David Sutcliffe: filmography, personal life

David Sutcliffe starred in a huge number of films and TV shows. What does the audience know about the Canadian actor and what roles did he get for his career?

David Sutcliffe

Biography and personal life

The actor was born in the summer of 1969 in Canada. In his youth he loved basketball, played for the university team. Injury prevented him from becoming an athlete. During his studies, he had a dream to become an actor, so immediately after graduation he went to New York.

During his career, he starred in 60 works. He likes playing poker and practicing his skills in his spare time.

He was married to Julie McCullough. The pair broke up in 2003. They did not have children.

First roles

David Sutcliffe is a charismatic and interesting actor. The audience knows him from films and serials. Career in film began in 1989.

The first role was David Sutcliffe in the series"Knight forever." He was filmed in the style of a detective with elements of horror. Vampires, mysticism - all this is present throughout all series. The cast is well chosen, each role is played perfectly.

The series "Gilmore Girls"

One of the best roles went to the actor in thiswork from director Jamie Babbitt. In the series you can see life in a small town and the history of its inhabitants. Mom and daughter, they are like two sisters - always together. Their life is full of fun, emotions and unpredictable situations.

 David Sutcliffe Movies

David Sutcliffe played a guy named Christopher, hot and very sexy. This role gave the actor an opportunity to become more popular.


The main role in this film gave the actor recognition. The plot will tell the viewer a dramatic story about friendship, affection, and the duplicity of people.

David Sutcliffe played a talented artist named Dean Seagrave. The film was released in 2003.

The series "Mutants - X"

The plot narrates about people who have become experimental in genetic engineering. Having received strength and ability, which no one else on earth, they unite in one team. The evil doctor hunts for mutants, and those in turn, fight evil.

The series is shot qualitatively, there are special effects. Characters are chosen for the actors well, and David Sutcliffe was no exception. Films with his participation are always unique and interesting.

like David Sutcliffe Laurent Holly

"The Bonebreaker"

The film pleased the audience in 2005. They are shot in the genre of a thriller, with elements of drama and comedy. David played one of the secondary roles. The plot of the film tells the audience about a talented actor who is trying to break through in a complex and dangerous world. Not having coped with the competition, he solves all his problems with a bit. Together with David in the film, John Cassini, Carol Mansell, Frank Cassini was shot.

Film "Before You Say" Yes "

In 2009, a remarkable film came out, in which actors such as David Sutcliffe, Lauren Holly, Jennifer Westfeld, Brad Bobridge. The plot of the film tells the story of love, in which the protagonist by name George Murray, destined to fix everything in the past. The film is very romantic and kind, shot in the genre of a fantastic melodrama.

David Sutcliffe is a wonderful actor. All the films and series in which he played, worthy of viewing. A variety of roles, stories and genres will be enjoyed by any spectator.

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