Acne in the groin in men: causes and consequences

When an acne occurs near the genitals, eacha person begins to not only experience a lot of inconvenience, but also panics. And these experiences are not unfounded, because such "neighbors" can be harbingers of serious diseases. Pimples in the groin in men are no exception, so if you have an unpleasant itch, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

pustules in the groin area of ​​men

Also, it will be useful to determine what exactly led to such unpleasant, itchy formations under the skin in the groin area.


If we talk about the reasons for the appearance of such a "surprise", then most experts diagnose:

  • Inguinal hydradenitis. This disease is an inflammatory process that takes place in the sweat glands of a person. As soon as they get a germ of Staphylococcus aureus, red pimples appear in the groin in men.
  • Contact dermatitis. This ailment appears due to skin irritation, due to the application of chemicals to it. As you know, the skin in this area is very thin, so redness is formed next to the genitals.
  • Psoriasis. This disease is quite easy to distinguish by scaly nodules in the groin area. Such flaky formations should never be attempted to be removed by themselves, otherwise capillary bleeding can be induced. As a rule, psoriasis is a chronic disease that does not respond to treatment, it remains only not to provoke the appearance of nodules (wear free underwear made of natural tissue).

pimples in the groin in the male cause

Acne in the groin in men can appear for a variety of reasons, so specialists have developed a kind of classification of these itching build-ups.


Black dots on intimate places cause the least inconvenience. However, this does not mean that they do not need to be fought with.

As a rule, a black pimple can be either in the singular or in the form of multiple education.

To distinguish acne is quite simple - itnever appears on the mucosa and most often occurs after shaving. Also, when acne occurs, a person may begin to experience weakness. However, since this is a less dangerous ailment, it is possible to get rid of new "neighbors" independently.


Dermatitis can be infectious ornon-communicable. The latter is manifested if a cutaneous or chemical stimulus has fallen on the skin. Usually, this rash occurs quite quickly after treatment of the skin with an antiseptic. However, if an infection has joined the formation, then dermatitis turns into a fairly serious disease.

red pimples in the groin in men

Such pimples in the groin in men usually do not hurt, but here the itch is simply unbearable. Also, when combing, the saccharine is separated.

If dermatitis is not treated, then the ailment will only progress, spreading over a large area.


Quite often pimples in the groin in men are isolatedpus. These boils are very dangerous to health, regardless of their size and quantity. The fact is that in the genital area there is an active blood supply, because of which even a very small pimple can begin to spread the infection throughout the body.

A purulent pimple in the groin in men, the photo of which is shown below, usually very much hurts and itches. To distinguish such outgrowth it is possible on an abscess which just about will burst.

pimples in the groin in men

Some squeeze such pimples, however thisvery dangerous occupation. Under the nails of a person contains a lot of bacteria that can get under the skin. It is best to remove such acne (especially large) from a specialist. To do this, do not necessarily go to the doctor, purulent pimples in the groin in men easily removed and cosmetologically.


Under the skin in the groin area can live a largethe number of parasites that cause the appearance of acne. If the hygiene of the genitals is broken, then in the scalp may appear lice and scabies mites.

To determine that a person suffers fromparasites, first of all it is necessary to make a visual inspection. Although the "enemies" are extremely small, they are quite easy to see with the naked eye. Also worth paying attention to the symptomatology. If the itching does not pass and you want to itch around the clock (means against itching do not give any effect), then with a high probability, the parasites have settled in the hairline. Such pests must be destroyed as soon as possible.

Molluscum contagiosum

Such a disease is characterized by the appearancedense pimples height of about 2-3 mm. At the same time the growths do not itch and do not cause serious inconveniences. Most often, the focus of the disease is in the groin area, slightly above the genital organ.

pimple in the groin of men photos

When pressing on a hard pimple in its centerthere is a small hole from which the curdled mass of a yellowish shade stands out. This disease is more aesthetic and can not cause serious harm to the body.

To treat acne in the groin in men occurredcorrectly, it is necessary first of all to address to the dermatologist and receive consultation. Based on this, you can get rid of unwanted formations yourself or conduct a procedure in a medical or cosmetology center.


To quickly get rid of unpleasant symptoms, squeeze out suppurative deposits and calm the skin, you can use:

  1. Iodine lotions. To make the pimple ripen faster and do not get an infection, it is necessary to apply iodine to the affected area. This drug today can be found in any pharmacy as a bubble with a dark brown liquid, and in the form of a convenient marker.
  2. Aloe. Almost everyone in the house has a plant, which is often called a century. To quickly get rid of acne and disinfect the inflamed groin area, it is necessary to take a clean knife (preferably dip it into boiling water) and cut off a small piece of aloe. The cut off century is applied directly to the pimple. It is best to glue the aloe with a patch so that it can take longer. It is best to make such lotions at night. The course of treatment is 3 days. Stoletnik quickly heals scars and disinfects the skin. In addition, aloe dries pimples.
    treatment of acne in the groin in men
  3. Ointment of Vishnevsky. This agent perfectly disinfects the skin and prevents the formation of infectious diseases. Ointment should be applied directly to the pimple and cover this area with a small piece of gauze or bandage. Do such manipulation is recommended for the night every day until the itchy pimples will not go.
  4. "Levomechol". Another ointment that is sold in any pharmacy. This drug has an anti-inflammatory effect. Apply ointment to the affected areas in the morning and evening every day.
  5. Peroxide of hydrogen. Peroxide dries the pimples perfectly and prevents the penetration of the infection. To quickly get rid of the formations, it is enough several times a day to rub the skin in the groin area with a cotton swab dipped in peroxide.

Also good means is ichthyol ointment, sea water, usual raw potatoes and calendula in the form of tincture.


To avoid the appearance of unpleasant formations, the following recommendations should be adhered to:

  • Follow the hygiene of the genital area and the area around them.
  • Change underwear at least once a day.
  • If the skin began to appear "rudiments" of subcutaneous formations, it is necessary to wipe this area with a tincture of chamomile (it also works well against abscesses).
    purulent pimples in the groin in men
  • Take drugs to improve immunity. If the immune system fails, the body can respond to this with skin rashes.

Acne in the groin in men, the causes of which arewere considered in the article, they can be very diverse, so do not engage in self-medication or resort to traditional medicine, without understanding what led to such consequences. Only a doctor can exclude serious diseases of the reproductive system and prescribe the right and most effective treatment, in some cases, medicamentous.

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