remained an institute until 1993, another ten years. And in 1995, the state certification was passed, after which a baccalaureate with a specialty in oil and gas business appeared in Oktyabrsky.

October Branch Office


More than seven thousand wonderful specialistsprepared in the city of Oktyabrsky faculties of the UGNTU. All graduates received a very wide profile of professional training and now form the foundation of the personnel corps in the fuel and energy complex and in many other spheres of the oil industry not only in Russia but also in the near and far abroad.

Very many graduates of the UGNTU branch in Oktyabrsky is run by the largest associations and companies, they work in scientific research institutes, in the structures of state power. A lot of them are candidates and doctors of science, there are also academicians. Many are awarded high ranks, awarded with medals for valorous work and orders for labor exploits. And they all thank the October Branch of the UGNTU for their knowledge.


Now this powerful scientific and methodical,educational and intellectual unit, the center of not only material but also spiritual culture of the west of Bashkortostan. At the NPMO department, where machines and equipment for oil and gas fields are being studied, which has already begun to train its specialists in the second half of the 1960s, future mechanics are studying. Here, excellent equipment, developed methods, and laboratories equipped.

More than four thousand high-class specialistswork in the oil industry after training at this department. These are well-known people - managers of production, administrative workers, scientists, such as F.Kh. Mukhametshin, S.B. Kupavykh, N.Kh. Gabdrakhmanov, M.M. Akhtyamov and many others. The contingent of students at the department is constantly increasing, including foreign students being trained there.

faculty of the October faculty

Scientific work

At the department of NPMO more than three hundred scientificworks and received more than one hundred author's certificates. All this was done on a basic practical basis. For example, elements of drilling rigs, tools for borehole operations, turbodrills, deep plunger and screw pumping units and much more for impact on the reservoir.

Now the Department of NPMO is preparing andgraduate students. All the conditions have been created: there is enough research and training laboratories, only original installations in laboratories of more than twenty. Much has been done for the branch in the Oktyabrsky branch of the UGNTU. The admissions committee notes a great interest among entrants to these professions. Many of them prefer to study in absentia, without interruption from production.


The educational process and its organization provides forinseparable relationship of the student with production activities, and therefore his creative and intellectual abilities develop more fully, which literally immediately begins to affect the results of labor. There is a correspondence department at the Oktyabrsky branch of the USTU, it existed even when the university was at the Ufa Oil Institute.

Now students come here from the mostdifferent regions of Russia - not only from the Republic of Bashkortostan. There are Dagestanis, Mari, many applicants come from neighboring Tatarstan every year. Even from Yakutia they enter Oktyabrsky University. The Admissions Committee examines the documents of applicants from neighboring regions - Kurgan, Volgograd, Orenburg, and also from Perm and Sakhalin. Even from Latvia, Belarus there are students, and very much from Kazakhstan.

branch office in October

Mining and Oil Faculty

At the department of the RRGMM, bachelors are trained inthe direction of oil and gas business and the profiles "Drilling gas and oil wells" and "Maintenance and operation of oil production facilities." Teaching here fourteen associate professors and ten professors of twenty-six teachers - just a stellar chair! Complexly specialized audiences and laboratories are equipped with the newest and up-to-date equipment, instruments and full-scale samples.

Students master the latest technologyoil production, the skills of hydrodynamic and geological modeling of field development and learn to carry out geophysical control of developments. Widely used information technology, the Internet, multimedia, applications. Virtual laboratory work is carried out.

Future oil workers

Many applicants dream to get on the listincoming UGNTU (October). Even just a list of the names of the laboratories of this department sounds to them, like poetry. By the way, all laboratories for the past few years have been modernized once again. Here, students study the technology of oil production, preparation of borehole products, technological fundamentals of drilling, physics of gas and oil reservoir, field geophysics and geology, drilling and well workovers. With great enthusiasm students are engaged in the computer center.

Skills of the future profession they are armed withspecial training courses for operators, driller assistants, and in practice - production and training, which they are pleased to provide Rosneft, Lukoil, OAO Tatneft, PJSC ANK Bashneft and many other equally well-known companies . The department carries out a huge research work. Over the past five years, more than one hundred and fifty scientific articles have been published in the Higher Attestation Commission, ten monographs have been published, and more than twenty teaching aids have been introduced.

backstage october branch

Five Disciplines in One Vial

At the ITMN department, informationtechnology, mathematics and natural sciences, that is, electrical engineering, chemistry, informatics, physics, mathematics are priority. This is a very modern combination, the specialists of this trend are able to meet all the pressing needs of our time. In any case, while this department does not just justify its existence, the educational process is considered the most perfect among all the departments of the UGNTU (October). Correspondence department, for example, can not boast such a large number of classes in so well-equipped laboratories as are available at the department of ITMEN.

Despite the special proximity to technologymodernity, there is a traditional historical basis for training engineers, the same "Russian method" is preserved. At the department all teachers constantly learn new things, improve their qualifications, master new methods. Here they can make control and measuring materials, remotely train and evaluate students' knowledge of the rating system. Throughout its activity, the department of ITME was recognized as the leader in the introduction of the most modern technologies of education in the educational process.

october october correspondence course


This department studies mechanics and technologymachine building. And this requires knowledge of such general disciplines as engineering graphics, technical measurements, materials science, metrology, certification and standardization, material resistance, theoretical mechanics, hydraulics, design principles and much, much more.

At the department there is a very active scientificactivity, which is aimed both at improving the quality of the educational process, and at training the staff of the highest qualification. Therefore, student research and development is given special significance. Students actively participate in various scientific conferences, are always successful in subject Olympiads in the following disciplines: material resistance, theoretical mechanics, descriptive geometry, hydraulics. More than once were awarded among the best on the All-Russian Internet Olympiads on theoretical mechanics and on the resistance of materials.


Here we study humanitarian andsocial and economic sciences. The foundation of this department was the separation of social sciences - social studies, foreign languages ​​and physical education. Now this is a very complex structure, uniting history, culture studies, Russian language, philosophy, political science, economics, management fundamentals, foreign languages ​​and physical culture.

The main task of the teachers of the department -to form specialists worthy of being called representatives of the technical intelligentsia, who take an active position in worldviews, are patriots of their native country, are humanely treated of nature and people. Russian society is now experiencing a difficult stage of its development, and this task of teaching staff is all the more complicated, but the department is managing. This can be attested to by graduates, who are present in state management structures and public divisions.

October Branch Branch Admission Committee


With the advent of the sports and recreation complex- the pride of the Oktyabrsky branch of the UGNTU, the work of the GSEN department became much more interesting. Because the complex is perfectly equipped with gyms, tennis, weightlifting, chess, billiard, shaping hall. There are two rehabilitation centers, and in them - saunas, swimming pools, psychological relief rooms, as well as a gym for mini-football, volleyball, tennis. There is an open stadium.

As a result, the sports activity of the branchwidely attracts both employees and students not only to participate in sports, but also to participate in competitions. At the moment, the Oktyabrsky branch of the UGNTU is the permanent leader of the city Olympics, its students take prizes in swimming, volleyball, football, basketball, cross-country skiing, weightlifting, track and field athletics.


The Oktyabrsky branch of UGNTU provides allwho need a hostel, where you can qualitatively prepare for seminars and exams and comfortably relax, there is everything you need for this. In the educational building there is a dining room with a good assortment of dishes, the food is almost like a home. The tenant is LLC "My Family". In addition, there is a buffet in the hostel, where hot food is also served.

On the first floor of the hostel there is a medicalThe office where students, employees and teachers address in case of a malaise. On duty at the clinic, medical sisters from City Hospital No. 1. In the first educational building there is a library with an extensive literature fund and a reading room for sixty seats.

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