Svetlana Timofeeva-Letunovskaya: personal life, husband, children, photo

Actress Svetlana Timofeeva Letunovskaya, personalwhose life excites the minds of fans literally from the moment of its first appearance on the screen, is loved by millions of viewers not only because of the memorable appearance, but thanks to acting skills. By education Svetlana is a librarian, but she achieved cinematic success both at the expense of innate talent, and thanks to her daily diligence. The actress is known today by fans of serials, theater and full-length films.

Childhood and youth

At the end of June 1972 in Kaluga in the familyThe soldier was born a girl who received the birth of the name Svetochka. In this family, no one was connected with Melpomene, so the parents did not understand why their daughter chose this path. Perhaps, this decision to the girl in her childhood prompted her incredible charm and undoubted talent.

Svetlana Timofeeva Letunovskaya (her personal lifeis under the close attention of fans), while still a child, was a very diligent student. In her diary were packed five and four. After receiving the school certificate - in 1989 - the girl chooses a completely non-acting profession, enrolling in the Tambov branch of the Moscow Institute of Culture at the library faculty.

Svetlana timofeeva flyunovskaya private life

The fateful move

To continue their studies, Svetlanamoves to Moscow. In the capital's state university, Svetlana Timofeeva Letunovskaya (films with her participation began to appear frequently on TV screens several years later) was finished before 1993. Perhaps she would have succeeded in becoming a literary worker (she had learned well from habit).

Perhaps she would have issued a diploma afterbooks to library visitors. And yet the fate of this beauty predicted to her quite different. Her creative biography began in the already mentioned 1993: exactly then Svetlana became a student of the All-Russian Cinematographic Institute. Within her walls she studied in the workshop of the master himself - Alexei Batalov. During the student days, Svetlana Timofeeva Letunovskaya (her personal life already interested curious classmates) managed to show her acting talent and outstanding abilities. VGIK, she graduated very successfully.

Theatrical stage

Do not be surprised that many actorsit is from the theatrical stage that a real creative biography begins. And all because only on the stage there is a significant opportunity to uncover the actor's talent. One has to understand that if there is a dubbing during the filming of films, then the stage actor, who is watched by thousands of eyes of the amazed audience, will not be able to correct the scene. Every such mistake for him is simply unforgivable.

Svetlana timofeeva flyunovskaya personal life husband children photo

Svetlana Timofeeva Letunovskaya (personal life,husband, children, photos of this amazing woman do not remain without the supervision of theatergoers and television viewers) was released from the cinematographic institute in 1999. And next she was invited to the Moscow Drama Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, where she became a member of the troupe. Thanks to her acting talent and outstanding appearance, the young actress was often invited to some performances in the theater "Modern", the Soviet Army Theater and others.

We can say that the most famous performancesin her creative biography are "The Unexpected Guest" (based on the story of the Queen of Detectives Agatha Christie) and "The Teacher of Rhythmics". One can not but mention another very worthy work of the young actress - an entertaining performance directed by Olga Shvedova "Do not wake a sleeping dog", which was based on John Priestley's detective play. Svetlana Lvovna then came out on the same stage with Ivars Kalniņš and Andrei Kharitonov.

The beginning of the path to the cinema

First time Timofeeva Letunovskaya SvetlanaLviv, whose films occupy a certain niche in Russian cinema, appeared on television screens in the movie Ilya Khotinenko titled "News", released in 1999. The following year, she was already working on the painting "Parting with Moscow." It was quite a good job for the beginning actress, and the shooting was interesting (the film was worked in tandem by Russia and the United Kingdom), but it did not bring much popularity to the girl.

Svetlana Timofeeva Summerova's filmography

The next three years Svetlana TimofeevaLetunovskaya (personal life, husband, children, photos of the actress has already started to interest the audience, although while there were not very many) led the show of the all-Russian lottery with an uncomplicated name "Bingo". This brought its results: the directors could not fail to notice the beautiful blonde who looked like Charlize Theron.

Serious Shooting

The first work, after which Svetlana startedto find out, was her work in the detective series "Olga Korzh's Eyes". It was in 2002. The actress played the main role - a young television presenter of the criminal chronicle, which suddenly had a unique gift of clairvoyance. Here she starred with Maxim Averin and Alexander Naumov. Svetlana Timofeeva Letunovskaya, whose filmography from this moment began to replenish with new interesting roles, with an enviable regularity is removed in feature films and serials.

Svetlana Timofeeva Letunov's films with her participation

One of the most successful of her works is the role ofJulia Uvarova - the wife of Alexander Uvarov. It was the TV series "The Talisman of Love" that had heated up twelve years ago. Already after the release of the first series, he aroused great interest among spectators of different ages. Still, surprisingly twisted storyline, covering the life of Russia at the end of the XIX century. There was everything: love, hatred, intrigues, beautiful heroes and luxurious outfits. This was one of the components of the success of this story.

Filmography replenished

Then there were other works both in the series, andin feature films. What is it worth only her one work in Oksana Bayrak's film "To You, Present", where Svetlana Timofeeva Letunovskaya (her filmography at the moment contains many really interesting characters) played a beautiful photographer who sympathized with the famous man who came on vacation in A small town and discovered there his second daughter.

Timofeeva Letunovskaya Svetlana Lvov husband of belov photo

Another interesting work can be called hercharacters in the series "Men's Intuition" in 2007, where she played Olga; "When you do not expect it at all" of the same year, Svetlana Lvovna was confirmed for the role of Dina Makarova; there were also melodramas - the project "Egoist" (the role of Lyubov Nikolaevna), in which she played with Valery Nikolaev; "Vacation in the summer" and many others.

A little bit about personal

It has already become clear that as an actresstalented Timofeeva Letunovskaya Svetlana Lvovna. The personal life of this amazingly beautiful woman has developed quite successfully. True, she almost does not tell journalists about her family. It is known only that she has a beloved husband whose surname is Belov, and children. Svetlana is quite a positive and easy person.

timofeeva letunovskaya Svetlana lion's private life

This is one of the reasons that her marriage is veryhappy. With a spouse they get along wonderfully, finding no reason for quarrels and disputes. Relationships are built on trust. On the one hand, the husband does not give any reason to doubt his loyalty, and on the other - Svetlana does not provoke any rumors about official novels. The only thing that she can reproach her husband for is permanent employment at work.

Not like everyone else

Indeed, a happy family - TimofeevaLetunovskaya Svetlana Lvovna, the husband of Belov. A photo of this almost ideal couple can not be found on Internet sites, because the actress is not registered in the social network "Instagram", where many of the stars of the national cinema spread their photos. Therefore, the vast majority of pictures that can be seen on the Internet, either from the filming, or from the photoshoot actress.

timofeeva letunovskaya svetlana lvovna movies

Svetlana Timofeeva Letunovskaya, private lifewhich - a complete mystery, does not like funny parties and noisy parties. To all this she prefers relaxation and quiet rest. Helps her relax and the massage that Svetlana often makes her husband. Now she continues to withdraw and hopes that she has many interesting and characteristic characters ahead of her.

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