David Hasselhoff: biography, filmography, personal life

David Hasselhoff is a famous American actor,producer, singer and businessman. David was in the "Guinness Book of Records" as the most popular television actor. From 1975 to 1982 he played Dr. William Foster in the television series "Young and Daring". It was this role that brought him world fame.

David Hasselhoff


David Hasselhoff was born in Baltimore (Maryland). The actor spent his childhood in Jacksonville (Florida), then his family moved to Georgia. The first acting experience David received at the age of seven, when he played in a theatrical production "Peter Pan." Since then, he dreamed of a career on Broadway.

In high school, David continued to play intheatrical productions, and also was fond of sports, especially volleyball. After graduation, Hasselhoff studied acting at the University of Auckland, then moved to California.

Career on TV

On account of David Hasselhoff more than fifty television films and serials. The most famous of them is the melodrama "Young and Bold", in which the actor was shot for seven years since 1975.

Since 1982, the actor played the main role in the fantastic series "Knight of the roads", popular in the mid-80's.

actor David Hasselhoff

In the 80's, the actor starred in many television films, including "The Nightmare on the London Bridge", "Case Cartier", "Fire and Rain."

In 1989, Hasselhoff returned to the television series. He took the lead in the drama series "Rescuers Malibu", which was filmed until 2000. The series was very popular not only in the US, but all over the world.

David Hasselhoff Movies

In the television filmography of the actor is to highlight the popular series "Sons of Anarchy", in which he played the role of Dondo Elgarian.

Full-length movies

Despite the fact that David works mainly ontelevision, he finds time for the cinema. His first role in the feature film, David performed in a fantastic action movie "Clash of the stars." Then the actor for several years was shot in television movies. On the big screen David Hasselhoff returned in 1988 - played Gary in horror "Witchcraft". Together with him in the film starred Linda Blair and Annie Ross.

In 1998, the actor played the main role in the drama"Legacy" TJ Scott, then starred in the thriller thriller "Transit". In 2004, the comedy "Vyshybaly" appeared on the screens, in which David Hasselhoff played the role of coach. Films in which the actor is shot, of different genres, but he still prefers comedies.

In 2005, Hasselhoff appeared in the film "Click: with a remote control for life, "and so far this is the most famous film in the career of an actor.He played John Ammer, the self-satisfied boss of the protagonist - the architect Michael Newman (Adam Sandler), and other Hollywood stars - Kate Beckinsale, Christopher Walken, Jennifer Despite the strong cast, critics found the film unsuccessful, but the audience, on the contrary, took it quite warmly.

Actor David Hasselhoff: Filmography

The actor starred in several horror - "Shark Tornado -3,4", "Anakonda-3", which did not gain much popularity.

Actor David Hasselhoff played a supporting rolein the comic horror film "Piranha 3DD". This time the picture was lowly evaluated by both critics and spectators, and Hasselhoff almost received the "Golden Raspberry" for the worst male role.

In 2014, David performed a supporting role in the comic thriller "Driver at night" directed by Joe Carnahan. The film received mixed reviews of film critics and viewers.

Personal life

David Hasselhoff married actress Catherine Hickland in 1984. In 1988 they together starred in horror "Witchcraft". In March 1989, the couple divorced.

Hasselhoff was married to actress Pamela Bach with1989 to 2006. The couple have two daughters - Taylor Ann and Hayley Hasselhoff. Haley followed in the footsteps of her parents: she actively acts in films and, in addition, tries herself as a model.

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