Cigarettes Lucky Strike: types and reviews

Cigarettes Lucky Strike ("Lucky Strike") - brandtobacco products. It is one of the oldest and most popular brands in the world, which was first introduced to customers in 1869, and now its range can be seen everywhere. Consumption of Lucky Strike is consistently ranked top-ranked - the annual consumption of these cigarettes is about 30 billion pieces.

Features of the brand of tobacco products

Lucky Strike - cigarettes produced byspecial roasting technology, and not the drying of tobacco, which gives them an original taste, aroma and effect, which is valued not only by brand lovers. Having tried once Lucky Strike, the majority no longer part with this brand.

cigarettes lucky strike

In the quality and availability of tobacco,cutting the product, - in cigarettes are visible whole leaves of plant origin, densely and evenly packed into a paper capsule. Paper for cigarettes is also chosen special, thin, impregnated with a special composition that improves the smoldering of tobacco, but does not interfere with the taste sensations. The manufacturer very rigidly adheres to a stable ratio of price and quality, constantly improves the manufacturing technology and develops new types of cigarettes demanded by consumers.

Title History

For the first time cigarettes appeared in the United States in the XIX century andcalled Luckies - "lucky". Cigarettes were created then manually, which did not allow them to be sold in large quantities. The name itself originally belonged to chewing tobacco, which then had a high demand and filled almost the entire tobacco market in the United States.

lucky strike cigarettes

It is known that the founder of Luckies was successfulgold prospector. This turned out to be only a few people, because you must really be successful, so that the extraction of precious metal has become a lucrative business. Successful search for gold in English sounded like lucky strike - "lucky blow (pick)", which, perhaps, served as the name for future tobacco products.

Second version

Another meaning of the phrase lucky strike - "successfulstrike. "During the crisis of the Great Depression in the 1930s, workers organized a strike at the factory due to difficult working conditions, the management was forced to replace the strikebreakers who, due to lack of knowledge and lack of sufficient work experience, whether in general they made a fire in the shop, as a result of which the tobacco turned out to be of completely different quality.

The greedy business owner still sent cigarettesfor sale, not too hoping for success. However, changing the preparation process gave the tobacco an unusual original taste and a special structure that the smokers immediately appreciated. So there is no thin without good, and the brand of cigarettes began a new successful and profitable era of recognition.

Trace of marijuana

The first packs of Lucky Strike were performed in greencolor, so the city was rumored that cigarettes contain marijuana. Having smoked such a cigarette, the consumer allegedly received a "lucky blow". Of course, it was a myth, but the company strongly supported it for advertising purposes to increase sales.

cigarettes lucky strike doubleclick

And more about the history of design

Thanks to the new manufacturing technology, when the tobacco was not dried in the air, but roasted, it showed the inscription It's Toasted - "It's fried".

In 1942 during the Second World Warmanufacturers Lucky Strike are rebranding products in order to attract new consumers, including women smokers. The main color of the pack was changed to white, giving it a more patriotic look. The design update itself was explained by the fact that copper and chrome, used in the former green background, are required for the needs of the front, so now "Lucky Strike goes to war." Unexpectedly at the end of the war, the new red-and-white form brings Lucky Strike incredible popularity after the famous events in Japan.

lucky strike cigarettes with two capsules

Japanese turn

In 1945, the military jubilant after the resetatomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, immediately saw in Lucky Strike a resemblance to the flag of Japan. The inscription on the pack: "A lucky blow: this roasted" acquired a special meaning, and the transformed Lucky Strike brought its owners a significant profit, once again justifying a good name.

In the 1960s, cigarettes began to be produced with a special cellulose filter, and a kind with menthol, which is actively involved in tobacco fashion, was added.

In 2006, the production of Lucky Strike in the US was curtailed, however, British American Tobacco continues to release and promote the brand in Europe.

Cigarettes Lucky Strike species have the following:

  • Lucky Strike Original Red - 10 pitches, 0.8 nicotine. Available with orange filter or without a classic and one of the first species. In the US, Lucky Strike Original Red are done in the original packaging with a soft, if there is no filter in them.
  • Lucky Strike Additive Free Red - 10 pitches, 0.9nicotine. Option Lucky Strike "free of additives," that is, as the manufacturer declares, the tobacco mixture in these cigarettes does not contain any flavoring and sauces. Connoisseurs of the brand find in it a true tobacco flavor, a "golden mean" for strength and taste. It is made in noble gold with a traditional red design.
  • Lucky Strike Click & Roll - 7 pitches, 0.6 nicotine. A modern version of Lucky Strike with thinner cigarettes than the Original series. They have one menthol capsule. It can be crushed, but you can smoke like that. Unlike classic cigarettes, they have a different technology for making tobacco.

cigarettes lucky strike reviews

Cigarettes Lucky Strike Blue

The blue version appears in 2009year, when they start to release lighter cigarettes with a lower content of nicotine, in contrast to the original ones. For the convenience of consumers, the traditional red circle Lucky Strike is replaced with blue, and in the standard series appears the option Blue.

  • Lucky Strike Original Blue - 7 pitches, 0.6 nicotine. Lighter than the Lucky Strike Original Red. In some countries with the look of Lucky Strike Original Silver, the difference is only in the package, and the taste and aroma are the same. Always available with an orange classic filter.
  • Lucky Strike Premium Blue - 6 pitches, 0.5 nicotine, with a filter, premium series, a special smoke filtration system, a thin form, flavor and taste.
  • Lucky Strike Premium Silver - 4 pitches, 0.3nicotine. With a filter. The lightest cigarettes of all Lucky Strike. Premium-series, a special system of smoke filtration, pleasant taste and aroma. More subtle than Original.
  • Lucky Strike Additive Free Blue - 7 pitches, 0.6 nicotine. With a filter.

cigarettes lucky strike blue

All blue cigarettes on the output give a small amount of pleasant fragrant smoke, without suffocating effect. According to experts, the smoking mass is drawn in easily, but in good filling.

Cigarettes Lucky Strike DoubleClick

This is the latest novelty of the brand. Cigarettes Lucky Strike with two capsules have the following composition - 7 pitches, 0.6 nicotine. These cigarettes have two capsules, due to which it is possible to change the taste of the cigarette depending on the sequence of their use.

Adherents of the traditional tobacco taste can smoke without crushing capsules, which makes the new type of cigarettes quite universal. The presence of capsules in the filter does not make it difficult to draw in smoke.

cigarettes lucky strike kinds

For lovers of menthol designed greencapsule, which, when smoking, gives a fresh fragrance and a "chill" effect. Lovers of berry flavor can use a purple capsule, which gives the smoke flavor and aroma of forest berries.

DoubleClick is also made in blue-violet versions - strong menthol and berry and green-blue - menthol and strong menthol.

For aesthetes, you can click on twocapsules and make a mix, depending on the sequence of tastes, the taste will be different. To choose the perfect option for yourself, you need to smoke 5-6 cigarettes and then constantly enjoy the special, as always the original Lucky Strike.

cigarettes lucky strike

Cigarettes have a long white filter and give a small amount of fragrant smoke.

Customer Reviews

Most buyers agree thatcigarettes have good quality and pleasant taste, however, are expensive compared to other brands. Many would like to try the American or British original positions.

There are also negative reviews about Lucky Strike cigarettes, in which consumers point out the lack of any advantages in cigarettes at such a high price, but such characteristics of a unit.

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