The crash of an airplane in Egypt in May 2016: causes, investigation, deceased

May 19, 2016 the plane crashedEgyptian airline Egyptair in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The liner flew from Paris to Cairo. Onboard there were 56 passengers and 10 crew members. All of them died.

plane crash in Egypt


On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, May 19, 2016, over the Mediterranean Sea crashed aircraft in Egypt. It was a flight from Paris to the capital of Egypt - the city of Cairo.

According to the media, in flight66 people left, 56 of them are passengers, and 10 people are crew members. Among the persons who made the flight, citizens of Egypt, Canada, Kuwait, Britain, France and other countries. The Russians were not on the plane.

By the end of Thursday, accurate information about what happenedwas not presented. Originally, the Egyptian airline said that the plane disappeared from the radar sight at 4 o'clock in the morning. Later, a representative of the Ministry of Civil Aviation of the country provided information that the aircraft was giving distress signals at 6 am. After a while, the Egyptian military denied the fact that any signals from the missing liner had been received.

Place of crash

The waters of the Mediterranean Sea are an unfortunate place. The plane crash of Egypt happened exactly there. According to the airline, the aircraft was fueled before the flight, which would be enough for about 10 hours flight. Landing for the purpose of refueling was not carried out. For this reason, the search for the plane and the victims were started in the Mediterranean Sea.

In the afternoon, representatives of Greece announced that the remnants of aircraft parts were found. The find was made in the place where the last time the radar was seen aircraft.

place of plane crash Egypt

In the evening of the same day, representatives of the airlineFirst they denied this information, but after several hours they still confirmed that the information was correct. At 8 pm, an official announcement was made that the aircraft was found.

According to the radar data, which last recorded the vehicle, at the time of the fall it flew at an altitude of 11 km at a speed of about 980 km per hour.

Information about the pilots

Both pilots had sufficient experience and experience. The main pilot had behind him 6.3 thousand hours of flight, and the second - 2.8. On the Airbus A320, the pilot made 2,100 flight hours. This confirms that inexperienced pilots can not be named.

plane crash in Egypt black box

Details of what happened

Aircraft Egyptian Airlines flew with the Frenchterritory at 0 hours 10 minutes (Moscow time). On the spot he was expected at 4:15 (Moscow time). However, the air vehicle disappeared from the observation zone 30 minutes before the proposed landing. As representatives of Greece reported, the plane sharply deployed, after which he entered the tailspin and disappeared from the radar. The plane crash in Egypt (photo is presented above) happened a couple of minutes after the liner went beyond the borders of Greece.

According to the captain of the merchant vessel,which was nearby (in 240 km), in the sky there was a flash of light, similar to an explosion. On the Internet, even a video was published, which was taken off the ship. It shows a flash of light in the sky and its fall into the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Information and video are tested for a long time.

The condition of the liner

Airbus aircraft are considered reliable enough. The manufacturer reported that Egyptian airlines purchased the vehicle in 2003. Before that, the liner managed to fly almost 50 thousand hours. The aircraft has not yet exhausted its technical resource.

Flight from Paris to the capital of Egypt was for the linerthe fifth for a day. According to Egyptian news, three years ago, an Airbus A320 aircraft of Egyptian airlines had engine problems. The vehicle flew from Cairo to Istanbul. However, due to a breakdown, the plane was forced to return to the point of departure. The cause was the malfunction of one of the engines.

Aircraft malfunctions

According to the French edition, by planeAirbus A320 the day before the tragedy, three problems were fixed with the smoke system. The information was obtained through the ACARS system, which is used to transmit messages between aircraft and stations located on the ground. However, there were no complaints about problems with the aircraft personnel.

Faults were recorded when the airthe vehicle flew over Eritrea, Tunisia, Egypt and France. In the toilet room, as well as in the on-board compartment, smoke detectors were activated.

According to experts, sensors could previouslytrigger on the ingress of smoke, some aerosols or vapor. However, recently their design has been finalized, and therefore similar incidents did not happen again. When smoke alarms are triggered, some security features may be disabled, including automatic flight control protection.

According to a famous American publication,a similar incident occurred with a United States aircraft five years earlier. As a result of triggering of smoke sensors on board, some of the security functions, including communication with the dispatcher, ceased to function. The cause of the plane crash in Egypt may be this.

The question is why the pilots of the Egyptian aircraft did not report any problems, remains open, an investigation is under way.

Airbus A320 is already a victim of threatsterrorist acts. A couple of years ago, the inscription on the hull of the plane read: "This plane will be shot down." However, according to experts, the incident is not connected with the tragedy. The reason could be the political situation in the country.

Versions of the causes of the tragedy

In the investigation of the tragedy everyone is interestedparties, and each of the countries offered assistance to Egypt in the search for and establishment of reasons. According to the media, among the passengers of the aircraft were: 30 Egyptian citizens, 15 - France, as well as one person of Belgian citizens, Algeria. Great Britain, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sudan, Chad and Portugal.

investigation of the plane crash in Egypt

The weather was beautiful that day. There was not a cloud in the sky. The weather conditions were confirmed by images taken by NASA satellites, as well as by the pilot of the plane that made the flight that night.

The crash of an airplane in Egypt (pictured below) formed several opinions about the causes of the incident. However, one of them is still the main one.

The crash of an airplane in Egypt may well beterrorist act. This conclusion was made by some French experts. Jean-Paul Troadec said that he was almost sure that the cause of the crash were terrorist actions. Otherwise, the fall of the liner would not be so unexpected and had some fixed reasons, the team could have time to react. The Prime Minister of Egypt, too, did not exclude the version of the terrorist act.

Director of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation A. Bortnikov is of the same opinion and with regret said about the second terrorist attack in Egypt. This time, victims of terrorists were citizens of 12 states.

However, aviation expert Paul Charlesadheres to a different point of view. In his opinion, unexpected turns that the plane made before the disappearance may indicate some unplanned actions in the cockpit of the pilot.

victims of plane crash in Egypt

Possible cause of the plane crash in Egypt -a problem with the system. In connection with the obtained data on the operation of smoke detectors, a version is considered that the pilots of the liner could inadvertently shut off some control systems.

Another catastrophe in the sky over Egypt

Earlier in Egypt, there were already tragedies, the reasonwhich were terrorist acts. If the main version is confirmed, then it will be possible to talk about the third terrorist attack. In October 2015, the plane crashed in Egypt, the Russian airline, and in March, was hijacked by an air vehicle.

In the autumn of last year, a Russianairline "Kogalymavia" exploded and fell over Sinai. The vehicle flew from the famous resort of Sharm El-Sheikh back to St. Petersburg. On board were vacationers, who were returning home. 224 people were victims of the accident (plane crash in Egypt). After a thorough check of all the circumstances of the tragedy, it was established that the cause of the crash was terrorist actions. The transport connection with Egypt was decided to be terminated for a while. A similar decision was made by the British authorities.

What happened caused serious damage to the economyEgypt. According to the media, the country's monthly losses amount to $ 273 million. Big financial losses are borne by Russian tour operators, for which Egypt was one of the most popular destinations for tourists.

All the time after the incident, thenegotiations on the terms and conditions for the possible restoration of air communication between countries. However, as early as March 2016, another event is taking place that adversely affects the negotiations: the terrorist steals a plane belonging to the Egyptian side, forcing it to land on the island of Cyprus.

victims of the plane crash in Egypt

At the beginning of the year, the resumption of flightswas considered as a very likely event. By the summer, the opening of the season was already expected and the beginning of sales of vouchers to resort towns. However, the incident showed that the precautionary measures of the Egyptian side and their updated security system have not yielded results. Russia has become even more wary.

The plane crash over Egypt caused a lot of questions. Our party immediately expressed its condolences in connection with the incident.

According to the French newspaper, it is checkedsecurity and reliability of the airport of Egypt, as well as its employees. Earlier, as a result of repeated checks among the staff, Islamic radical-minded people were found. They could have access to the baggage loading and unloading area.

At the same time, the crash of an airplane in Egypt by a Russian airline in 2015 was accomplished with the help of airport employees. To date, this is the main version of the investigation.

Unexpected fire in a plane

The NY Times published information thatThe plane crash in Egypt could be caused by the fire that happened on board. According to the automatic messaging system, a sudden temperature increase occurred near the pilot's cabin. While it is not possible to establish the exact cause of the fire. Whether it was caused by airplane malfunctions or the cause became a terrorist act is unknown. The information was obtained from the found black boxes. The experts were able to decipher the word "fire" in the received data. The commission investigating the incident did not stop for a long time on any of the causes of the crash. Independent sources, however, were only convinced that there was a terrorist attack on board.

The wreckage of the plane. Fatalities in the wreck of an airplane in Egypt

Periodically in the mediainformation was received about the discovery of the details of the aircraft or the belongings of the passengers of the fallen liner. The first finds were made by the Egyptian side in the zone where the radar last time recorded the location of the Egyptian air vehicle. They found the luggage, seat and body part of the passenger. The day before, the Greek television channel reported the discovery of parts of the aircraft and baggage elements in 80 km from the Greek resort islands.

crash of an airplane in Egypt after

Some time after the crash of the linerover Egypt were recorded signals coming from the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. They came from the black boxes. As a result, the search area was significantly reduced, and debris was soon found.


Investigation of the plane crash in Egyptis produced by the forces of France and Egypt. Technical questions and the reasons for the tragedy are clarified by the French Attorney General's Office. The remains of the victims are inspected and studied by Egyptian authorities. In identifying the causes of what happened, the Greek side is also interested. In connection with their desire to participate in the investigation, it was decided to include the representative of Greece in the investigation commission responsible for the restoration of events. He will have the right to inspect the scene, evidence, body of the deceased, as well as to perform other actions.

After the main parts of the liner were discovered, the remnants began to be raised by the army, as well as with the help and supervision of the investigative commission.

In the area of ​​the fall of the aircraft was sent underwaterThe device, which was able to significantly help in finding the wreckage of the plane crashed in Egypt. The black box was soon found. June 16, 2016 found a voice recorder, and the next day - an airborne recorder.

Identification of the dead. Victims of the plane crash in Egypt

To identify the bodies of the deceased, relativeswere asked to pass DNA tests for medical examination. The material was taken in Cairo, in one of the hotels located near the airport building. Here, the Egyptian government was able to locate the relatives of the victims of the tragedy (the plane crash in Egypt). They extracted the victims gradually and in parts. The identity of the victims can only be determined from biological analyzes.

crash of an airplane in Egypt photo

More than 80 fragments of the dead bodies were delivered to the capital of Egypt. Identification and examination of the remains is carried out. The Egyptian Prosecutor General's Office is engaged in the study of the finds.

Basic version

As a result of the data received, one of the membersthe investigative group claims that the version of the explosion that caused the plane crash in Egypt (for obvious reasons, we do not provide a photo of the dead), at the moment it is the main one. Small parts of the bodies are also a confirmation of this. There were no large parts or surviving complete corpses.

Traces of explosives have not yet been found, so the official cause of the plane crash in Egypt is not named.

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