Star of the Brazilian TV series Daniela Escobar

Forty-eight-year-old Daniela was twice married andboth marriages ended in divorce. The actress has a son Andres, born in marriage with Jaime Monzhardimom, the director of the television series "Clone". From the second husband, the actor Marcela Wolner, the children of Daniela Escobar do not.

Daniela Escobar

Daniela Escobar: biography

The actress was born on January 16, 1969 in Brazil,more precisely - in San Borja, Rio Grande do Sul. As a ten-year-old girl, Daniela and her family moved to Port Allegri, and when she turned 16, enrolled in social communication courses, where she studied the technique of advertising propaganda.

Three years later, Daniel Escobar Duncan moved to Rio de Janeiro with the firm intention of becoming a movie star. The first step to the treasured dream was for the capital city theatrical courses for Daniela.

Being a professional singer and dancer, the actress starred in the movies and leads a television program "Superbonita" (channel "GNT").

Notable events

After eight years of marriage with the director,screenwriter and producer Zhaima Monjardim Daniela, seven years, one raised her son, and in 2010, again married - for the actor Marcel Wöllner, whom she met on set of the film "Four hundred against one." The marriage with Wöllner lasted only two months.

Reviews of film fans about films with Daniela Escobar

Viewers express their opinion mainly on theseries "Clone" - a beautiful 250-series story about love, in which the eastern culture opened in all its glory. Why did the "Clone" fall in love with the audience? For quirky music, delightful dance compositions and an incomparable game of beautiful actors.

daniela escobar biography

Daniela Escobar: movies and television series

In 2016, the movie "Isso e Calypso" was released. In addition to Daniela Escobar, Deborah Sekou, Fabricio Boliveira and other actors were involved.

In the series "Caribbean Flower" (released in 2013), in which Daniela Escobar played the part of Natalia, it is told about the common life situation - the love triangle.

The series "Our life" (the first series was released on the screensin 2011) - the biography of two sisters - Manuela and Anna. Anna, pregnant with Rodrigo (stepbrother), gives birth to a child and falls into a coma, from which, as doctors say, a woman will never leave. But the miracle did happen: after recovering herself, Anna learns that her son, other than Rodrigo, is brought up by his young wife named Manuela.

In the film "Four hundred against one" (2010), Daniela Escobar starred with Daniel De Oliveira, Fabricio Boliveira and other Brazilian actors.

2007 and 2008, Daniela dedicated the shooting to the comedy series "The Diary of a Seducer."

actress Daniela Escobar

The drama "Diary of the New World" was released in the Brazilian film distribution in 2005.

The main character of the film "Underground Game" (2005) is a young man with oddities. He is looking for the woman of his dreams ... in the subway wagons.

The series "America" ​​(2005) is a story of a young andeasy-going, but poor girl Sol. Wealth and wealth is not its goal. All that Saul wants is a stable income and a quiet life in his own little house. After listening to stories about the "American Dream", Sol decides to immigrate to America ... illegally.

in 2004, the shooting of the film "The Ownerseas". In the same year on the big screen for the first time the film "One Heart Only" was demonstrated, and a year earlier, in 2003, the first series of the long-running comedy Cinderella on Call, the drama "The Girl's Life" and the mini-series "House of Seven Women ".

In 2003, another series was released, in which Daniela Escobar, the drama "Cubanacan", was involved.

In the series "Clone", which for the first timewas demonstrated in Brazil from 2001 to 2002, Daniele Exkobar was given the role of the quick-tempered selfish Maiza, a mother whose daughter became a drug victim. It is known that the desire to reveal this image fully compelled the actress to consult with psychologists and even to visit the clinic for drug addicts. The role was a success for her.

daniela escobar movies

Actress Daniela Escobar considers one of the besthis work as Bella in the series "Brazilian Watercolor" (was first shown in 2000). Because of this image, Daniela parted with her wonderful curls, lost weight and, in order to reproduce the desired accent, took lessons in the Romanian language.

In the same year, the shooting of the short series "Brave" began.

Mini-series "Shikinya Gonzaga", released on the Brazilian screens in 1999, is the life story of the first female composer in Brazil.

Later there were roles in the films "My Angel" (1996), "The Age of the Wolf" (1995) and the TV series "Tropikanka" (1994).

In the series "Solve you" Daniela Escobar was shot from 1992 to 2000.

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