"Hero of the Soviet Union" - the highest award of the great state

The highest award for any citizen of the USSR is longyears was the conferment of the title of "Hero of the Soviet Union". It was established in 1934 and appropriated for significant military feats. Although in exceptional cases, it was possible to reward and for outstanding merit in peacetime. Initially, as a decoration of honor, only the honorary diploma of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR was supposed. However, in 1936 the Statute was adopted, according to which the "Hero of the Soviet Union" awarded with the title "Hero of the Soviet Union" was also awarded the Order of Lenin, and in 1939 a medal named "Gold Star" became a distinctive sign of outstanding people.

Hero of the Soviet Union
Also in 1939 the Decree was approved, according to whichit became possible to repeatedly award the "Hero of the Soviet Union" award. For each degree relied on the Order of Lenin, the letter and the Golden Star. Each holder of two medals was cast in his hometown bronze bust, while three times Hero of the Soviet Union was awarded the fact that his bronze bust was installed in the Kremlin. True, according to the decree of the Presidium, this was to happen at the Palace of Soviets, but it was not completed. There were no restrictions on the number of medals. Nevertheless, the largest number of "Golden Stars" in the history of the award - four. Four times Hero of the Soviet Union. This honor was given to only two: Marshals LI Brezhnev and GK Zhukov.

thrice the hero of the Soviet Union
The title "Hero of the Soviet Union" was appropriatedfor life. But there were cases when this decision was canceled because of an unreasonable idea. In addition, 73 people were deprived of high rank. Although 55 of them still received their award back. 15 Heroes were subjected to repression and were shot, and only after a time most of them were rehabilitated and restored to rank.

The first heroes were eleven polarpilots who participated in the rescue of the steamer "Chelyuskin". The twentieth century was bloody for the Soviet Union. Citizens of the USSR participated in the civil war of Spain, in the armed conflict in Mongolia, in the battles between Japan and the Red Army, in the Soviet-Finnish conflict. And this is only the first half

four times the hero of the Soviet Union
century. During the fighting, 626 people were awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union. And then came the time of the War ... Great Patriotic War. 11657 its participants were awarded the highest award, 3,051 people posthumously. It is worth mentioning that the high rank was also received by foreign allies: Poles, Czechoslovaks, French.

But even after the end of World War II, the countrydid not receive a lasting peace. Heroes of the war in Afghanistan continued the list of Heroes of the Soviet Union. Already after the collapse of the Union, "Gold Star" received several outstanding people, after which the highest award ceased to exist. She was replaced by the title "Hero of the Russian Federation". However, one should not think that absolutely all the Heroes of the Soviet Union were deprived of their rights and privileges. Yes, of course, the "Hero of the Soviet Union" is the highest award of the great state. But if you think about it, it becomes scary. After all, receiving it in most cases became possible only when thousands of people died. So is it not better that such rewards are given as rarely as possible so that there are no grounds for great feats?

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