To whom and why was the Order of the Great Patriotic War 1 and 2 degrees issued?

Reward is a sign of courage and courage, recognitionbefore the Fatherland merit of man, his activity. The awards given in Russia are expressive, special monuments of our history that remind us of the struggle against enemies, of the great works for the good of the country and of the transformations.

The history of awards is unique. Wars, revolutions, social upheavals have led to the emergence of a great variety of them. But with special pride people wore decorations and medals, received for feats in wartime.

The Order of the Great Patriotic War was founded in the war years and was named

Order of the Patriotic War 2 degrees
"Patriotic War". Work on it began SI. Dmitriev and AI Kuznetsov, who were famous artists of the time. In April 1942, the sketches already lay before IV Stalin, and on May 20 the decree "On the Establishment of the Order of the Patriotic War" was read out.

This award looks like a five-pointed convexstar ruby ​​red color. It is framed by golden rays. In the middle there is an image of a sickle and a hammer, and in a circle there is a belt with the corresponding inscription. Against the background of the star's rays, a checker and a rifle are drawn.

Order of the Great Patriotic War
Order of the Great Patriotic War I degreewas made of silver, gold and had a weight of 33 grams. Reward 2 degrees - from silver, weight - 29 grams. To them was attached a ribbon of silk and a claret-colored moire with a red stripe.

Order of the Great Patriotic War had a chanceto get representatives of both officers and rank-and-file members of the Army, NKVD troops, the Navy, partisan detachments, who showed steadfastness, bravery and courage in battle. It could also be received by servicemen, thanks to which the success of combat operations was achieved. To obtain the Order of the first degree, it was also necessary to destroy 3 light tank vehicles or 2 heavy / medium.

The first order of the Great Patriotic War 1st degree in June 1942

Order of the Great Patriotic War 2 degrees
received II. Kriklia, commander of the Guards Division. In the place where he was with his detachment, in May of the same year a lot of fascist tanks moved. However, these artillerymen were not frightened, and in two days 32 tanks were destroyed by them. The commander himself was wounded and died in this battle. A total of 344 such awards were given.

Order of the Patriotic War of the 2nd degree was received by those,who independently destroyed 2 light tank vehicles or 1 heavy / medium or in the ranks of gun crews 3 light tank vehicles or 2 heavy / medium.

Forty years later, in honor of the jubilee Victory Day,in 1985, the Supreme Soviet of the USSR restored this award. The Order of the Great Patriotic War of the 2nd degree was received by those veterans of the Second World War, who for various reasons could not obtain the first degree in the course of military operations. Thanks to this award, almost all surviving veterans were honored. In the period of military operations, 1,028,000 people deservedly earned it.

For the people to rally, to raisemorale, and other awards were established, which were named after Russian legendary commanders, for example, Alexander Nevsky. They were intended for the commanders of the Soviet Army for their services in the management of combat operations.

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