Biography of Irina Yarovoy. The political activity of a deputy of the State Duma

In the article below, a maximum of information onTo Irina Yarovoy. The phenomenon of women in politics requires separate consideration. Pay attention to this character of the political arena is worth it, if only because she is called the most famous woman deputy in the parliament of the Russian Federation. To achieve her goals Irina Yarovaya overcame the hard way, but the severity and boldness as the basis of the nature of this woman did not prevent her from becoming a symbol of opportunism in politics. So, Irina Yarovaya: photo, family, career, interesting facts. About the star of Russian politics we'll talk further.

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Irina Yarovaya: biography, family, parents

Very few people know, but the phenomenon of modernpolitician, nee Irina Chernyakhovskaya, was born in a small provincial town. However, the ambitiousness that the young Ira was endowed with reflected on the future of the girl from the family of ordinary workers. Biography of Irina Yarovoy originates in 1966. Then, on October 17, in the territory of the Donetsk region, which was part of the Ukrainian SSR, a future politician, a State Duma deputy and a lawyer - Irina Chernyakhovskaya, appeared in the city of Makeyevka.

Finally, the question "How old is Yarovoy Irina?", Which anyone who observes the beautiful appearance of a deputy who has crossed the age line at 50 years, can be considered to be closed.

Education of Irina Yarovoy

A small Irinka was educated in schoolbut graduated from a school in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, where the Chernyakhovsky family was forced to move. Here, in the Far East, she received a diploma of secondary education. Continue to gnaw granite science Irina decided in the All-Union Legal Correspondence Institute (VSUZI), where she entered after graduation. The work biography of Irina Yarovoy includes many professions and office places, but the first job of the future politician-the secretary of the Far Eastern Trust-should be given credit. Irina's career developed rapidly, and after a while she was appointed as a labor safety engineer.

In 2000, Yarova managed to complete her studies at the Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation with a red diploma.

Work experience

In 1988, when Chernyakhovskaya finished her studiesin the university, she took the place of a simple trainee in the prosecutor's office of the Kamchatka region. Working for the benefit of the law for 9 years, Irina Yarovaya moved from the trainee to the investigator, the prosecutor's henchman and, finally, the senior assistant to the regional prosecutor. The further biography of Irina Yarovoy is inextricably linked with politics.

Political activity

In the photo Irina Yarovaya appears strong and boldpersonality. Photographs of the politician fully reflect the nature and position of the woman: confident, disciplined and strict, she inspired confidence in her colleagues, and therefore in 1997 Irina Anatolievna was preferred as a member of the II convocation of the Council of People's Deputies of the Kamchatka Territory from the Yabloko party association. At that time she held the position of the head of the constitutional and legal commission, was the head of the Yabloko faction. As part of the latter Irina Yarovaya was for ten years, until 2007.

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An initiative and active political positionYarovoy led to its inclusion in the federal list of candidates for the State Duma of the third convocation. Nevertheless, the attempt to obtain the deputy's credentials in 1999 was unsuccessful.

The beginning of the XXI century and the policy of Yarovaya

In 2000, following the results of the balloting of the additional elections of the Kamchatka 1-mandate electoral district No. 87 Yarovaya took only the fourth place.

2001 was marked for Irina Yarovoymembership in the Federal Council of Yabloko and the passage of training classes in the capital's school of political analysis. This non-profit organization was established and supported by the European Council. In December of the same year, a woman is elected a deputy of the third convocation of the Council of People's Deputies of Kamchatka, heads the committee of state construction and local self-government.

Courageous assertions about the overthrow of the Governoras her main dream and the only life goal at that time took place during her work in the block "For Kamchatka". He, ironically, just the same was in opposition to the same governor of the Kamchatka region Mashkovtsev.

Financial support was provided by the Yarovo-Politikathe oil production and production company Yukos, and the Khodorkovsky Open Russia Foundation. Political activities and election campaigns were dependent on two sponsors. In turn, Irina Yarovaya took an active part in the development of the Khodorkovsky Foundation: from 2002 to 2006 she oversaw the Kamchatka branch of "Open Russia".

Another failure was expected by Yarovoi, when sheDecember 2003 was running as a deputy of the State Duma of the IV convocation from the "apple" faction. A representative of Yabloko received a "bronze" in a single-member constituency at number 88.

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Nevertheless, in 2003, during the Yabloko congress, Yarovaya was appointed as the successor to Grigory Yavlinsky, combining the occupation with the leadership of the Kamchatka regional branch of Yabloko.

In 2004 Irina Yarovaya started activepolitical confrontation. Under her leadership, the "Committee against Lies" was organized, aimed at combating the election of the representative of the "United Russia" faction, Kozhemyakova, as governor of the region.

Change of political views

However, three years later, in October 2007, Yarovaya left Yabloko and became a representative of the United Russia party.

Yarovoy's departure to United Russia, according tochairman of Yabloko, Sergei Mitrokhin, was caused by the financial inability of the party, in which Irina had previously been, to provide for her needs: "She wanted to live in a Moscow apartment and drive by car. Means for the content and execution of the request, "Apple", unlike the "United Russia", did not have. "

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After the change of the party, the biography of Irina Yarovoyplayed with new colors. So, already two months after leaving Yabloko, in December 2007, the woman takes the next decision to become a participant in the election of deputies of the State Duma of the fifth convocation as a representative of United Russia. Rock, it seems, did not want Irina to win: Yarovaya gives way to Alexei Kuzmitsky, Governor of the Kamchatka Territory. However, a man who decided to abandon the mandate of a deputy gives an automatic signal "Forward!" For Yarovoy. December, 2007 - this date will be inscribed in the history as a starting point for a new start in Irina's working life. Biography of Irina Yarovoy, deputy of the State Duma - that's what we'll talk about further.

Activity as a deputy of the State Duma

In addition to working as a deputy of the StateDuma in 2007, in 2008 Yarovaya is actively involved in the General Council of United Russia. The next year, she holds as the successor to the chairman of the Duma committee in matters of the Federation and regional policy. Since 2009, replaces the head of the commission of the State Duma, responsible for constitutional legislation and state construction.

During the fifth convocation of the State DumaYarovaya managed to become the head of the party club from United Russia with conservative and patriotic sentiments. Later it will be called "state-patriotic".

September, 2011 year. "United Russia" includes Yarovoy in the list of candidates for the post of deputy of the State Duma of the VI convocation from the Kamchatka region. But not having received the necessary support from the electoral group, Yarovaya takes the deputy mandate from the governor of Kamchatka.

Since 2011, Irina Yarovaya has been working on security issues and is making every effort to counteract the development of bribery.

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Biography of Irina Yarovoy: personal life

About the personal life of Irina Yarovoy little is known: she consisted of two marriages, each of which has one child. The first legal relationship was with Irina and Alexander Yarov, from which she took the surname. Her first husband was a mechanic mechanic in the city of Makeyevka.

The second wife of Yarovoy Media has a largerinformation, rather than the first. The reason for this is the popularity of Viktor Alexandrovich Alekseenko. A man is engaged in business, being a co-owner of one of the fish factories of the Kamchatka Territory and managing the company Kamakfes. In the past, Alekseenko was engaged in political activities. He was a member of the Council of People's Deputies of the Kamchatka region.

What hides the family biography of Irina Yarovoy? The Chernyakhovsky family consisted of four people. Now her brother, Anatoly Chernyakhovsky, is working in part of the FSB of the city of Gelindzhik. Yarovaya herself is the mother of two children, Catherine and Sergei, from the first and second marriage, respectively.

Irina Yarovaya photo with her husband does not publish -prefers to restrict the circle of persons who know the details of her marriage. She does the right thing, as befits a policy, leaving her private life out of public view. At the moment, the media owns only a few joint photos of Alekseenko and Yarovaya. As well as family, Irina Yarovaya does not brag about photos in her youth.

The contradictory nature of political statements

As one-party Yarovoy recalled, Irina's viewshad a democratic character: bold criticism of the power and actions of the party "United Russia". At one time, the passage of deputies from one party "wing" under the other was subjected to the conviction of Yarovaya.

Being in the "Yabloko", Irina Yarovaya struggledagainst the merger of the Kamchatka Territory and the Koryaksky Autonomous Okrug, for which United Russia actively participated. According to the idea of ​​Yarovoy, in the future the Kamchatka-Koryak union will become the lot of the naked and the poor. A sharp change in political sentiments regarding this issue occurred after the deputy stopped wearing the "apple" title.

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As mentioned earlier, Yarovaya was desperately strugglingfor a place in the State Duma, although in the television program "Posner" said the opposite. "I never ran for the State Duma from Yabloko," Irina said, "I only acted under the flag of a free candidate."

Sharp statements about the transfer Yarovoythe credentials of Dmitry Medvedev to the governor of the Kamchatka Territory disappeared after Irina herself experienced the transfer of powers. Previously, a female politician called such a practice "collusion" for the purpose of voting in the deputy's Duma "as expected."

On socio-political views

Moving from the ranks of Yabloko to the ranks of United Russia,its social and political views Yarovaya changed. Democratic moods with notes of criticism of power and the support of Mikhail Khodorkovsky since the transition to United Russia turned into the opposite. The position of the government, the president and the government Irina supports unconditionally, being a supporter of the idea of ​​"sovereign democracy". Yarovoy after Medvedev's statement about the development of the course on modernization took the side of "conservative modernization," although before that he fought for "Russian conservatism."

What does the Spring advocate?

Spring contributes to patriotic educationyounger generation, the introduction of a state textbook for the study of history as common to all schools. She wants to see Suvorovites and Nakhimovites in the ranks of servicemen passing a parade on Red Square. Struggles for legalization of the death penalty in the territory of the Russian Federation.

biography Irina Yarovoy

Incomes and corruption

Acting against corruption, the Spring does notsupported the initiative to expand the range of officials who will be required to provide an income statement. By the way, speaking about the financial situation of Irina, it should be noted that according to official data, the Yarovoi family does not own real estate or vehicles, and the annual income of the politician is not more than 3.5 million rubles.

Without attention will not remain such a person, as Irina Yarovaya. Biography, photos, work and rumors - everything in it is interesting.

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