Nicholls Rachel: in the movies and on television

Nicholls Rachel is an American actress who startedHis career back in 2000. And she became popular thanks to roles in such films as "Amityville's Horror" (2005), "Star Trek" (2009), "Meskada" (2010), "Cobra Roll" (2009), "I, Alex Cross" and others In the article we will take a closer look at her way in cinema and on television.


The future actress was born in 1980 in the cityAuguste, which is in Maine. As a child, she attended Cony High School, where she was actively engaged in high jump. And at the age of eighteen she entered New York's Columbia University, dreaming of working as an analyst on Wall Street. And, having finished her studies, she became a confident specialist in the field of economics and psychology.

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Already during her studies, the girl noticed severallarge modeling agencies, one of whom eventually offered her a good job in Paris. Later, she collaborated with such well-known companies as Abercrombie and Fitch, L`Oreal and Guess.

The personal life of Nicholls Rachel

In 2008, Nicholls married the Americanproducer Scott Stauber. After the honeymoon, they were building a house in the city of Cabo San Lucas, but eight months later their union broke up. Now she lives with Michael Kershaw, a real estate builder, with whom they married in 2014.

Best movies (2000-2007)

The first film with Rachel Nichols was melodramaJoana Chen "Autumn in New York" (2000), but there she got only a small role of the girl from the bar. And only in 2004 she received a supporting role in the drama of Dan Polje Debating Robert Lee. It was a successful experience. She played her character so well, that in 2006 she received an award at the Film Festival Method Fest.

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In 2005, the actress was able to perform a rolea nurse named Liza in the horror film Andrew Douglas "Horror Amityville." The picture was successful, because it paid itself several times. Yes, and the reviews received mostly positive. The actress was nominated for two awards: Teen Choice Awards and MTV Movie Awards. But, unfortunately, none of them won.

The first starring actress Rachel Nicholsreceived in 2006, when Frank Halfon invited her to shoot a thriller "Parking", all events that occur in the underground parking area. But then again she played a secondary character, the assistant sports observer, in the drama "Resurrecting the Champion" (2007).

Best movies (2009-2016)

In 2009, the actress received a small role in thethe science fiction film Jay J. Abrams "Star Trek". And then appeared in yet another high-budget project "The Cobra's Roll" (2009), where she played Shenu M. O'Hara, one of the members of the intelligence team G.I. Joe. By the way, for the sake of filming in this film, she had to reddish in color.

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In the crime drama "Meskada", the actress appearedin the form of an assistant detective, who investigated the case of robbing secured houses in Hillard. In the melodrama "He, she and the parrot" (2011) Nicholls plays a library worker, who, in a pair with her friend, tries to unravel the mystery of the appearance of a talking parrot. In the thriller "I, Alex Cross" (2012), Nicholls Rachel played the partner of Alex Cross, who followed in the footsteps of the serial maniac. And in the criminal thriller Paco Cabezas "Wrath" (2014), she played the role of Vanessa, the wife of Paul Maguera, whose daughter was killed by robbers when she was alone at home.

Best TV Shows

In her career, the actress has at least twoseries, which can not be ignored. In 2005, 13 episodes of the American crime drama "Special Division", created by Tim Minear and Howard Gordon, came out. In the film, Rachel Nichols plays Rebecca Lock, who was kidnapped as a child and is now able to understand the behavior of criminals and their victims. It was because of this peculiarity that she was taken to the service in the investigation department of especially serious crimes with the FBI.

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Also, the actress received a major role in the CanadianSimon Barry's fantastic series "Continuum" (2012-2015), the events of which unfold in 2077. She plays the role of Kira Cameron, who goes to the distant past to catch and return a gang of terrorists who have escaped the death penalty. Nicholls Rachel was twice nominated for the Saturn Award as "the best television actress", but she did not receive the award. But she took a prize from the Canadian science fiction award Constellation Awards.

Now fans of Rachel Nichols will have tobe reserved for patience, because there are no significant projects with her participation yet. True, there is information that in 2017 the comedy drama Amos Posner After Party should be released. But so far there is no data about what the film will be about and when the premiere will take place. Yes, and the actress got there is not the first role.

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