The meaning of the phraseology "Hercules feat"

With the image of Hercules, many of us meteven in my childhood. We watched as this mythical character, in the pages of books or on the TV screen, gets into unusual adventures, risks life, saves people, beats with terrible monsters and always out of these fights goes out victorious.

Hercules feat

In order to understand what the expression means"Hercules feat" ("Hercules feat"), you need to plunge into the story of the Hercules itself. Who he was and why he performed all these feats, on whose behalf, was it voluntary or committed by coercion, what gift did the hero receive after the accomplishment of great deeds?

Divine plan of Zeus

The story of Hercules is rooted inAncient Roman religion, whereas in ancient Greece Hercules was called Hercules. The very first source, in which the name of the hero is mentioned, is the ancient Greek poem "Iliad". In it, the author of Homer tells of a boy who was born to an unusual couple - Amphitryon (the married Theban queen) and Zeus, the supreme Olympic god, married to the goddess Hera. Homer tells that Zeus seduced Afitrion intentionally, he needed a mortal heir on earth, one who can defeat the giants. As a result of this sinful connection, as Zeus wanted, the queen was half-born a god, half human.

Sin of Hercules

According to mythology, the divine child becameknown since his birth. The first Hercules feat occurred in infancy: he strangled the snake, which was sent by the jealous Hera for the murder of a child hated her.

But the very expression "Hercules feat" refers to the twelve orders that the hero fulfilled during the service of King Eurystheus, who headed the ancient state of Tiryns.

Hercules exploit the value of phraseology in short

Execution of orders and service to the tsar were notpatriotic, and coerced, and were the punishment of the Olympic gods for killing the demigod of his wife and three children. The goddess Hera provoked sin, she slaughtered Hercules madness, during which the son of Zeus killed his entire family. Then the Olympic gods ordered Hercules to perform 12 feats during the service of Eurystheus, then his sin will be forgiven.

The exploits of Hercules

The list of Herculean feats includes:

  • victory over a huge lion in the city of Nemea;
  • killing hydra (half snake, half dragon with 12 heads);
  • The battle with the bloodthirsty Stemphalian birds, defeated by the goddess Athena;
  • the capture of the Keneini deer, on the order of Artemis, who ate all the crops in the fields of Arcadia;
  • cleaning a huge heap of manure from the numerous bulls of Avgia, which the hero made in one day, washing the dung with the rivers Alpheus and Peneius;
  • the capture of a bloodthirsty bull from Mount Eryfman and others.

Only 12 of the greatest feats Hercules accomplished. Thanks to him, humanity was freed from terrible troubles and terrible monsters.

The expression "Hercules feat"

In the whole ancient world, apart from the son of Zeus, no one could have accomplished at least one Hercules feat. The meaning of phraseology can be briefly described, starting from the context of myths about the demigod.

which denotes the expression of the Hercules the exploit of the Heracles feat

Hercules is a feat - this is overcoming a very difficult obstacle, solving a case that requires inhuman efforts.

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