Young daughter Guzeeva turns into a beautiful girl

Daughter of Guzeeva Larissa Olga celebrated herthe sixteenth birthday. Every year the appearance of the girl changes and sometimes even shock the audience with her bright colors and unexpected hairdos. The girl's mother does not react very strongly to changes in the appearance of the child. On the contrary, Guzeeva's daughter repeats her mother in her youth, so the actress does not interfere with the reincarnation of Olga.

daughter of a Guzeyev

Children of Larisa Guzeeva

Daughter Guzeeva Olga - the youngest child of the actress. Larissa gave birth to a girl in a third marriage, at a fairly respectable age - at 40 years old. This responsible step Larissa was persuaded by her husband Igor Bukharin, who very much wanted a child from his beloved woman. The daughter of Guzeeva and Igor Bukharin became a welcome child in the family. Spouse of the actress for a long time sought response feelings from her, and waited for his happiness. After two uncompleted marriages, Larissa nevertheless paid attention to the persistent admirer and saw in him a real man, whom she so did not have. Igor Bukharin is a famous and successful restaurateur. He started his business from the position of an ordinary cook and reached unprecedented heights in it. Spouse Larisa Guzeeva reads a lot of literature on the specialty, constantly improving in her work, although she never cooks at home. Larissa plays the role of mother and mistress of the house. She knows the place of a woman in the family, and skillfully builds a life and family relations with children and her husband. Daughter Olga sees an excellent example before herself, in order to become a good mother, a mistress in the future. Today's adolescent freaks in the form of radical haircuts or piercings do not worry Oli's parents very much, who know that all this is passing.

larisa guezeeva

Early life of Larisa Guzeeva

If today the daughter of a famous actress allowsimagine shaving your whiskey and making piercings, then you do not have to think about who the girl went to. Larisa Guzeeva in her youth was known as a liberated girl. She talked in rock parties, drank, smoked and felt great. Despite the evocative appearance, the actor's talent did not let himself be crushed, and Guzeeva got the role of Larisa Ogudalova in the film "The Dowry", which brought her fame. Then began shooting in other paintings, not always worthy, even according to the artist herself. Therefore, today Larisa Guzeeva looks with tenderness at her daughter's freaks and comments on her photos in social networks with amusing jokes.

what is the name of the daughter of the Guzeev

Daughter and son

Olga is not the only child of Larissa Guzeeva,In 32 years she gave birth to Georgy's eldest son, whose father was Georgian actor Kakha Tolordava. Larissa married him and gave birth to her first child. But the marriage did not work out, as well as the previous relationship with a young man who was escorted to drugs. Therefore, the children of the artist are not born at a young age. With a difference of eight years she gave birth to her son and daughter Larisa Guzeeva. Olga - daughter Guzeeva, having reached sixteen years, began to appear in the light with her mother, visiting fashionable parties. and the son George since eighteen years lives separately from mother. He has met the girl for several years and plans to marry her.

Photo of daughter Guzeeva

Social networks are full of photos of a young girlwith numerous punctures in the ears - the daughter of Larisa Guzeeva. What is the name of Guzeeva's daughter? It's not a secret for anybody, but the householders prefer instead of a strict "Olga" to call the girl Lelay. So Lyolya and her family were used to it. Larissa Guzeeva often uploads photos of her daughter to the network, signs them and does not hesitate to call her girl "warrior" for her fighting appearance at the moment. Olga's father and husband of Larisa, too, is calm about her daughter's aspirations to stand out among other girls, so unusual haircut and pirgings are perceived in the family normal.

guzeeva olga the daughter of a goose

Happy marriage

Igor Bukharin considers his wife very goodmother and wife, they have a right and happy family, according to both spouses. After years of searching, Larissa and Igor finally met and found each other. The birth of Olga's daughter became a logical continuation of the happy couple's relationship. Despite the busy schedule, Larisa still decided to give birth. The baby was born by caesarean section to avoid the danger of late delivery. Literally two weeks after the birth of her daughter Guzeeva returned to work, and little Olya and the growing George was brought up by Albina Andreevna's grandmother. This state of affairs grieved Larissa, but what to do, the actress is an actress. As Larisa Guzeeva herself says, she was a sponsor for her children for many years, and her grandmother played the role of a real and basic mother. While the children were growing, Larissa Guzeeva could only pay attention to them on the weekends, but it was during these days that she was laid out in full. Home-made pastries, a table covered with something delicious, were always at home. The children did not seek to escape from the parental care, because they were all well together. Years passed, the son and daughter grew up, but the feeling of the family will never leave them, thanks to the efforts of the parents.

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