The youngest grandmother in Russia (photo)

Age records are one of the most controversial. Who deserves more respect - the oldest person in the world or the youngest Nobel laureate? Is it appropriate and ethical to even talk about the biological age of a person, evaluating some of his achievements or personal characteristics? However, despite all these nuances, people continue to set records that are more or less related to age. However, sometimes it happens without the desire of the record holder himself. For example, do you know who is the youngest grandmother in Russia?

Sensational news!

Most recently in the press and on televisionthere were incredible reports: the youngest grandmother in Russia lives in the Nizhny Novgorod region and is already shaking her grandson in her arms. It would seem that remarkable in this news? However, we are talking about the all-Russian age record. The public is shocked by the age of the newly-made grandmother, as well as her daughter, who became a young mother. However, women themselves calmly and positively comment on their social status. And the youngest grandmother in Russia, and her daughter are happy to replenish the family and plan to raise the boy a worthy member of society and a successful person.

Cамая the young grandmother in Russia

Recorder age

If we are talking about an age record, thenThe most interesting figures are the exact figures. How old is the youngest grandmother in Russia today? It's hard to believe, but this woman is only 29 years old. But in fact at this time many in our country only think about the birth of the first child, and someone already has quite "adult" children and helps in the education of grandchildren. The youngest grandmother is not at all shy of her status and is happy to talk with journalists. She is a bit embarrassed by the excessive attention of the press and the public, but she does not see any reason for embarrassment. "A big family is a real woman's happiness, and not an excuse for shame," the record holder said.

Cамая young grandmother in russia 29 years old

Family of the youngest grandmother

The heroism of our history is called Natalia Knyazkova,she lives with her family in the town of Bor of the Nizhny Novgorod region. The youngest grandmother in Russia is happy in marriage with her husband Alexander for about 15 years. In the marriage, four daughters were born, the youngest of whom is now 2 years old, and the oldest is 14. It was the first daughter of Anastasia who pleased her parents with the addition of a family and recently gave birth to a son. It was decided to call the baby Nikita. According to the young mother, there were no problems due to pregnancy with her parents. In a large family there is always noisy, and the house is filled with childish laughter.

Cамая young grandmother in russia photo

A family tradition or an accident?

One of the reasons why the youngest grandmotherin Russia-2015 so calmly transferred the news about her new status, lies in the history of her family. Her first daughter Natalia also gave birth at the age of 14 and never regretted it. The father of the child did not abandon the family, and to date the couple have four daughters and live in peace and harmony. Natalia's husband, Alexander, is five years older than his wife. But even the difference in age did not prevent to create a strong and happy family. In all interviews Natalia says that if she had the opportunity, she would not have changed anything in her life. The father of the grandson of the country's youngest grandmother was also a minor young man. At the time of the birth of his son he was only 17 years old. However, the relatives of the young father did not express their apparent indignation towards the current situation and they say that they are happy about the appearance of a small heir.

Future plans

The father of the newborn Nikita, who glorified hisgrandmother to the whole country, does not abandon the child, is willing to engage in his upbringing and support his family financially. The young father offered his lover and married on special circumstances. However, this scenario is not supported by the youngest grandmother. In the photo reports it is difficult to immediately understand which of the two women is the mother of the baby. Natalia does not forbid her daughter to communicate with the baby's father, but wants Anastasia and the baby Nikita while living with her. She explains this decision simply: her daughter must finish school, but while the family lives together, the grandmother or aunt - Nastya's sister will always help with the baby. The father of the child starts up and comes to visit his family. After the school graduation, you can tackle the wedding issue and let the young people into an independent life. Doubts that Anastasia will cope well with the role of the mother, Natalia does not. Despite her young age, the girl actively participated in the education of younger sisters. She can handle babies and be able to become a good mom.

How old is the youngest grandmother in Russia

The medical side of the question

The youngest grandmother in Russiagrandson and his everyday life shows with special pride. The baby was born perfectly healthy, with a height of 51 centimeters and weighing about 3.5 kilograms. From the point of view of classical medicine, these are excellent indicators for a newborn. Anastasia herself and her family say that the pregnancy proceeded without any deviations and serious problems. The delivery was normal. However, experts say that there were too many risks, and at 14 the girl's body is not yet ready for such a serious test as the carrying of a child. Of course, representatives of official medicine do not promote the termination of pregnancy solely because of the age of the future mother. Doctors urge young girls to avoid sexual contacts or choose suitable contraceptives.

The youngest grandmother in the photo

The question of morality

The Anastasia family claims that so earlythe appearance of a grandson to the world can be considered only a coincidence with the history of the birth of his mother. Spouses Knyazkovs can not be called unsuccessful - they work and are engaged in the education of children. Sisters diligently study, always look neat, have a variety of hobbies. This story is not about a dysfunctional family and children abandoned to the mercy of fate, but about a special confluence of circumstances. The youngest grandmother in Russia (29 years old at the time of birth of her grandson) became famous throughout the country by accident.

Cамая a young grandmother in Russia 2015

In fact, the birth of minors inmodern reality is not considered nonsense: this happens periodically in different cities and countries. The public is shocked by the fact that in one family the mother and daughter gave birth to their firstborns quite early (according to social concepts). Nevertheless, Natalia became the youngest grandmother.

It should be noted that the Russian record is not the mostimpressive by world standards. In Romania, there is a woman who became a grandmother just 23 years old. This story is too much like a fiction, but it is true. Rifka Stanescu is the youngest grandmother in the world: her daughter gave birth to her son only 11 years old.

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