The actor who played Hercule Poirot: biography. David Suchet: filmography, personal life and life story

How differently does some actors developtheir creative destiny. It happens that a person is memorized for life to the audience in one role, which he played just brilliantly. One successful role - that's the whole creative biography. David Suchet - a modern British actor - fully confirms his fate with this famous statement.

Years of childhood and adolescence

David Suchet was born in the UK, in the familydoctor and actress, immediately after the Second World War (in 1946). He was the second child (all in all, his parents had 3 boys). In English, his name is written as David Suchet, the biography of the actor allows you to trace the main milestones of his creative path.

Suchet belongs to the Jewish family. And his ancestors, both from the mother and father's side, were from the Russian Empire. They moved to the countries of the Western world in the XIX century. Grandfather of the actor on the paternal line, having arrived in Europe, changed his surname Sushedovich (previously he lived in Lithuania, where such Jewish names are very common) to the name Suchet more understandable for the western ear.

Young David dreamed of becoming an actor from childhood, his mother, who led her son with her to many performances in which she took part, instilled a love for the theater.

The father of the future actor insisted on buying themprofitable profession of a doctor, being himself known in London as a gynecologist, but his mother's genes were stronger: David did not listen to persuasion and after receiving his school education entered the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, which he graduated brilliantly, showing his talent and acting charm during his studies.

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The first success in the acting profession

Officially, the acting biography of Suchet begins in1967. The actor began to play in the theater, and in 1978, starred in his first movie. However, at that time he did not have a violent romance with the movie, his role was noticed by the audience, but did not pay any serious attention to it.

Only much later, actor David Suchet, a biography whose filmography was included in the annals of British art, received the well-deserved approval of the audience.

Theatrical works of the actor are very significant: he very often played in Shakespeare's plays a supporting role, which always attracted attention. Often he got negative characters, for example, the role of the slanderer and envious Iago in "Othello", with which Suchet coped simply brilliantly.

The secret of such abundant Shakesperiad inSuchet's professional career is connected with the fact that in 1973 the actor joined the Royal Shakespeare Company. By the way, after many years Suchet played the role of Shakespeare himself in one of the TV films.

Many interesting roles were played by David Suchet. Biography, his rating as a theatrical artist deserve great respect.

David Sucher biography Date of death

The first work in the cinema

David Suchet, a biography, whose filmographytoday has about 40 works in the cinema, began as an episode actor. By the way, either because of Russian-Jewish roots, or because of some accident, he got the roles of our compatriots, for example, in the sinister film "Red Monarch" (1983), dedicated to exposing the personality cult of Stalin, Suchet played the role of the terrible People's Commissar Laurence Beria. In the film "Gulag" (1985) he played the role of Russian young man Matvey.

By the mid-80's. the actor began to get and the main roles. So, in the film "Freud" (1984), he played the role of genius Austrian scholar of Jewish origin Sigmund Freud.

Much has changed in the life of the actor the role that he was offered in 1988. It was the role of Detective Hercule Poirot in the television series on the works of A. Christie.

The main role of life

In different ways, a person may have a biography, David Suchet from those lucky actors who could achieve their fame, respect, and worship of fans in their profession.

In many ways, all this was achieved thanks to the role of Poirot.

This English detective of the Belgianorigin, created by the talent of the famous English writer Agatha Christie, has always been popular. Books about him bought up instantly. More than once the image of Poirot was embodied on the stage and in the cinema by leading British actors, but when this role was offered to David Suchet, he did not know what glory awaits him in the future.

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For the first time the film with his participation in this role was released in1989. He was shown on British television, and he liked the audience very much. So, as David Suchet, Poirot still no one played: the Belgian detective in his performance was gallant, intelligent, pedantic, but extraordinarily charming!

Features of creating the image of Poirot

After many years, the creators of the TV series about Poirot made a film about the film and called it "Behind the Scenes". In this film, actor David Suchet shares his impressions of the long process of filming.

In particular, Suchet tells how he workedPoirot's image. As he learned to speak with the voice of a detective, he tried to reproduce his refined and refined manners, wear his famous beautiful mustache, imitate his gait.

The actor admitted that he and Poirot had muchunites: he is also pedantic (from what his relatives suffer greatly), his appearance is very close to the appearance of Poirot (brown eyes, moderate fullness, low for a man's height).

david dusche biography of the actor

Truly Poirot performed by Suchet simplyis unique. The actor literally changes when he enters the image of his hero. He - very refinement, decency, Belgian sense of tact, Poirot in the performance of Suchet embodies the beauty of a sharp razor-sharp mind.

David Suchet, biography. Date of death of Poirot

In a recent interview, Suchet admitted,that the role of Poirot was discouraged by his relatives. However, he nevertheless decided to embody this image and was not mistaken. Now, after many years, it's hard for him to part with his favorite role, which brought him fame, and play scenes in which the ingenious Poirot forever leaves his audience.

The image of E. Poirot entered the life of the actor. After all, much can tell about a person's biography, David Suchet played Poirot in 13 episodes, which were shot from 1989 to 2013. It's a whole 24 years of the artist's creative life.

In the last series of the film, called still by A. Christie "The Curtain", Poirot dies. Much has been done by the actor in order for the audience to cry at the farewell scene, giving a lot to his most famous image, David Suchet. Biography, the date of death Poirot forever linked the living real actor and fictional character of the book.

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The personal life of the actor

In his interview, Suchet admits that the family in his life means a lot. The actor married far away in 1976 on actress Sheila Feris. The couple have two adult children: daughter Kathryn and son Robert.

After the birth of his children, Susha's wife left the theater to fully devote herself to their upbringing.

Suchet admits that he was often strict ineducating their children, trying to instill in them the values ​​and beliefs that they always shared. The fact is that Suchet is a very religious person. This religiousness was imparted to him by his father, his son, without dividing his father's profession, divided his religious views. According to the religion, the Protestant is Suchet. His values ​​he always tried to instill in his children. In his opinion, it was serious home education that helped his children in life, tempering before her difficulties.

David Suche biography

Suchet maintains a close relationship with his brothers. His elder brother John is a journalist and writer, his younger brother Peter is a well-known doctor.

As we can see, all the members of the family are more drier than people who are completely fulfilled in life.

The Importance of D. Suchet's Creative Way

And yet Suchet and Poirot are inseparable!

Today, the actor is the vice-president of the "Societyadmirers of the talent of Agatha Christie ", headed by the grandson of the famous writer. He often acts on television, travels with creative evenings around the country. Many of his compatriots are well aware of his biography, David Suchet - a person in Britain is famous, although he never emphasizes this fame.

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His life's journey is testimony to the fact thatevery person can do a lot in his life not only in terms of career, but also in terms of creating a home cosiness and warmth. Suchet achieved much David. Biography, creativity, filmography of the actor - a vivid confirmation of this.

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