Semenovsky Regiment in Moscow

Shooting Semenovskiy regiment ... Legendary militarypart of the Russian Imperial Army, formed in early 1691 in the village of Semenovsky near Moscow. At first it was called amusing. The Semenov regiment owes its name to the emperor Peter the Great, who created it for battle games. History has almost no knowledge of the original structure of this unit. It is known only that the number of "amusing" did not exceed fifty, and because of the lack of premises in Preobrazhensky this part was transferred to the village of the same name, where it was renamed. And since 1700 this unit was called the Life Guards Semenovsky Regiment.

Semenovsky regiment in h 75384

The First Battle

In November 1700, the Russian Guard, in whichincluded the Preobrazhensky and Semenovsky Regiment, under Narva in the unsuccessfully established for the Russian battle with the Swedes defended themselves steadfastly and could by miracle avoid defeat. Estimating their valor, the Swedish king agreed to keep the soldiers of both regiments their weapons. The Russians crossed the crossing with a drumbeat and with loose banners.

For courage and in memory of the fact that in the battle forThey were knee-deep in the blood, the Semenov regiment began to wear red stockings. In this battle, seventeen officers were killed, including the commander - Lieutenant Colonel Kuningam, as well as four and a half hundred lower ranks.

The Battle of Poltava and the Patriotic War

In 1702, the Semenov regiment sent to the stormNoteburg is a small detachment. After thirteen hours of fighting, the impregnable fortress was taken. All participants were awarded silver medals, and the commander of the detachment, Lieutenant Colonel Golitsin - rank of colonel of the Guard. Six years later, in September 1708, as part of the corvolunteer Semenovsky regiment fought successfully in the battles of Lesnaya, and in June of the following year - in the Battle of Poltava.

During the war of 1812, the regiment was in reserve, but immediately after the capture of the French by the Batteries Raevsky was transferred to the center of Russian positions to repel attacks by the enemy's heavy cavalry.

Twentieth Century

Semenovsky regiment

At the beginning of the last century, he suppressedDecember uprising in Moscow. For this, the commander of the Semenovsky Ming Regiment was promoted to the generals and enlisted in the suite of Nicholas II. In the seventeenth year this military unit declared itself adherent to the new government, it was renamed the Third Petrograd Regiment of City Guard, bearing the name of Uritsky.

Semenovsky regiment, Moscow

On April 16, 2013, President Putinsigned a decree. In it, he recreated the Semenov regiment, giving him the name of the first separate rifle unit. As it was said in the message of the Kremlin, this decision was made with the aim of reviving historical traditions.

Combat tasks

 Semenov regiment address
Today Semenovsky regiment - military unit 75384 -is provided for the protection of the main headquarters of all types and branches of the Armed Forces located on the territory of Moscow, as well as all major departments of the Ministry of Defense and a number of other important facilities. The pride of the commander and the whole unit is his training battalion, which is located in Ramenskoye, Moscow Region. This educational unit began its history since May 1951, becoming in practice a link between today's "Semyonov" and their valiant predecessors.

From a security company

The very first of their predecessorsfunctional purpose - for the protection and defense of important military state facilities - the current Semenovsky regiment (military unit 75384) considers the Guard Company, created under the command of the commandant of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic. It happened on October 7, 1919, by the order of the RVSR No. 2102 on the approval of the staff of the Guard Company. It is this day that a separate Semenov regiment considers the birthday of its part to be.

And the sixteenth of July 1920 was exposedthe first guard, who, as part of eighteen people, rose to guard the RVSR building. In the same year, the Security Company under the administration of the RVSR was reorganized into a battalion of a double train. Along with performing its basic functions, the battalion fighters, succeeded by Semenovsky regiment 75384, were involved in the struggle against counter-revolutionaries.

On February 5, 1921, a detachment ofTwo hundred bayonets and eight machine guns took an active part in the annihilation of Antonov's gang, which was revolting, and in July of that year the Red Army soldiers guarded the Third Congress of the Comintern.

Honorary name

Shooting Semenovsky Regiment
By order of December 24, 1925, the battalion wasnamed "the first separate local rifle battalion". His personnel were used to accompany the departures of high command representatives to the front and to convoy state criminals.

In the structure of such a newly created unit,as the Semenovsky regiment (Moscow, military unit 75384), included rifle battalions of the 27th OMGB. Owning excellent drill training, Semenovtsi traditionally opened military parades on Red Square.

Banner of the Semenovsky regiment

On May 3 this year, the most importantevent: the awarding of the Battle Banner 75384 military unit. On this day, the Semenov regiment began counting its modern history. The staff was warmly congratulated by veterans and representatives of the clergy. And from that time the Semenov regiment (Moscow) gained its official symbol and its military relic. Semenovtsev and their "brothers in arms" visited the representatives of the 154th Preobrazhensky regiment, formed at the same time with Semyonovsky in the Petrine era. Surprise for many was the appearance of soldiers in the form of grenadiers of the Patriotic War of the twelfth year.

Separate Semenovsky regiment

Acceptance of the oath

On the twenty-eighth of June this year in military unit 75384there was a solemn military oath of the young recruiting, which arrived in the Semenov regiment. The soldiers showed an excellent bearing at the solemn event. Today's recruits during the coming year will be called upon to perform those specific tasks that confront the Semenov regiment.

New address

A little more than a year has passed since the moment whenThis legendary military unit was recreated. And more recently, it has finally acquired its permanent and, most importantly, its own premises. The barracks are now located in Moscow, in a military town. Semenovsky regiment, whose address is Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya street, 35, building one, today moved to the so-called "Chernyshevsky barracks". They were thoroughly repaired and prepared for commissioning by specialists of the State Institution of Special Construction of Russia for the Central Federal District.

Construction work here began in January2013. Major repairs were carried out not only to sleeping rooms, but also to households, as well as offices and all rooms that were intended for the storage of weapons or ammunition. At all the barracks objects, the facades were completely reconstructed, internal finishing works were completed, engineering systems were replaced, fire and security alarms were installed.

And today the place of deployment of the Semenovskiy regimentis fundamentally different from the conditions in which the first fighters and the commanders lived, when the guards divisions of elite tsarist troops transferred from Moscow to the Northern capital were nominated for the city beyond the Fontanka River. Hence the rather characteristic name of Zagorodny Prospekt, near which the military were quartered. Gradually Semenov began to occupy the main part between the current Moscow and Zvenigorod streets from the west and east, the Fontanka and Obvodny canal - from the south and north. There was also a parade regiment, which in history became known as the place where in 1849 the Petrashevites were executed.

Everyday routine

Banner of the Semenovsky regiment
1 separate rifle Semenovsky regiment (Moscow)lives a tense and very dynamic life. Designed for defense and protection of the objects of the central organs of the VU, namely the main staffs of the Armed Forces, which are located on the territory of the Russian capital, as well as the Central Department of the Ministry of Defense and some other equally important military facilities, it fulfills its mission with dignity.

Every day on duty one of theseveral battalions of military unit 75384, consisting of more than four hundred soldiers. They with the weapon in hands carry out the combat mission in thirty sentries. According to the statistics, almost every serviceman of the Semyonovsky regiment takes up an average of one hundred and more times a year.

Every day a special motor vehicle delivers guards and outfits to the objects intended for protection. It is estimated that cars pass through the streets of Moscow more than a thousand six hundred kilometers a day.

Semenovsky Regiment in Moscow

Daily ritual

Literally every day at exactly nine o'clock in the morningthe divorce of the guard is conducted, regardless of the weather, nor on holidays or weekends. People who are first present at divorce, this majestic and beautiful ritual impresses with its scale. On the large parade ground, five mouths of the infantry battalion are being built, led by their commanders. In addition to the soldiers, nineteen buses are parked along an even line, which are intended for transportation to duty stations.

After the obligatory report to the commander beginsverification of readiness, including the weapons and appearance of each soldier, as well as his knowledge of his duties, etc. After the heads of the incoming sentries are given passwords, all personnel accompanied by a military orchestra take a solemn march and are organized in their buses . Then the transport of the column and with a clearly kept distance passes through the parade ground to the accompaniment, and then goes on its routes.

Clarity of commands and absolute coherence of actionspersonnel just amazing. The simultaneous drill and chased stride of several hundred people is so synchronous that it seems that the soldiers have served together all their lives.

It is said that for many units forpreparation for this "parade" takes a lot of effort and time, but for Semenov, he is a familiar daily ritual, for which the residents of neighboring buildings and the local children who are constantly gathering on the other side of the fence with pleasure watch from their windows.


To an uninitiated person, at first glance,It seems that the service in Semenovskiy regiment of the capital is easy enough and pleasant. But those who have already passed or today are passing their military way, it is unlikely that such a statement will seem appropriate. Almost a third of its service personnel conducts in various guard rooms, not to mention the enormous responsibility that lies on the shoulders of the command. At the head of more than half the guards of the military unit are sergeants-conscripts.

Great importance in the regiment is attached to the preparation andthe education of personnel, the creation of the most comfortable conditions for him. All the elements of the daily routine, from lifting up to the lights out, as well as training sessions and training, are strictly carried out in accordance with the schedules, so that even a small malfunction does not complicate the functioning of such a large and complex military unit as military unit 75384, or Semenovsky regiment in Moscow is the successor of traditions.

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