Electric Stingray

It turns out that not only sharks need to be careful. Some inhabitants of the seas have amazing abilities, attracting special attention. One such representative of the marine world is an electric ramp.

Mini-generators of this fish produce a chargeelectricity, capable of immobilizing not only fish, but also human. According to some data, fish-stingray can "give out" a voltage of 300 volts. The organs of the fish located in the abdominal and dorsal parts of the body can be compared with an electric or with a galvanic battery.

The electric ramp uses its uniqueweapons in two cases: at risk and during the search for prey (hunting). It is interesting that he himself does not suffer with an electric discharge at all. Such invulnerability is attributed to the "isolation" given to him by nature.

The well-known scientist Gesner argued that the electric ramp is a lazy fish floating in puddles near the sea and preferring a muddy bottom.

But in contrast to laziness and sluggish naturegave the slope a special ability to get even the fastest fish, which the discharge of the current makes sluggish (or kills at all). The skate freezes at the bottom and, "scanning" the environment, patiently waits for its prey. Fish, deceived by immobility and losing vigilance, swims by and gets its "dose" of current (several dozen short discharges), after which the ramp only remains to pick up its victim.

By the way, almost all fishermen had the opportunityto feel the force of the exposure of the "electric fish" on yourself, unwillingly throwing wet nets into which the sting hit, - so sensitive is the attack of this fish. Those who risked touching the slope, later told of their extremely unpleasant sensations: their arms grew numb, they became cold and completely lost sensitivity; there was a shiver in his legs; there was a prolonged state of drowsiness. That is why fishermen never touch their slopes with their hands.

If suddenly, walking along the coast at low tide,you will see a leaping ramp trying to reach the water, do not risk hindering or helping it, otherwise after a while such feelings will be provided to you. Keep in mind: the ramp is able to transmit its power even through the objects, so the big difference is whether you touch it with your hand, or with a stick, in general there is not.

The most dangerous for humans is a simultaneouskeeping this fish behind the stomach and back - the place of "batteries". Actually, ignorant people do so, since keeping a fish with a similar body structure is so much more convenient. Ignorance of the features of the slope almost immediately turns into a sharp drop in blood pressure, convulsions, a violation of the heart rhythm. Therefore, it is better to stay away from the "skatopasnyh" places and, going into the water even in a wet suit, do not touch the bottom.

However, such a force is possessed only by live fish. A dead electric ramp is not dangerous, and even quite suitable for eating. It is interesting that the strength of the discharge produced by the slope is not always the same even for the same individual. For example, the field of successful hunting skat becomes more vulnerable, since he already spent most of his energy. And the restoration of this energy will require "recharging", in this case - time. After lying on the seabed for several hours, the electric ramp will be restored and will again be ready for attack or defense.

The appearance of this fish is completely unremarkable: disk-shaped, fleshy with brownish streaks, a narrow tail and a small, rounded stigma are absolutely imperceptible at the bottom.

Female skate for about a year is soft to the toucheggs and gives birth to independent, tiny cubs, already capable of electric attack. Unlike fish, whose eggs can spawn several hundred fry, the electric ray is less fertile, - on average a year it produces only a dozen of its kind.

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