Aristotle: interesting facts from life and his biography

The name of the legendary Greek philosopher knows, probably, everyone. And how was the famous Aristotle born and lived? Interesting facts from life, most likely, are also not known to everyone ... About everything in order.

Some biographies

So, in the distant 384 BC, in thesettlement, which was located on the territory of ancient Macedonia, the family of the ancient Greek physician was born the future world-famous philosopher Aristotle. Interesting facts from the life of this great man, probably, it would be curious to know everyone. However, today they are not a secret!

Aristotle's life

At the age of 15, orphaned, he remained completely alone. However, soon his uncle became his guardian. It was he who introduced Aristotle to the work of Plato, who at that time worked as a teacher in Athens. Gradually, this person becomes the idol of the future philosopher, and in just 3 years Aristotle entered the Academy, in which he worked Plato. Aristotle's discoveries and his advances in the field of science did not go unnoticed. After a while he began to teach at the Academy himself.

discovery of Aristotle

Further destiny

After the death of Plato, in 347 BC. e., Aristotle moved to the Altar. There he was invited to the position of educator of the son of King Philip, who was called Alexander the Great. For several years, Aristotle gave lessons to the tsar's heir. However, in 339, his work in this family ended - the king died, and Alexander no longer needed to be brought up. So the philosopher decided to return to Athens.

Aristotle interesting facts from life

Now Aristotle's life was completely different. He returned to the famous, respected and popular. Here he opened his own school, which he called "Likeya". Training in it was somewhat unusual - Aristotle taught metaphysics, physics and dialectics, walking around his garden.

A few years later, in 323 BC. e., he left Athens and settled in another small and quiet town in Greece. There a year later, at the age of 62, the world-famous philosopher Aristotle died of stomach disease. Interesting facts from this person's life, which have reached our days, are very curious and amazing.

  1. So, for example, it is known that he had a wife called Pifiada. Soon a daughter was born in their family, who was named after her mother.
  2. And when his son was born, he nicknamed himNycomed. As a result of a sad coincidence, the guy died in his youth, and after many years in his honor Aristotle calls his collection of lectures. By the way, the father of the Greek philosopher was also called Nycomed.
  3. Aristotle had two mistresses: Palefat and Gerpilis, the last of whom was the mother of his son.
  4. Items that the scholar loved most: biology, zoology and astrology.
  5. The areas in which the philosopher made the greatest contribution are mathematics, ethics, logic, music, poetry, politics and theater.
  6. Such a science as the causality invented by Aristotle, explains why certain things can happen.
  7. Alexander the Great and the ancient Greek figurewere good friends. It is also known that the emperor specially brought samples of soils from the conquered lands specially for him. After his death, the philosopher lost his fame.

A lot of books were written by Aristotle. Interesting facts from the life of this man indicate that most of his work was lost over time. Only one-third of his works have survived to this day.

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