Male and female gypsy names

Gypsies are a proud and independent nation, but a believer, with bright traditions. Even the names reflect the identity and piety of these people. Its origin is due to India.

gypsy names
In ancient times, gypsy names given to childrensame as the cronies. Surnames began to ennoble, attach importance (Pearl, Zolotarev and so on). Then this tradition passed to the names. But they always had some sense. Not an official name and surname, and the nickname of the Gypsies still stands first.

Features of the Gypsy Names

beautiful gypsy names
Currently, this people uses three types of names:

• Gypsy samples proper are an official name,which is listed in the documents. It is chosen according to the sound. Nowadays, they rarely meet, because they look more like nicknames than beautiful Gypsy names: Duda, Geda, Nana, Buza, Lacho, Matthew, Gojo, Gili, Sonakai, Bar.

• Borrowed samples - names thatused in life, in communication. They are called at baptism. This group of names reflects the value of some positive quality (luck, wealth, happiness, fun, beauty). These include: Bakhtalo (happy, fortunate), Kuch (precious), Rupa, Rup (ruble). And the gypsy names (female) bear the names of flowers: Rosa, Margot, Viola, Rubin, Jacqueline, Gyuli. Often a secular option for naming a child is an abbreviated official name (Alexander - Sasha). And it does not change even with age and status.

• Simple borrowed names - a nickname givena gypsy characterizing any act or event. Among these people, they are very common. They are borrowed from Europeans living in the neighborhood: Romanians, Greeks, Italians, Russians.

It happens that a nickname is added to the names. As a rule, gypsies have a secular option. Any adult man or woman has the right to change his name and surname.


There are gipsy names for men and womenHungarian, Polish, Romanian origin (Anelka, Volyan, Bina, Gafitsa, Diamant, Dan, Zhuzh, Loludi, Zemfira, Margaiks, Mitz, Milev, Ruzha, Papush, Jana, Zurka, Badia, Latsi, Istvan, Janos). Apparently, this people really have a craving for everything beautiful. Gypsies use words added to the official name or nickname. Nike - so a woman turns to a man older in age, or the same age. This she emphasizes respect for the interlocutor. Doike - so a gypsy turns to a woman older than herself. Age has always been a reason for this people to show respect. Mike - so gently appeal to the younger.

Children are allowed to give names that are associatedwith a happy fate. Representatives of this people give newborns, as a rule, Muslim and Christian variants of naming. But there are also Roma names whose origin is unknown (Manci, Kukuna, Hohan, Dyultyay, Lanchay, Monti, Ivory, Loludi).

List of names for boys

gypsy male names

It will be interesting to find out how children are named in this people. Here are the main gypsy names and their meanings:

- Andrzej (warrior, man).

- Boiko (a resident of Ukraine).

- Besnik (devotee).

- Boldo (the king's defender).

- Guaril (winner, champion).

- Gudad (supremacy).

- Gunari (warrior).

- Georgie (the peasant).

- Zindelo (son, son).

- Ioska (he will multiply).

- Ion (good god is).

- Luca (from Lucania).

- Loise (the famous warrior).

- Milos (glory of benefit).

- Marco, Mericano (warlike).

- Mihei (who is like a god).

- Mircea (world).

- Nikola, Nick (the victory of people).

- Punk, Pitotivo, Pitti (stone, rock).

- Stitch (free).

- Flame (fire, flame).

- Pali, Pesha (small).

- Stevo (crowned).

- Simayons (listener).

- Tobar (from the Tiber River).

- Tamas (twin).

- Walter (the ruler of the army).

- Fonso (noble).

- Ferka (free).

- Harman (a man of courage and endurance).

- Hansi (God is good).

- Stefan (crown).

- Sandor (the proud one).

- Emilian (competitor).

- Yanoro (January).

- Janko (God is good).

As can be seen from the interpretation of all these names,they were clearly intended to emphasize a particular feature of the child. Choosing the option for criticism, the parents believed that he is able to influence the future of the man.

List of names for girls

gypsy female names

Unlike the male variants, the samples for reproaching the girls have more subtle meanings. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the famous gypsy names:

- Bogdan (given by the Lord).

- Bakht (happiness).

- Baval (the breeze).

- Bombana (sweetie).

- Vita (willow).

- Gili (song).

- Godivir (clever).

- Joffrance (free).

- Donka (invaluable).

- Dick (from Magdal).

- Drina (from Hadriya).

Many names were created precisely in order to emphasize the best qualities that girls are characterized by:

- Dey (the mysterious).

- Donka (an invaluable girl).

- Gold (gold);

- Zara (sugar).

- Zora (dawn).

- Kizzie (cinnamon tree).

- Laura (invisible).

- Luladja (flower of life).

- Lala (tulip).

- Lyuba, Lyubishka (love).

- Lyalya (beautiful).

- Luminita (easy).

- Mirela (delighting).

- Small (necklace).

- Nadya (hope).

- Persuda (reasonable).

- Papush (pupa).

- It is glad (joy).

Probably, all the names can not even be listed by the gypsies themselves. There are many more samples to complain about girls.

- Ratri (the night).

- Ruzanna (beautiful girl).

- Rouge (red-haired).

- Sims (joy).

- Sarah (morning).

- Stanka (perfectly ruling).

- Slavutna (wonderful, glorious).

- Talate (the little girl).

- Tshilaba (seeking knowledge).

- Tsera, Tseritsa (light, ray of dawn).

- Florica (flower).

- Fify (it will multiply).

- Chirikli (bird).

- Chergay, Chergen (the star).

- Shofranka (free).

- Esmeralda (emerald).

- Aish (alive).

The most common gypsy names

As elsewhere, thanks to natural selectionsome samples become loved, and others are gradually forgotten. There are often gypsy (male) names, which are listed below. They fully reflect the proud nature of the representatives of this people:

- Kalo (black).

- Baro (Chief).

- Gojo (handsome).

- Bakhti (the lucky one).

- Tagar (the king).

- Shuko (handsome).

gypsy names and their meanings

Popular female Gypsy names, which are not forgotten until today:

- Fly (kitty).

- Patrina (picture).

- Gita (the song).

- Shanta (calm).

- Raji (the princess).

- Lachi (glorious).


It should be noted that the version of the naming formsthe destiny of a person, influences the development of certain traits. And gypsy names are chosen carefully, rewarding the child with qualities that they would like to see in him.

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