Maria Ermak, wife of Evgeny Plushenko: biography, photo

Figure skating - one of the most spectacularSports, where the successes of Russians are undeniable. And figure skater Evgeni Plushenko, who started the way to climb Olympus in 1997, has been attracting attention to himself so far, becoming a truly media figure in the country. Of great interest is his personal life and, of course, Maria Ermak, wife of Plushenko from 2005 to 2008, who became the mother of his eldest son.

maria ermak

History of dating

There are different versions of their dating. One was told for the press by the titled athlete himself, the other by acquaintances.

  • In the spring of 2005, on his Maserati, the figure skater was drivingSt. Petersburg and noticed a pretty brunette driving a Audi convertible. Rushing to the chase, he met a student of St. Petersburg State University, who conquered his witchcraft beauty (one eye was green, and the second - brown) and its inaccessibility. And he was by that time a three-time world champion and an idol of the fanatics of the city on the Neva, not accustomed to female inattention.
  • His ex-girlfriend Ulyana Petrova, with whom hemet with 19 years, the version does not support, because Maria Ermak, photo of which can be seen in the article, she was familiar with the school. By an amazing coincidence, she was always at parties and events where the couple spent their time and did not hide any personal interest in Plushenko. The beginning of the rapprochement was laid by their meeting in the showroom, where Maria was with her father. The conversation about cars that began began to turn into an acquaintance, which ended with a break in the relationship between skater and Ulyana Petrova. After a short time, vacation with him spent already Maria Ermak.

maria ermak wife plushchenko

Biography, the year of birth of St. Petersburg beauty

The girl was born in 1986 in the family of the famousan entrepreneur who is one of the richest families in Petersburg. Father George Viktorovich has great authority in business circles. The owner of the mass of real estate and a network of St. Petersburg steam rooms, he once started with a simple bathhouse attendant. Mama Anna Petrovna did everything to give her daughter an excellent education. The girl studied in a private school, after which she entered the sociology department of the university.

The family lived near St. Petersburg in the famousthe town of Lysias Nos, which is considered a resort area. At its disposal is an elite cottage, an expensive car park for trips to the city. Maria Ermak could afford any hobby. At the time of her acquaintance with Plushenko, the girl released a number of compact discs, carried away by the vocals. Many considered her spoiled and rather arrogant, and in the fate of the titled figure skater she was also a razluchnitsey. Ulyana Petrova, who has a three-year relationship with the sports star, hides a grudge against a young woman.

Mariya ermak photo


Mom Evgenia Plushenko, Tatyana Vasilievna,the future daughter-in-law fell in love immediately. For the son it was important that the girl understood what figure skating meant for him. Maria went to his training in the sports complex "Jubilee", whenever possible accompanied to the tournaments. Even Evgeni Plushenko wanted to be loved and appreciated as a person. Maria Ermak lived in his apartment, took care of him, made friends with her mother and sister Elena. She showed herself an excellent mistress, than bribed Tatyana Vasilyevna. Happy Plushenko did not hesitate to make an offer.

The celebration took place on June 18, 2005. Even the governor of St. Petersburg, Valentina Matvienko, came to the Registry Office on the Promenade des Anglais. The wedding was staged in the Astoria restaurant, which barely contained relatives and numerous friends of the newlyweds. Beat on the happiness of crystal glasses, white pigeons were produced, the first kisses in the Summer Garden were imprinted on the camera. Registration of the marriage was immediately ranked to the main events of the year.

maria ermak biography


It's hard to say what went wrong, but already throughTwo months the couple realized they were hurrying with the marriage. Parents bought their daughter a three-room apartment in the center of St. Petersburg, but she did not bring happiness. Maria Ermak dreamed of fireworks of feelings, romance and attention from her husband, and he went head to head with preparations for the Olympics in Turin. Plushenko's financial affairs began to be run by the family friend Yermak, Yuri Gorokhovsky, but eventually he refused his services.

In the opinion of Plushenko's mother, who a year ago leftlife, the young wife began to avoid contact with Evgeny's relatives, to be jealous and make scandals. Somehow broke his phone, and during one of the quarrels promised to commit suicide. She hoped that the marriage would change everything: he would finish his sports career, step away from the fans and take care of the family business. But Plushenko had other plans. He dreamed of the gold of the Olympics, which by that time he did not have, and actively participated in various shows, bathing in the applause of the spectators. Everything could save Mary's pregnancy, but a month before the birth of the child on June 15, 2006, the figure skater actually left the family.

Scandalous divorce

Even before the divorce, the offended Maria Ermak recordedson on his maiden name. And it was done illegally, Plusushchenko did not sign any permits. Instead of the name Christian, about which the young parents agreed, the boy was given another - Egor. The divorce lasted until February 2008, because the young wife made scandals, kept her husband's passport and other documents, hoping for the restoration of relations. When the day before he did not allow her to come to Moscow on New Year's Eve, she realized that it was over.

first wife plushchenko maria ermak

In retaliation, a young woman banned her father and hisrelatives to see the child and went to a country house. Rumors spread in the press that the famous father does not pay his son child support and does not give permission to travel abroad. An incomprehensible situation has developed with jointly acquired property. His significant part was the prize money and gifts Plushenko for the desired victory in Turin and other competitions. To settle property disputes, he filed a lawsuit in 2010.

Life after a divorce

In the year of the wedding Maria Ermak, whose biographyabruptly changed after the divorce, was a twenty-year-old student, not quite ready for a married life. It is quite obvious that Evgeni Plushenko gave occasions for jealousy: he was at that time attributed to Tatyana Totmianina and other famous persons. He was always an ambitious and ambitious young man, who was too much for the family of Ermak, who wanted to take him under his care. Even in the party he entered the wrong one, which was headed by one of their senior relatives. At that time, the young Plushenko and the family may not have been as important as they were years later.

Be that as it may, all subsequent actionstestify that Maria loved her husband and felt wounded. After learning about the novel Plushenko with Rudkovskaya, the girl dramatically changed her appearance, turning into a bright blonde. She took care of herself, began to visit one of the best fitness centers in St. Petersburg. And, most importantly, before her ex-wife jumped married, having arranged on August 1, 2008 one of the most chic weddings in the northern capital. For her was a separate residence in Malaya Nevka, and a thirty-year-old businessman from his father's circle named Artem was elected. However, this marriage was not lasting.

Son of Yegor

First wife Plushenko, Maria Ermak, foreverremains the mother of his eldest son. Despite the initial opposition to the boy's communication with his father and his relatives, she found the courage to admit her mistake. Former mother-in-law Tatiana Vasilievna always stressed that the young woman turned out to be an excellent mother, fully devoting herself to the child. Yegor looks like his star father, more recently he turned 10 years old. He is engaged in football and karate, not so long ago he met his younger brother Alexander, son of Plushenko and Rudkovskaya.

maria ermak biography year of birth

Father takes him on vacation and learns to rideon a snowboard. Their meetings are not so frequent, because Egor lives in St. Petersburg, and Evgeni Plushenko - in Moscow, but they have a close spiritual connection, which allows the figure skater to declare in social networks that he is proud of his son. Mary herself is only 30 years old, and she will definitely gain her happiness.

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